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  1. Started to make some real progress on migrating the stuff from the garage (haven't had a car in there for many years) into the new-ish shed, to such an extent that having moved some of the racking it means I've actually now seen the inside of the garage doors for the first time in ages.
  2. That's faster than I get, less than 6miles from the centre of a city that was founded c2000 years ago.
  3. If they think they look like penises then those people have encountered some really weirdly-shaped ones.
  4. For me the pertinent difference between them is that thankfully back then we didn't have a portal into the mind of Nixon, unfortunately now there seems to be a neural link from Trump's mind to his Social Media streams. That's a disturbing picture of his mind, the mind of the man with the big button to make the world a dustbowl.
  5. Am I overly suspicious that the shop is based in Hong Kong , now part of PRC where copyright etc means nothing, so an "original SKF" could be freshly made there?
  6. Normally your insurer don't need that, as they have an agreement with other insurers, so don't need to go to DVLA , as understand it they just go straight to the last known insurer of the vehicle. I guess that means a claim is logged on your wife's insurance file.
  7. Ignoring them can be a dangerous tactic. If you clearly enter a restricted parking area then once you've had a chance to read the terms and conditions then I think they can say you did enter a contract with them. Looks to be rather different for the one where it appears at first glance to be part of the highway.
  8. Which do you mean where the rubbers touch the glass, or, where the nylon bush runs in the horizontal channel? The former should have no grease, if they are sticky then it means the fibres of the coating have warn away and the rubber trim in the channel should be renewed. The latter can be anything really although I tend to use white lithium grease.
  9. I thought that when I looked at one at Lotusbits, one axle had the wheels were off-centre in the arches, looking at one online set of specs there's supposedly c50mm difference, looking at another just 2mm difference, so don't know what is right.
  10. Hi @lee glennon if you have a really good eye for detail, you may spot that the wheels aren't quite central to the wheel arches, the Elite body is set for a slightly shorter wheelbase than an Excel. It's only a couple of inches and you'd probably only notice it if somebody pointed it out and the image was perfectly side-on to the car.
  11. Misspelling (adding the "e") to try and pretend you don't use it?
  12. Difficult to judge without any background. Could be the elderly lady is in a family dispute, could be the daughter simply removed her from a car facility yet the car facility is legally responsible for her wellbeing. List goes on, as to all valid reasons why the supposed daughter and grand-daughter shouldn't be able to remove the lady from the facility in whatever way they did it. So, if the police are returning her to the people charged with her care, then that's seemingly the right thing to do. If the people had simply gone about things the right way, I'm sure the situation would never have
  13. I've heard too may people moan that their manager can't do the person's job, and so they think it means the person isn't fit to be a manager unless they can do every job of every person they manage. I'm probably with you @C8RKH that managing (at any level) does not require the person to be able to do the job of those whom they manage, it needs the person to be good at making decisions, good at understanding facts, good at delegating (not abdicating) unfortunately. All too often people think that technical ability in a role leads to management of the role.
  14. Or the Lotus Europ facebook page, as I think there will be more members there than those of us here that have knowledge of the S1/S2 Europa (mine's a Special so Ford block). @mike alain Sorry there seem to be no people here to help, just landed on a topic that seems to be outside of the collective knowledge.
  15. Jack up the car beneath the balljoint, that way the increased force should give enough friction.
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