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  1. andydclements

    Excel 1987 roof cloth

    The roof is brushed nylon on a 3mm foam backing (original also had cloth backing to that), most car trim places sell it. The only parts that (to be original) need any stitching are the bottom of the B pillar where it meets the leather of the rear seat side panel, the front screen top trim either side of the centre flat section, and the rear pillar trims. You can get away with not stitching the rear window trim panels if you glue it at the fold and nobody knows that it should be stitched. The first is best stitched, but again with use of glue you can get away with not stitching to the leather just stitch a fold. For the front screen top trip, glue is fine just don't make it overly tight.
  2. andydclements

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Last night rather than today, but the muppets on the road. 100 miles & return. On the way there, a little VW van moved from lane 1 to lane 2 at the roundabout, which was clearly marked as right turn only, then pulled sharply left and in to the only exit lane that existed for straight on, all 4 wheels locked up in braking and I was inches from the side of his van (he was at 45 deg from the road he'd turned that sharply. On the way back, a little black hatchback went to exit 3 of a standard 4 way two lane roundabout, using lane 1, I had been in lane 2 half a car's length beside it, inches from my bumper to it's driver's door which was perpendicular to my car. Is it really that difficult to either understand the lanes to use, or if you make a mistake, just follow the lane you're in an then take action to re-route yourself such as go round the roundabout fully.. Perhaps they are suicidal after the football defeat.
  3. I'm with Steve. The felt seal is just that, a seal, it is not structural. As to whether a thinner disc would alter the wheel track, it depends whether the disc sits between the surface of the hub and the wheel. As I recall the (pre 85) S3, the disc bolts to the inside of the hub so doesn't affect the track.
  4. andydclements

    Cam carrier studs size

    I'm pretty sure they are M8, certain they are metric, and certain it's the "standard" thread rate for the size (i.e 1.25m if 8mm).
  5. Scott Walker, Lotus' UK sales manager arrived for his wedding to and Belen Vazquez at Norwich Castle in a rare 1977 Lotus Esprit
  6. andydclements

    Lotus Esprit S3

    Having done research, it's an item added so as to deliberately make the pad for the subframe tunnel not fit well. Underwater lights, bilge pump, eject etc buttons How well the pad fits as a result
  7. andydclements

    SE High Wing C Service

    By means of a pump and tube.
  8. What would be even more interesting, is watching how the heck somebody gets to the prop-shaft on an Excel to do this, as it's down the middle of the subframe backbone.
  9. andydclements

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Could all be done very cheaply.
  10. andydclements

    Guess the Part ('84 Turbo Esprit)

    Well, no 8 is very fishy and rather scarlet in hue. It's what I would describe as a conduit nail. Barry may give the correct name for this type of fixing.
  11. andydclements

    What made your blood boil today?

    That's because Kimbers just worked out where the Yorkie bar is in the photo.
  12. andydclements


    What I do know of this work is: The trimmer (not Mr Fulcher) that used to do work for the local Lotus dealer hated doing steering wheels so much, that he doubled the price relative to what he would normally charged based on materials & time. He hated it based on how awkward and frustrating t can be. They agreed to that price despite this. To me, if a person tries to avoid it who has been trimming cars with leather for years, then it's not a great job for relatively inexperienced people.
  13. andydclements


    Which aspect is the problem, cooling when moving, or cooling when stationery? each would have their own solutions, although some bits would be common to both. Such as (lets hope this doesn't spark a discussion on cowls), a fan cowl helps for when the fan are needed to move the air, but hinders air movement when driving without fans, so checking the cowl condition isn't likely to lead to an improvement in cooling when driving. whereas, a re-core of the rad may help on both if you were to discover that the core was partially blocked, or the heat fins had rotted away.
  14. andydclements

    What made you happy today?

    And get that bird feeder pole vertical. Even allowing for camera being at an odd angle, it looks off compared to other things.
  15. Reminiscent of Bibs road driving, event to the extent that they both invole driving on gravel.