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  1. Here in the UK it is the "current party" as you term it. The vote that would include non-MPs is only for paid-up members of the UK Conservative party. It's that (controlling majority) party's own rules that determine the leadership process. So it's not about whether you're Gentry or not that determines whether you have a say in the choice of PM, it's as simple as whether you applied and were accepted to that party. (and then carried on paying membership fees).
  2. Happy hang-over (as I doubt you'll read this before the hangover starts).
  3. Don't. To get the seals in you really need to remove the cam shafts, to do that you need to remove the cam carrier. You can get the seals out (screw into the seal etc) but to put them in you really need to drift them in perfectly perpendicular to the cam shaft.
  4. Hi. Yes it is in the pump, see the below post for a diagram of where it is. there's also normally an over-pressure relief valve in the filter designed to let oil bypass it internally should the filter block.
  5. The topic comes up far too frequently, and normally involves an attempt at pressing out the lower stud. They are rather rare used, so you may find that new (at massive cost) is the only option. As you're in North Carolina, it would pointless for me to suggest UK based suppliers. I think you may end up having to source via USA main dealers.
  6. It's probably quite close to the size of a lotus arm bush. I don't have one to hand but they're certainly 1/2 inc bore, around 40-50mm wide, altough diameter may be slightly off. Failing that poly bushes are likely available. I know this is an Aus company, but there must be UK ones.
  7. Parts of the Lucus system, so yes early cars with Lumen don't ave them
  8. It's reasonably clear, you are legally obliged for the vehicle to be safe (roadworthy) to use whilst it's on the road, so if the failure made it unsafe then it's an offence. It's slightly less clear whether a vehicles is unsafe just by an MOT failure. Take for example emissions being excessive, it might be difficult to prove that it's dangerous / not roadworthy.
  9. Nowadays I use brass fittings for brake pipes, even passivated unions rust too much. It costs more but means that it doesn't destroy other tings by getting seized on.
  10. Whether ratchet mechanism or not, bot types have to allow the piston to retract enough to free-off from the disc.
  11. I believe my car was subject to a sea-breach flooding incident, and it's still nowhere near as bad as that.
  12. If it was master cylinder (or anywhere up the line from the calipers) freeing off the bleed nipple should ave released it. It does point to calipers themselves. Free off the bleed nipple, ease the pads off using a lever, then apply and compare the force to lever the pads back when the nipple is closed. If it feels the same, then it's not the hydraulics.
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