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  1. People pay entry fees for escape rooms and for various activities that pose risk of injury just by being there, so perhaps I could justify an entry fee (refunded if they navigate the garage without injury).
  2. @jep10w60 would give a higher oil pressure when warm than 20w50, so I don't see the oil as the problem. When warm the 20w50 behaves like a straight 50w, whereas the 10w60 behaves like a straight 60, so the 10w60 is thicker when warm than a 20w50. @1990 Red Excel It's not perfect, but not really very bad. These engines are known to have a relatively low pressure when at /near idle. It's to such an extent that some of them had relays fitted which meant that at low idle the oil pressure warning light was extinguished despite the pressure stat's output. When at idle, you have a lot less force on the bits such as big ends, so the low pressure is less inclined to cause real damage.
  3. Time get out some tools @mayevora
  4. In the last three days I've had two rabbits. The second one I had to dispose of but the first, when I went to dispose of it, the body had gone while my cat was indoors, so I think the feral cat had found a free lunch, my cat would be mortified if he realised he'd donated food to his nemesis the feral cat.
  5. @C8RKH you can't say that and not clear up the ambiguity. So I've picked one at random and assumed it's the one unless you tell us which. Actually, I think that one#s quite unsettling anyway.
  6. IIRC a virus works by tricking the cells in the host body into producing more of the virus instead of what the cell should produce, so in food the cells themselves are dead and just act as fuel for the thing (us) that eats the food. Different to say bacteria or fungus that could also consume the food and so reproduce. That way, it's only just down to any direct contamination that's put into /onto the food such as from a cough. So it may last in the refrigerator but as @C8RKH sates, cooking will destroy it, the virus cannot exist for long at cooking temperatures, let alone what stomach acid would do to it.
  7. I definitely agree, after all , we the UK voting population by default have ratified the level of support paid in situations such as unemployment and sickness, and that's nowhere near 80%, nor even 60% of the average income. So, if it's OK for others to take a massive financial drop, then surely we have to equally be prepared for a massive drop if we no longer had to go into work (and all the expense that goes with it), let alone the reduction in luxury expenditure (eating / drinking out, events, clothes shopping ). The message given by the 80% / £2.5k is don't worry you'll not loose anything due to COVID-19. Well somebody has to pay and I think it's us the UK taxpayers who carried on working/ trading.
  8. You queried an aspect which isn't the most important one, it doesn't cover nearly enough of the face, WE CAN STILL SEE @Sparky despite it..
  9. Hi Dave. Jensen guys have rubber versions of the saddle type gaskets, that supposedly seal better. I'd also suggest gluing the (original paper style) gasket to the surface of the cover (ideally using a clean, perhaps spare cam carrier), so that it doesn't squeeze out of the gap as it's clamped down.
  10. Hi Dave. A good starting position is Lotusbits / Mike Taylor's "Improving your Lotus" manual. It was available as a download on his site but the link seems broken at the moment, perhaps give him a call and he can reinstate or email it to you (responses to emails can be low-priority for Mike hence I'd suggest a call). It will give details but Id suggest an oil restrictor to the head so as to strengthen oil supply to bottom of the engine.
  11. Two bottle of wine used to be my pre-night out drink. One preparing dinner, one with, then off out for a good night, but as I'm no longer in my 20s I know I couldn't do it any more. A GP would probably express concern with 2 bottles in a night, because although it's not massive if spread throughout the week, it's a massive hit for the liver in one go. Sensible bit done, it's not so long ago that I did one bottle in a night , but it was a bottle of gin, so equivalent of c4 bottles of wine. That was nasty and I'm NEVER doing it again, not even half a bottle of gin in a night. So, I'm not going to do the holier-than-thou bit because I'm not, but would say a couple of bottles in a night is best avoided for your health let alone your driving license if you want to drive in less than 20 hours time.
  12. Now that's spooky coincidence, as about the time you posted that I was chatting to a neighbour and that included references to the black-face Morris dancers and how it's not about race at all, and the same for those who simply used it to act as disguise in the way camouflage grease is used.
  13. I think there was a long-standing belief these were built by slaves but has recently been challenged based on evidence of the living conditions, more in keeping with skilled artisans (masons etc) brought in to do the job. Most of the people who lived in England were effectively slaves, bound to work the land on which they lived and pay for that but forbidden to leave that land, effectively slaves to the land owner.
  14. That was the milder version, previous one was a cat drinking fountain with the dog's hind leg lifted.
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