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  1. Complete engine with ancillaries is going to be difficult to source/ a long time to source, even as part of different lots. I would suggest having a look at this thread, it highlights that the old 4 cylinder turbo engine can be easily out-classed by a modern engine that fits the space.
  2. It's not worth the hassle to take engine out separately, just take them both out together.
  3. Meeting a great couple of Lotus owners for a bite to eat and a drink, total distance travel for all of us c 3,500 miles each way, on a c99.94 / 0.03 / 0.03 % split for journey. Great of @tjs98jetta to pop out to Norwich on his trip to the UK.
  4. Hi @Nick Andrew , is it that you don't have an engine, or that you need to replace it due to failure? The former is going to be more challenging but the latter would mean many parts from an NA engine can be used (later NA has the same casting)? If it is the latter, then I'd second Keith's suggestion of Lotusbits. if you can gibe some more info on what's needed then people may be able to give other alternatives, because the HC Turbo engine wasn't really a long-lived model so the number of complete engines with carbs and exhaust manifold will be very limited, but if it's just the block then that opens up the later engines as donors.
  5. The fire must have been extinguished very quickly, even the bonnet looks to be intact (not just a lump if glass strands). I was thinking fire-damaged = engine excessively heated = scrap the engine as the castings will be useless, but that engine may be salvageable or at least some parts.
  6. Weekend I was replacing a fence, which included replacing a concrete post with a 2ft cube of concrete attached to the base. That's nice work for directly in the sun with no shade at any time from dawn to dusk. Now Mon-Fri will be stuck in front of PC except moments of drink breaks etc.
  7. To be expected really because there was this very special advice that came about due to COVID and apparently it was shockingly new to some. The idea was that people should practice good hygiene, especially their hands. The masks, the social distancing, the heightened hygiene etc have all combined to suppress normal transmission rates of other disease that we get used to spreading to other humans. So it seems inevitable we'll end up catching combinations of COVID, 'flu, coughs, colds etc and if combined with Norovirus the muscle spasms caused by the first may have nasty effects when combined with the last.
  8. Looks like a Citroen transaxle which I think is a lot shorter (from bell-housing to driveshaft) than the Renault ones used in Europas, I wonder if it had to have the driveshafts put in a non-straight line to move it back any more though, maybe the swap of transaxle was enough. *The Citroen ones have the outputs pretty much in line with the joint of bellhousing /transaxle whereas the Renault 352 etc it's c6 inches behind that line.
  9. It was Sunak's budget in 2020 where it was announced. One thing it should do is stop some of the abuse where it mysteriously ends up in road vehicles, obviously the farming community wouldn't do such a thing though.
  10. Your gut is right. If she's no longer paying the mortgage and so forth, she needs to be removed from that mortgage (in effect ex takes out a mortgage in his name only). It not only does mean she has no claim over the property but more importantly for her means she cannot be held responsible if he fails to keep up repayments. I would expect at this point, they'd also have to consider how much her share of the equity is worth. She may decide to walk away from that without taking the money but that needs to be a conscious decision based on fact and taking formal advice on board which this isn't. The property may now be worth more than when purchased, so the value, less the mortgage outstanding amount, split halves would probably be how much she's entitled to, but a solicitor would look at the details and give specific advice on that. perhaps she just wants rid, and doing the figures yourselves could actually show there's a lot of money she's walking away from , or perhaps just debt (if it was new build and recent purchase then expect value to dip as it's no longer a brand new property (people pay a premium just to be first owners). So, ideally have solicitor look at it, but if not then she needs to have herself removed from the mortgage by the lender (who may say "no" if he cannot afford it / meet their criteria on his own).
  11. @eeyoreish you mean your auxiliary engine cooling system is fully functional.
  12. @Buddsy, there is no "Gene therapy" if you are referring to COVID-19 vaccines. Stimulating the immune system to be pre-warned that something is a threat, is not gene therapy. Models are often poor, even when dealing with known factors. In this case we didn't know the infection reproduction rate in normal society, let alone with masks / social distancing etc, we didn't know mortality rates, so no model is going to be accurate, it's just a matter of how inaccurate it is. I'm not going to attempt to defend the accuracy of the models the UK government used, I'm only going to say that they could have used worse ones. What you then do with the output of the model, that's where people can go wildly wrong, again, not going to defend UK gov't, I have my views on how they acted, others will have other views, but actions are based on guess work, the figures are based on facts even if the way those are gathered may be flawed or may be open to interpretation as to what they mean. It does on the surface seem weird having to incentivise people to have a preventative inoculation, but perhaps that's because Australia (and New Zealand) can virtually isolate themselves from other continents and so transmission from external sources almost dries up, that just leaves transmission from other residents, and with lock-downs that transmission has been minimal. If, you are looking to Aus in order to compare the UK , then I'd suggest using to somewhere that's a non-isolated country that hasn't had a massive inoculation programme and hasn't had strict lock-downs. Perhaps look more at somewhere like Brazil, and see what absence of those factors does to disease and death rates.
  13. @PaulCP I've had that when I've failed to actually post, so I guess the stuff is held in a cache, then applied to wherever you actually reply.
  14. BIG hammer. Even if it doesn't actually do the job, it certainly makes me feel better to hit something.
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