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  1. andydclements

    More wedge for less wedge

    And same bottled Lucas smoke?
  2. andydclements

    Anyone know a character called Arnoseven on EBay?

    The sellers cannot do that now. The can only choose to not give a (positive) review. To me (a buyer only, other than selling a mobile phone many years ago) it does seem unfair that a seller cannot leave a negative (nor neutral) review, even if the buyer has been abusive. unreasonable etc (not that that;s the case here).
  3. andydclements

    Country life - madness

    Barry, you lost me (well, the sensible bit of the mind) at"sheep", for some reason my mind wasn't thinking you were going to mention painting them.
  4. andydclements

    So what interesting thing did you do or find at work today ?

    I'd never seen one until a few years ago, found one in the greenhouse at springtime. I can't recall whether it was the next or previous year, I found a common newt. It was obviously a nice relatively warm place to survive the winter.
  5. andydclements

    Engine limiter?

    Well, it means it doesn't have the fault which means that some/ all spark is negated when it shouldn't be. In theory, you'd need to put a high frequency signal through and check what it does. IIRC it's 7.5k rpm on a 4 cylinder or 30k pulses/min (7.5k*4), and on the Jag 6 cylinder it would be 1/3 lower rpm (5k) to get the same signal frequency. The only way I can think of without a proper signal generator, is a dissy and an electrically driven motor that will go fast enough (such as a drill).
  6. andydclements

    Anyone know a character called Arnoseven on EBay?

    If the eBay transaction is cancelled, then I think the eBay fees aren't charged (well, the final value fee), ditto Paypal.
  7. andydclements

    S1 Engine Compression Check and Workshop Manuals

    Throttle open. In an ideal world, it would be a warm engine so as to get the real-world readings once everything has expanded to normal size, but I doubt many people bother. Just disconnect the dissy king lead, remove all plugs and then test each cylinder in turn.
  8. andydclements

    Exhaust manifold heat

    The manifold would not normally be that hot at idle without the wrap, but it would be that hot under load, so I don't see any reason to worry.
  9. andydclements

    Exhaust manifold heat

    The gap in the heat wrap will mean that exposed section is cooler than it would otherwise be. the wrap is making the whole manifold hotter than an un-wrapped one , as there's less heat loss to the atmosphere, but you're (or in this case your friend is ) not going to get overall a greater amount of heat energy dispensed at the exhaust area on a wrapped one , so it's no less safe to drive.
  10. andydclements

    How did you come to buy a LOTUS?

    At work we had a bit of a challenge, and to have a hope of my colleague meeting her target, I'd have to exceed my personal target by a lot, so I decide that if i did exceed it by that much I'd get a classic car of £1k. MGB was the obvious choice, a bit of scope creep and I decided I wanted a Lotus, cover of a magazine had a lovely restored Europa. Went to view an S2 Europa, but it had just sold and the dealer has a Special, so instead of a £1k MGB project I had a £7k+Lotus (back in early 2000s).
  11. andydclements

    Spark Plugs

    I found that the Iridium ones were prone to pinking on mine, but that's a different ignition system to yours so may not be a problem on your TE.
  12. andydclements

    What made you happy today?

    An unannounced cheque for £150. Not entirely unexpected, but the unknown bit was when (OK, if ever) it would arrive. The pleasing bit is not the money itself but the fact the other party's insurer must have finally agreed to foot the bill. This was a claim dating back to early 2016 when a car ran into the back of mine, the drive sped off but was so bad at doing it that after they'd started to make off, I had time to travel 200m-300m (from a standing start), drive round a roundabout and drive back to the spot and come face to face and see the numberplate etc. The car's owner denied being there/ having a collision. I've had several insurance renewals since then (main car plus three classics) where I've had to declare it and I think it's been taken as fault claim. What's the betting I don't get any refund of premium. oh well, at least it's now a non-fault claim.
  13. Regards the 30k / 41k reading, can't you just use one of those mileage correction firms? They turn up at your house/place of work, plug in the unit and adjust the odometer to whatever you say it should be.
  14. andydclements

    '85 TE checkover

    If it is the guides, then it is a shame, butt's not as though it's something to worry about (unlike rings, turbo etc).
  15. andydclements

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus esprit barn find

    The person selling it knows so much that it's described as a v8. "This lotus is a 1989 lotus esprit v8 barn find, it belonged to a neighbour of mine....."