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  1. I remember fitting SJ purple ones to my S3 many years ago, way before the Lotac ones were being developed, so that timeline works with SJ adapting to closer replicate the Lotac solution.
  2. Yep, that's what came to my mind as well. BUT, it did have a whole car in there, you just had to know how far to dig to find the it.
  3. If you are a tenant, it must take a lot to make you decide to take on a place that's not in great shape, as you've got the work to get it to a decent state in addition to maintaining it, and at the end of the lease there'll be no thanks/ reward. Perhaps there's a string of ex-tenants complaining about the bloke down the road who has a really loud car, a Lotus it seems.
  4. Mr Betts, make sure you have a record of where you were on July 8th, so you can prove it wasn't you. ..........The co-pilot - said to be a drone enthusiast - identified it as a DJI Inspire.......
  5. I think they're Delrin (aka Polyoxymethylene), but agree it doesn't explain why they exist, perhaps they have a role of shock absorption, which would otherwise destroy the toothed plastic gear. That's just a guess.
  6. Michael. I'd guess a lot of the attitude to looking after the garden/ taking bins in& out etc hinges on whether it's considered by them to be their home (the emotional description) or just where they live. I have friends who are in rented accommodation and have been for a long as I can recall,. This year (by way of an example), all with the landlord's approval, they've removed an overgrowing tree that was shading their garden and that of a neighbour, removed a pond that was apparently dug to get rid of a large amount of rubbish that a previous owner had buried rather than take to the tip, laid a patio (which involved c4t of ballast, a compactor, plus the top surface and edging etc. All this in addition to normal gardening, cleaning driveway etc. The reason-because they want their home to be nice.
  7. How about a collection of mangled bits of steel and ali that used to be pistons, rods and gearbox internals. I bet there's an owner somewhere who has those hanging around, else there will be some soon somewhere.
  8. You'd be better to check the spark voltage using a meter which is a pair of sharp points where the gap can be altered, the shortest distance at which the spark fails to cross, gives you the voltage of the spark. Then just compare to Accuspark's specification (you may need to contact them to get that).
  9. Doh, I was thinking of Aldi win Gin Lane, although I've not found Old Tom in either of them at the times I've looked.
  10. I know a few of us have had and binned Protech. On mine within 6 months of light use, pretty much all damping had gone, that may have been due to softer springs leading to the fluid having to work a lot more than it should with normal springs, but then compare that with what the firm above have stated.
  11. And now that's taken me to a lost evening watching Youtube of that sketch and others.
  12. It's all @Sparky 's fault. For years a lamp connected to a couple of lengths of wire was enough, maybe luxury involved a crocodile clamp or two. Then I migrated to a multimeter. But then some time ago I suffered from tool envy due to his Power Probe. So, plunge has been taken and now I have a pp100. It had better be worth it, else future recommendations from Watford Exotics will be treated with scepticism, after all it cost a fair bit more than a 5w lamp and two salvaged bits of wire.
  13. It's impossible to say that it would not /could not happen, but it does appear to have a mechanical fail-safe mechanism in the form of the hooks along the bottom, so if the hydraulics failed it shouldn't come down. Lotus tend to be very even weight distribution front to rear, so with that ramp it looks at though the centre of mass will be within the area of the supports even when at full support. I think that I'd probably also put some very tall axle stands in place if I was to use something of that type. That said, I use Carstages, and even then put mechanical chocks in addition to the ramps which do that, and the weight of the car which is what primarily keeps it from tipping. So I'm probably over-cautious.
  14. Did the misfire happen before the parts were replaced? If not then I'd suggest revert bits at a time because as JonWat says, new doesn't mean it's fine. I was caught out by a new rotor arm that was faulty due to its design.
  15. Do you mean "Gin Lane 1751 old Tom"? I think that Hortus is used as a brand for their dry gin.
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