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  1. Absolutely, the photo could even be the evidence. I'm pretty sure that if a person went (in public) to sniff the rear of another person, the latter person would go really mad, in fact the whole pack might kick off. Not those in the picture though.😁
  2. I don't if happy is the right description, perhaps contented. I wanted to put an Excel window frame into the loft space for safety (from falling engines in the garage), and in doing so it was obvious that I'd done similar things too many times with other objects, either to keep "safe" or didn't know what else to do with them at the time. So, yesterday I filled half of each bin (recycling and landfill) with stuff such as empty boxes (that I kept in case something went wrong with the TV during warranty, etc). Today was the turn of electrical items themselves, so I now have prepare this stuf
  3. The Burroughs lbs relates to how taught he belt is with that weight suspended, and is for a cam belt. The Krikit is designed for V belts, a V belt would be much more taught than a cam belt with the same weight suspended since the V belt is much thicker, hence ignore the Krikit measurement and go with what people have found is the comparable measurement which is the 55.
  4. @Kimbers Could we please have Wendy's view on whether any such "Mystique" ... 1) Still exists 2) Existed until 3) Existed past the first time you needed to be reminded of her birthday/ wedding anniversary day/ which year of the wedding anniversary it is.
  5. I see a fantastic opportunity, hats that dispense liquid (water, maybe water with nasty scent, or worse if the wearer so chooses) in small droplets up to 1.5m from the wearer. Or Personal electrified fence, wear some sort of ring that's electrified enough to cause discomfort but non-lethal to anybody close enough to touch it.
  6. I was at the hospital having a gastroscopy yesterday and one of the staff there commented they were only just back to normal capacity, I think they'd been on emergency-only. Another member of staff commented about the next wave coming and that they'd forecast the last one and they can see the next one coming. Looks like it's inevitable, and I don't mean it's inevitable because the virus exists and how it spreads, I mean because people are stupid and don't learn. Based on past year or so, we have a couple of months (maybe more since the immunity in some of the population may slow it slight
  7. Wow Trevor, what was it, sick of reliability of things like modern electrics, balljoints, CV joints etc?😂 Just needed a bigger challenge ? Great car though, those Elans.
  8. I work on the assumption that every warning notice has followed somebody having made it clear that one is needed, so.... OK who was it? I'm sure it was somebody on this forum, own up. Edit: Also couldn't resist this. Rectum, I should think it damn near killed 'im.
  9. I struggle to believe that these people were so desperate to get into shops. 'We haven't slept': Primark shoppers queue outside city store from 3am
  10. The country is easing restrictions, I've had to isolate fully for a few days prior to going for a little procedure. Weirdly it's not really been that different for me as it's just don't go anywhere/ meet anybody etc.
  11. Hi Nick 205 55 15 are a common suitable alternative, rolling diamter is very close. If yo go 225 you may find they rub the inside of the arches. 2 Those rust like mad, best idea is stainless replacement but if not give a good amount of stone chip protection esp the thhreaded area (so the bolts come out in future). 3, Nothing. They last many decades. 4, many are common to other cars (air filter = jag), but SJ Sportscars have a great online shop, PNM get spoken of highly, Lotusbits you need to telephone. 5 You've probably hit it with "Bushes", they will have def
  12. What about tanks as a source of the vapour? They're one of the usual suspects (after the pipe that splits).
  13. Given the erratic nature of the tacho during these episodes, it does seem to limit it to ignition problems. This is challenging though as there's no obvious component that would be fine cold, fail when starts to get warm, then return to an OK state when hot. I think you're going to have to look for the type of improbable situation that @910Esprit called out (March 24th). On previous cars I've had things like rotor arms that short out when hot, cables to/from hall sensor that have cracks in metal and fail when the plastic coating gets too flexible when hot, along with fairly normal component f
  14. We are definitely most of the way through the bottom of the piece of wood that forms the bottom of the barrel., not just scraping it. Wacky stuff, like something wrong with coolant thermostat and it's opening too soon/ late that it moves to changing coolant flow and engine needs more rich/lean mixture but then OK once it's fully hot. I'm doubting it but just trying to think of anything that changes via temperature. Not saying I've ever heard of it, but there's not a lot of stuff on these early engines that's actively controlled by temperature.
  15. I just checked SJ and it only lists for High Compression, so maybe you don't have and dissy is just weights. It's too many years since I played with my S3.
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