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  1. Ditto. @Bling no 10 by any chance?
  2. It's simple, have a G-body car but an SE engine, or and Excel where access is easier.
  3. Probably just an easier way to get to change a tyre.
  4. Is there actually a fault with the lower BJs? If not then I'd say leave them as some after-market replacements (even from Lotus specialists) may wear out faster than the ones that are c30yr old.
  5. It's scary how £1k can disappear so easily. I should really have asked but, are the lower balljoints shot? If it's just the rubbers then much easier to just fit new ones of those. Uppers are low cost and less work to change the whole balljoint than rubbers.
  6. I remember how we had Social Services in to help assess father's needs, we didn't think we needed to make any changes at the time. They left and the list was massive including, shower out swap to wet room, alter doors so that he couldn't fall and prevent access to him, still didn't think he needed those but they say so.. 12m later and realised that he'd have been unable to be at home at that point and probably would have been like that for months if it wasn't for those things having been done. It was really sobering to realise how things changed in c6months.
  7. Well, two meanings here. "He's a Special" (sergeant), but then, without the "a" as you've typed it could mean something else.😁
  8. Ah, I've not started watching and had considered watching via catch-up since they'd said about the last episode being available, but think I'll give it a miss as I don't really want several hours taken up binge-watching TV.
  9. I think my last one was a Bosch S4, and probably a 100. I tend to look at the price of those known brands such as Bosh and assume that a battery guaranteed for 3 years will last only 3 years, similar for 4 year, then go with whatever works out cheapest per year of guarantee. That way anything over and above is a bonus. Lasting c 4 years is reasonable on a battery, unless it's one of the very expensive ones that's guaranteed for 5 years. Our cars don't really ask a lot of a battery, we don't have lots of current draw in the way of electrically powered driver conveniences, and even the sta
  10. Which do you mean best brand / range of battery (such as Bosch S5) , or, best battery form (layout of poles, physical size etc such as 027 type)? If it's brand then it's going to depend on how you use the car as left standing and going completely flat can really make it difficult to charge a battery so it drives a short-term and throw it approach, whereas keeping the car used means it's worthwhile getting a battery that will last many years if maintained.
  11. @Sparky can we think of anybody else who has the skill of Pointing at the problem, and that is the limit of involvement?
  12. @windymiller Roasting coffee you say. What do you use, and are you on any forum for coffee?
  13. You don't have to go for stainless, go for brass (not brass style/ brass colour) they will slowly colour but will not rust and in the event that something means it has to be cut it's a darn sight easier.
  14. Could be valve clearance, actually, hope it is because that's not as bad to solve. Just cam belt, cam tower off rather than whole head. If you want to diagnose further before doing that, put compressed air down the bore (spark plug hole) while all valves should be closed. Where the air goes tells you the fault, exhaust = exhaust valves/shims, carbs= inlet valves/shims, appears out of dipstick tube = rings, out of coolant = gasket or worse.
  15. @ramjet Considering placing on the Earth, to you it is already upside down. @PJ I'm sure they can fix, if not then perhaps a heli-coil will return it to a workable threaded hole. Hopefully all solved by now.
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