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  1. You'd be very unlucky to need the liner clamps. The liner sealant will have set rock solid, and unless a piston is stuck solidly in the bore and you then hammer said piston out, you'd not disturb the liners.
  2. They rotated on the bolts, but only to accommodate the change in the angle between the lower arm and the upright, as they were fixed relative to the upright (by virtue of the threaded section of the upright). I know that doesn't answer the question, but just clarifies on the later point you make.
  3. There are a few close-ups (blurry due to photobucket method) at the start of the thread, I'd have thought it looks like there's not enough metal in the ball-joint to drill and put a substantial pin through.
  4. Isn't there a pipe missing from the Chargecooler that should go to the water tank? So if that coolant circuit was pumping you should get water come out of that un-piped hole, hinting that the CC pump isn't working (perhaps guess where the fins have gone).
  5. There's a phrase about opposites attract.
  6. Was that a car indicating it's chilly since it's not in its usual cocoon of cotton wool? Anyway, today sorted out one of those electric tilt beds for the parents, so Mum doesn't have to haul Dad to help get him out of bed. If it makes their lives a little easier then it makes me happier.
  7. On a TE we had problems getting initial oil pressure after re-build, in the end we used an electric drill with a sprocket attached, took the timing belt off and spun the oil pump until we actually got oil coming out of the usual places (round the cams etc), so you could check that way before stripping which would be more indicative of whether there's a problem or not rather than checking there isn't a problem at next rebuild and not knowing whether that was the problem this time.
  8. To be fair, Fabian has encountered a problem, with something he wasn't aware was a problem (the follower), so I hope he takes that comment in jest rather than a cruel attack which I don't think it was meant as.
  9. I've had a 907 shatter a follower which then dug into the cam carrier and as Dave ( @CHANGES ) indicates they're not visible. What I did find afterwards is that they are audible, a crack makes the follower sound dull if VERY gently tapped like a bell. Thankfully mine cracked pretty much as soon as the engine started, so I actually saw the cam stop, at low revs. It was part of a low-cost rebuild of a then £1500 car & refurb (Lola for those that know that Excel), so not something I'd take the chance on for one of these engines as they now are getting a lot more rare and a lot more expensive to replace.
  10. @Kimbers it's worth calling out that it's a protection for religious beliefs, and that this case was only a relatively low court (if somebody wanted to challenge there are options in the UK legal system), and it's only ETHICAL Vegans /ETHICAL VEGANISM not Vegans/Veganism in general. So, if a person avoids meat & animal products for reasons such as environmental reasons that's not covered, it's only of they do so for moral/philosophical reasons. Also, the case was in relation to an employment dispute, where both sides claim to be for the benefit of animals, so the point of law above, was only to determine whether there could be a case under persecution due to religious beliefs, if Ethical Veganism wasn't a religion/faith, then the case would have stopped there and then. The defendants didn't dispute whether Ethical Veganism is a belief, so there wasn't really any counter-argument, both sides just let it go the next point which is as somebody mentioned centring on alleged disclosure of information. So it's not that Vegetarianism nor Veganism is a religion, it's that Ethical Veganism is (at present but could be over-turned by another court).
  11. Do you get strange comments & looks when you're followed by a cat? I do from neighbours, and the bloody cat knows the word "walkies" and can read my actions to tell the difference between going to the driveway vs going to walk somewhere.
  12. Slight singe marks on the casing?
  13. Don't worry mate, it's not as if you're fast approach old age. I would however suggest that you don't look in the rear-view mirror. I once managed to crack some lobes off teeth with one sneeze, so can appreciate how you've manage to rupture things inside. Just take it easy, and hopefully you'll be patched up soon.
  14. I don't think there's specific adjustment for the thrust angle on the Esprit. It will be altered as you alter the rear toe, but it's more of by-product. You alter rear toe by moving the front mount point in wards/outwards of the trailing arm, but the rear mount point isn't in the centre of the wheel hub, it's a but further back. The rear mount is effectively between the upper and lower links. So, by moving the toe of the car inwards, you also move that rear wheel in very very slightly. That will alter your thrust angle (unless you alter toe of both rear wheels by the same amount. You do something similar if you alter rear camber (if you have adjustable rear upper links). If you really desperately needed to be able to adjust thrust angle, you could do it by making adjustable lower links for the rear of the car (and upper ones if you didn't already have them), you'd then move the rear wheel inwards/outwards by adjusting at all three points. That would move the centre-line of the rear wheels, although it wouldn't alter any rear set-back if you had any. Personally, I'd do as Christian ( @C43) suggests, and equalise rear toe and do so by adjusting the RHS rear one (LHS is only fractionally out of tolerance although both are nearly the same amount out), and see how it feels (should be better both even than just both within tolerance), if you then really feel you need to get back to book spec got toe, then at least you have an equal starting point on both sides.
  15. Yep, and of the two types of discussion (Marriage vs V8) one may well depend on the tools (it's a poor mechanic that blames them...).
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