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  1. It's what the efficacy rates of the immunisation mean. They state the rates for different regimes, single dose, double dose, single dose repeated etc. For the Phizer I recall it had a stated efficacy of 50% for a single dose.
  2. It's not a guarantee but, it at least halves the chance of contracting it, and even if they do it's hopefully not as severe a case. It does at least give a glimmer of hope, but they still have to isolate just the same as before (just as my 89yr old Mum is), especially since it seems parts of Norfolk have some of the worst infection rates (are we being complacent?, did we avoid it so well before that we have less people with immunity?).
  3. No, it doesn't negate Rohan's claim, it just means that if Rohan's claim is correct then Lotus did not wish to alter the interval despite reduced wear.
  4. Now, if the conspiracy theory was doing the rounds that the disease had been created by an extremist group who were campaigning that the planet is over-populated by humans, and there needs to be a cull. Well, that would hit the mark on many fronts, population impacted (but marginally, nowhere near enough to knock us back by decades/centuries), travel so fossil fuel use down, production on may goods impacted both directly and indirectly by economic contraction so further reduction on fossil fuel use. No, I don't believe such a theory, but I can believe that there are people who do / would belie
  5. I think the interval remained the same. I've seen over-due trapezoidal belts where the teeth have gone and simply become wafers of rubber, not ripped off, just warn thinner and thinner until it's hope and prayer keeping the sprockets correctly aligned. Not seen (even over-due) sinusoidal belts do that. I would still recommend the move, even if just to get a set of relatively wear-free sprockets on and get rid of the semi-auto tensioner system.
  6. Just go with how much you're "saving", and don't proffer details about the spend. It equates to the new dress that was 50% off, so effectively saved as a much as spent, so cost nothing.
  7. I think that description is fair, but I don't think he would have been in any position to state facts to support the various cases, since to date nobody seems to have found any materially relevant cases of fraud (not say there was any , not saying there was none, just that if a few were found in each state it really isn't going to alter the result). I now cannot think of Trump without thinking of a mix of Gollum and this (apologies to US members who may not be familiar with this series of films aka movies).
  8. This could be fun. Who would represent Trump if he's sued by his personal legal counsel? (picked up the story from Google news, just happened to be by the Guardian)
  9. That approach would align to the PRC's view that we'd be better to inoculate the working population first. The trouble is that the isolation for the vulnerable people isn't absolute, so care homes have workers etc going in, if my Dad was still alive we'd still need daily visits to help care for him, etc, all of which give routes for the infection to get in then spread like a wildfire amongst those groups. That said, one c80yr old nearby gets weekly visits from two of here daughters (one could be art of the bubble but not two), they arrive in two cars, then all three go out in one
  10. In that case, a darn good reason want him out after one term, statue of limitation seems to be 5 years for tax evasion. If he couldn't be prosecuted whilst in office, the second term would have taken him past that limit.
  11. We do it here in the UK, I'm sure other countries do as well. Sometimes if the law of the time was massively out of step with current views, or if the person does something that might have got a royal recognition but wouldn't because of the person's conviction (now wondering about the guy who tackled the London Bridge terrorists, why he's not been pardoned).
  12. Also, can the POTUS pardon anybody (whether himself or not) before the person has been convicted? Surely that's more of an immunity from prosecution. It looks as though the trial in the Senate wouldn't be until after he's left office, so they may just drop / not fret over the actual trial and more go for the barring from office which needs only a majority of 1 person. Maybe however, if they managed a full conviction in the Senate, then could it actually unify the nation slightly (relative to the other outcomes) by showing the people that it's not just Democrats that view him as guilty? Wh
  13. So that's one and a half years as your estimate? I think that's pretty good going by your technological standards.
  14. Re the Asia infection rates, you'd expect them to be slightly lower than Europe etc as it's now part of common courtesy for people to wear masks/ face covering, following the SARS outbreaks, so disease-spread measures we in Europe etc are only recently starting to adopt (or some of us are), were already in place there.
  15. It doesn't seem that different to the sort of thing you can see on the TV shows about Australia or New Zealand, where travellers have some snacks 9things they planned to eat during the trip) confiscated (different to when they have food confiscated that they were importing in suitcases etc). I now it's stupid that just a few days earlier the exact same food would have been OK to take to the Netherlands etc, and the rules for producing the food haven't altered in the days since 31st December, but I guess there has to be a line in the sand.
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