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  1. Oh sod it, blame the heating engineers anyway, I'm sure it will not bother them. Logic for it being them: Their presence has upset the delicate balance of the rodent ecosystem and so out of stress the rates chewed the wires as way to end it all.
  2. I've never seen them cross referenced but they are in all likelihood an off the shelf component from another car, or at least those sold by non-genuine stockists are*. As the early cranks were (IIRC) the same as in the Vauxhall slant 4 engine, I'd suggest looking at those (Viva etc). Logically the crank diameter will be the same as the Vauxhall, but there's no reason the outside of the seal has to be the same, I think it will be but that's a guess. *Genuine camshaft seals have directional ribs, so that oil is pulled back from the lip of the seal as the camshaft rotates, what I cannot reca
  3. It's pretty much a lottery as Mike has previously indicated that they get a lot of spam (the email address is old so it gets added to more spam lists as time goes on, and it's been actively published on their website for ages so can be picked up by bots etc). If your mail gets to their spam folder (sent by the mail client it's going to be lost), if your mail looks anything like spam it's probably lost too, etc.
  4. Oh, not Sister-in-Law's name? I thought that was always a good way to get discussions going at the next family get together.
  5. Actually @Barrykearley on this one (worth calling it out as an exception) the BBC did clearly state those bits of scientific evidence. They called out that some scientists think the surface transmission is not a big threat, the specifically stated it was an experiment in the dark and that UV is known to kill it etc. So for that bit they were balanced, just reporting that it was technically possible in lab conditions. We could suggest that it's rather pointless to report it, but I guess if it isn't reported than people will somehow find out about it and not get the balanced picture. Anoth
  6. I think flexi at the transmission end would be sufficient, brake pipes are hard and attach directly to the master cylinder with no flexi, so I see no reason why a clutch pipe would be any more susceptible provided it's supported in the same way.
  7. I think that there is a process by which an MP can be recalled for things other than fraud, but it's not a big list of things that can trigger it.
  8. I think we are facing restrictions that would be excessive, if all people acted responsibly. It's those few who act irresponsible that mean that others need to go over the top with measures in order to even things out. For example, if everybody that had symptoms were to isolate as required, the rate the infections spreads would be much less and so the people with no symptoms could carry on eating out and doing other things that keep the economy going but the overall rate of infection wouldn't be disastrous.
  9. In the case of DT, Thank F*** for that.
  10. Reality is that 100 years ago there would have been a lot less of a problem. There was far less travel so, the spread from country to country and continent to continent would have been much slower, save for anything such as mass movement due to war (as happened with the "Spanish flu". a lot f deaths are due to underlying health conditions, ones that probably would have proved fatal much earlier in the lives of those people. Also lots of deaths are in the homes for the elderly which were not an industry back then. Oh, and we had c 1/8th of the population, so we had less centres of population/
  11. wasn't another idea of his a torch rammed up the rectum? In which case may suggest one of those night sun things used on police helicopters.
  12. I don't see that as having any sensible positive outcome. 1) He has a mild infection, it adds to his PoV that it's nothing to care about. His supporters feel vindicated that there should be no restrictions, no need for masks etc. 2) He has a serious infection but not ICU-level of treatment. Similar to above but perhaps to a lesser extent. Also he may get some sympathy for being ill (I did state SOME and MAY GET). 3) He gets life-threatening level of infection, then the bit about sympathy comes into play along with general good nature / etiquette of not speaking badly of
  13. That's the same kit as on the gold Excel. I cannot recall what we did differently but @lotus-62 setup has less adjustments to dimensions, t might be that mine had the disc the other way round.
  14. It's not the same, but may well be compatible. Difference that's most obvious is the horn push button is a chrome small piece whereas yours is a black plastic large piece. It may do the job.
  15. I've been on the outside looking in (not a landlord nor a tenant), but have seen the other side of it. OK, so you are / were a decent landlord, and my mate currently rents from somebody that seems to be a good (or even better than can be hoped-for) landlord, but the last landlord was awful. So, I can see why the law has gone that way. Previous rental property: Day of moving in, shed with wired-in electrics (not extension lead) is found to have a leaky roof with water running into the electric socket and light switch. Letting agent's response was basically-What's the problem with
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