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  1. Mixed emotions, so not entirely happy: The scales indicate my weight as 18st 13lb this morning, 6 days after the diet started and the scales indicated 19st 5lb. The weight loss is making me happy but how far I let it go before addressing the situation and how far I now need to continue, less so. What was frightening was using an app to track calories & weight etc, when I entered my height it indicated my target should be 18st based on the "average" for my height. NHS website indicates a healthy weight of 10st 9lb - 14st 5lb, FFS, I can remember being c15st and less than a 30 inch waist, what the heck would I look like at less than 11st? I'd hide behind telephone poles. So, aiming 17st for now, then maybe keep going to 16st.
  2. That's a bit more concise than "Knuckle-dragging F**k wits".
  3. I do the same as @Bravo73, I have even cracked a screen that was seemingly undamaged before and that was just by pressure-washing the car on a hot day.
  4. That look says "I'll get you back, just wait until you put your foot in your shoe."
  5. Are these the ones ? If so that adverts gives a list of the models they fitted.
  6. If you get hold of a seat then a decent steel fabricator should be able to replicate them easily, so you only need to borrow one that's destined to be re-trimmed.
  7. Resting place of St Walstan, former residence of Ed Balls.
  8. On the Death Star there was an unassuming vent that was a big weak point, on this version of the Millennium falcon there's an unassuming trap whereby unsuspecting hands may* be viciously attacked with the Bunny Kill defence system. * depends on exact ,model, some are fitted to with an alluring noise system sounding like a "Pur", but this makes the others even more deadly as you never know whether it's the decoy or the attack model until it's too late.
  9. My cousin & his wife lived in Hoxne, lovely area.
  10. Think yourself lucky, with one of my cats I get a different view. Last night he climbed on top of my chest when I was in bed and put the heel of his rear paw on my Adam's apple, and tail over my shoulder. Your Ginger cat has very different ears to those of my ginger cat. They don't have multiple tearing scars from Bengal cats he's taken on.
  11. I have two bank apps that have cheque pay-in, so |I normally use the one that has the slightly better ability to capture the corners, but it has a limit of £750, so had the fun of the Barclays app trying to pay in a cheque for £1000 via Barclays app recently. I was going to resort to Post Office then realised it meant an hour or so in a queue at PO.
  12. I was thinking that perhaps if they need that explaining, then not having children might not be a bad idea (but not suggesting forced/involuntary sterilisation).
  13. Or @C8RKH she'd have used the DI as a witness to your unfit state of mind with you having tried to kill yourself at her hands, she'd have you sectioned. She'd get the house, remote and all of the duvet......
  14. As far as I know GPs aren't employed by the NHS, they are partners/ employees of a practice where the practice is paid by the NHS based on certain criteria, so if a GP practice does vaccinations it may be that they use extra resources to deliver them (admin, initial greeting, cleansing etc). I see no problem with GP surgeries getting paid extra to deliver the jabs, whilst the £10-15 may be more than it costs that's just to incentivise the practices and seems reasonable.
  15. I'm glad the pharmacies (& GP practices) could generate the extra few £s for each injection given. They're loosing ground to online firms who don't have the same challenges over covering long hours, physical presence in each area etc. So extra income for those location-based pharmacies (and the GP practices that did it themselves) is good else we'll loose them and try asking an online pharmacy to help when you're run out of tablets and it will be a couple of days before the GP re-issues the script.
  16. So, if people spot the illusion, do you expect them to look to the keyboard to post a response?
  17. I was looking for the reverse of no 28.: People assume that something new must be better than the Status Quo even if there are no known problems with the existing situation.
  18. Although some nuts are available and are 5/6 thread and 19mm across the flats, I think they're too small. These ones look more like it. Not so sure about these ( they don't state but suspect they're 5/8 ones) included for comparison**1***
  19. Yes, you can move the leads round by two holes. Just take care that the leads are long enough / not over-stretched as you do it.
  20. Do both the original and replacement head unit operate the same sort of reverse sensing? i.e. do they both work on either a +12v to the signal wire or an earth to the signal wire?
  21. I thought you don't die of COVID-19, you die of things like the pneumonia brought on by it, or heart failure brought on by it. They can name it on the death certificate but that needs the person to certify that the other thing wouldn't have occurred without COVID-19 which requires a lot of supposition.
  22. If the original plate was something personal to the first owner of a vehicle such as initials and the area plus low /repetitive numbers, then when vehicle is sold the new owner may wish to have a different plate, the DVLA could then sell on that initial plate as it's desirable. Doesn't happen often as most original plates aren't ones that people care about. Then again how many plate now used on Evoras meant nothing in particular until the Evora was launched.
  23. There is the potential for the original plate itself to have been re-used, so I think that's when a Q plate may come into effect.
  24. Time to criticise poor journalism/ poor statement of "facts" by PM (Could be one, the other or both). In fact I get miffed by the equivalent when it come to sales offering "Up to XX% off". Whilst it may be true it's a pointless statement to make. In this case there may be as many as 90% of people in ICU that have not had a booster, that "fact" would still hold true if only 1% of those in ICU hadn't had their booster. a statement of something like "Approx 70% of those in ICU haven't had their booster" has some meaning. "up to 90%" only really tells us that at least 10% of those in ICU have had their booster. I get that BJ wants to appear to have the facts (why has my brain just reminded me of Diane Abbot???) but a sloppy statement of this nature just doesn't do anything because as soon as you think about it, it points to him doesn't have the facts and is trying a bit of smoke & mirrors.
  25. They're run by private firms but the local authorities have some controls.
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