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  1. A few members here on the forum have scopes for viewing parts of the car. I'm sure if you ask nicely.....
  2. I walked into the lounge the other day, I was wearing shorts and T shirt, I had to walk out, it was 26degrees. The response I was given was that the radiators were only on 3. People just don't seem to get it through, in spring and summer if it's over 18 outside, we're fine to be out there, so why is it that people want it warmer than that (or 20 as you state) when we can simply wear sensible clothing and be warm.
  3. I thought this was primarily used to transport people (or generally one person) of pensionable age
  4. I don't know how you can do that. I feel dirty after one McD, the sort of dirty where it really needs a decontamination shower to resolve.
  5. It was a long while ago but I think it was secured under the cubby storage tray that's between the seats. I do recall removing the radio, mainly as it gave an extra direction of access.
  6. I've not had to remove the dash to do it, but did have to unbolt the trim section that goes to the handbrake and gearstick, then use brute force to put the carpet beneath those.
  7. Same pretty much of any prequel. The Star wars 1-3 didn't suffer because we knew for decades how not 4 started 9so where no 3 ended up).
  8. For me I can see the video landing page and play it with no issue, of the pics only the first one loads automatically, the last three show as links which then open in separate window when I click on them. It must be a browser setting thing. When I've walked those parts of London at night I've never thought of it as pretty or decorative, but certainly looks nice in those images. Maybe it's because when I've walked it I'm knickered and just thinking of a comfy hotel bed.
  9. If you want / need a machine urgently, I have a single group E61 machine sitting here unused near Norwich for a while but with a quick flush I think it's ready for use. Would keep the shakes away while you work out what's going on with yours.
  10. Oh, is that where he's speaking from? I was mistaken..
  11. If the news was correct and my recollection reasonable, then I think it's been called out that the person acting as spokesperson on TV himself has a house with virtually no insulation. that may be fine, perhaps he doesn't heat that house at all so no wasted energy.
  12. My micro PC deciding that it has no network connection, whilst in use and just hours after the latest Windows update. leading to hours of checking physical connections and attempts at reconfiguring things so that they work. All failed, so started the 6hrs + of reinstalling Windows back to fresh and then adding in the necessary bits of software for me to at least be able to use it for work.
  13. That's a really good paint effect you've created there, must have taken ages to paint lacquer to get it to look like that.
  14. Neighbour came round yesterday, her greyhound had managed to pull on the lead so much that it cut into her hand, and the dog had managed to get to have a go at my cat (which was sitting in their garden). Took a couple of hours of walking around and calling for my cat to finally come to see me. We've found that the cat is having difficulty jumping / climbing up, but is standing and walking OK. So, he'll be off to the vet and hopefully it's nothing serious.
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