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  1. It should have one as standard.
  2. andydclements

    Cat d

    Yep. my brother is looking for a cheap L200 at present. He's been interested in many , been to look at one local to him (and was shocked by the one, dents etc, all out of shot of the photos). One I'd suggested he consider (north London) was a case of one previous owner + current owner (father & son) from new, lost the service record book, but had always been serviced by the place that the father had bought it from, nice low mileage. When my brother commented in that case the service book didn't matter as it would all be on file, retracted to say always by a dealer, again, fine as the dealer will still have the records, again retracted to always had been serviced. Used cars are a nightmare even on fairly standard modern ones, so why do we seem surprised when old Lotus ones have problems that were not declared/ not apparent at purchase? Because we always hope for the best, and hope that it was a great bargain.
  3. andydclements

    What is wrong with this

    A mate had a similar thing on a Berlingo diesel. I don't know whether there's any mechanical stop so that the outer cannot cease to spin.
  4. andydclements

    Speeding tickets

    I believe the other advice is, travel in convoy with @Bibs, the traffic officers will be too busy to be interested in you.
  5. andydclements

    Dear Bibs

    Wow. @Kimbers is so good at roasties that a photo of them was used on this website.
  6. andydclements

    Extra link on rear axle?

    The rear suspension on the early Esprit is not very different to that of its predecessor the Europa. Spyder do a conversion to put dual link suspension on the Europa, but any such change needs to be designed to replicate the motion of the original else it will alter the handling, and the Spyder idea moves from universal joints to CV joints to allow for the variation in driveshaft length through travel.
  7. andydclements

    Converting whp to Bhp

    By WHY , do you mean Wheel Horse Power? If so, there's no "conversion" calculation that's true for all cars. The dyno can be used to estimate the power lost through the drivetrain (they do it as part of the run), and then add that proportion to the WHP to calculate the estimated flywheel BHP. It's always an estimate, and the same car putting out the same power at the wheels could give two wildly different results for BHP estimates from different dyno machines. The flywheel BHP will be higher than the power at the wheels, (because the drag of the gearbox, differential etc doesn't generate additional motive force) but how much they'll differ depends on the car, lots of things that affect it such as the type of gears, the lubrication used, the list goes on..... Some dynos will be more accurate than others, as to why? Well, people want to be able to say their car has a massive power output, some do it by modifying almost every component to reduce power drains (such as @Changes has ), others do it by adding a free-flowing exhaust and going to a dyno place that gives high estimates.
  8. andydclements

    Lotus Excel - Treasure Hunt

    Clutch is (if I remember correctly) a mix of a standard pressure plate (not used on Toyota) and a standard Toyota friction plate. I'd suggest getting the friction plate refurbished (it's still standard practice on tucks etc so search locally for truck clutch re-lining).
  9. andydclements

    Useless Facts about anything

    I've always maintained that lots of people are full of s***, so the diarrhoea is inevitable.
  10. And, those failures involve parts of the impeller breaking off and blocking pipes / cooler, so the failure would effectively block the electric pump.
  11. andydclements

    Esprit S4 clutch

    I've had a clutch fail at c6000 miles on the lower clamping force BUT, the engine isn't standard, so some of that degradation of durability may be caused by the increase in torque.
  12. andydclements

    timing belt tensioner assembly

    There would be nothing to refurbish int he same way for the HC cars, the tensioner bearing (same one as the LC) simply sits on an off-centre circular piece of steel, whereas the LC has castings with nylon bushes, earth strap, spring piston etc.
  13. andydclements

    timing belt tensioner assembly

    I just discovered that early JH engines use different bearings in the tensioner. Ours (Lotus engine) use the complete bearing from a Ford auxilary belt tensioner, the early JH setup was a separate tube thatb ran on the belt, with two sealed bearings pressed into that tube.
  14. And , to think the plate which he purchased to say "Lotus" ("actually "B Lotus") resulted in the term Bibtus and hence the name Bibs.
  15. andydclements

    Urgently wanted

    The Renault ones are very different to the Citroen ones, so it would in effect be a completely different item.