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  1. The trouble with "standard Metalastic" is that they are not now what they were when originally designed. The rubber composition has changed (for environmental reasons), so if it was Lotus poly bushes you'd get a true original feel, perhaps not if it's non-genuine poly.
  2. He has. Oh wait, you mean below the waist. Ah.
  3. Other top tip, drink it faster.
  4. I'm glad he's there, fantastic nursing staff who looked after my father for his last few weeks and it seemed as though nothing was too much trouble. Very different to N&N where their attention is purposefully focused on getting people medically well (well enough to be discharged from N&N), so moving from one to the other is a great sign of his stage of recovery.
  5. I've had a little rant today that because the person that wrote a certain (circa 15 words) sentence found themselves unable to use punctuation, I've had to cover all possible meanings of the sentence in my assessment. Let alone the ambiguous nature of the sentence irrespective of the omitted punctuation. I'm expecting any response to contain a sentence that starts with the word "But", at which point I may need to walk away from the P.C. for a few moments.
  6. Having to deal with Sky TV. What a nightmare. Turned a simple request to cancel (out of minimum contract term, by about 10 years) into what will now be a full complaint to Chief Exec, and turned me from a happy customer who was simply leaving to get a better deal elsewhere, into a never-to-return type of detractor ex-customer.
  7. I've seen our company review denied claims , realise that the denial was in line with terms but that it wasn't what we meant to be excluded. So go back and pay the claim and re-write claims handling rules so that future equivalent claims get paid straight away. OK, that's not common, because often the denied claims are, shall we say, questionable.... For example the phone in question was in use several times a day for all visible history, then all activity stopped and 48hrs later an insurance was taken out and unluckily the phone was then damaged....... Thankfully most customers are not like that.
  8. @Barrykearley I thjink you are confusing a credit card chargeback and consumer credit act claim (which @C8RKH correctly stated as sec 75, since sec 77 is a different type of credit product not the card) .The former is where you get the CC company to dispute the sum, and the retailer can charge the funds again f they can prove it was an authorised transaction. Under the consumer credit act it's not about disputing the transaction, it's a law that protects the consumer and TUI would have no ability to re-charge.
  9. The Credit card company are equally liable for the product, so you can start a claim back via them. It does not matter that the cc deposit has been repaid, it doesn't matter that only £200 was via CC. Start a Section 77 claim by contacting the card issuer.
  10. I thought there was a news article that it may have been elsewhere before the reported outbreak in Wuhan.
  11. If the above image was true and it's just paranoia to cause wearing of face masks, why did we have medical staff becoming infected and becoming severely ill through lack of masks etc, and if that's paranoia then perhaps we don't need to wash hand after going to the bathroom as very few people in this country die of things such as dysentery.
  12. The trouble with 20w50, is that it's fine here in the UK climate, but the OP is is a much warmer climate so 20w50 there will behave more like 10w40 would in the UK (and we know that's a bit too thin).
  13. Lookslike somebody filled the gun with the wrong colour, or perhaps ran out of blue that day. I'd guess that you're right, the VIN sticker has an error, probably an error when transcribing the build info to the system that produced it.
  14. Solution is Osmio Zero, the water is then nice, perhaps not as nice as water that's naturally soft but still mineralised, but it's a close second.
  15. Even at the time when the most deaths were occurring, funeral directors were taking a big financial hit. The funerals were a lot less complex, with private family-only services, no post-event gathering etc, all that means less add-on services and less time required so they will be less busy. Now, with lower death rates and still probably less add-ons (e.g. would many 60+yr olds etc want to gather in a venue after a funeral if they have been told to keep distant from people?) it will be even more of a hit for the funeral directors.
  16. There seems to be a very different attitude in the UK (and Europe) vs Asia. We seem to object to a mask being worn, yet Asia where they've been living with the threat of SARS for a while, seem to consider it unforgivably impolite to fail to wear a mask. The masks seem to give very little protection to the wearer, I don't know why but guess the fact that the mucus membrane of the eyes still being exposed has something to do with it. So for me, the fact that I'm wearing a mask isn't going make me feel safer (unless it's a full face covering with a proven level of filtration) The masks do seem to give some small protection to others from infected people if the infected person wears a mask, so I'l feel less exposed to the virus when I'm in a shop if all others are wearing masks. I have no desire to unwitting infect others (if I have the virus and am asymptomatic), nor do I have a desire to be infected by either others who do so unwittingly or knowingly, as such I'm pleased the masks are to be mandated. By giving us several days notice, it gives people time to either buy or fashion an item (I bought some at the weekend when it seemed obvious the rules were coming), not that people really have to make something, a simple piece of fabric wrapped around is enough. I get why they weren't mandated early on, for the simple reason that we had a shortage of medical-grade ones for front-line medical staff so the minor improvement for general public would have been outweighed by the massive problem it would have caused for medical staff. We're now at the point where things that make people feel safe are possible even if they don't make much difference, a bit like the old instructions in case of nuclear attack (which translate to building a self-burial spot under stairs but are labelled as building a shelter).
  17. Today I found a task that's almost as enjoyable as re-shimming a 9xx head (I'm sure some such as @Sparky will know how relaxing that can be). Re-pinning a door lock (Euro cylinder to be precise). Even dropping the little bits once in a while didn't cause stress, it's weird that these sort of jobs can be so relaxing.
  18. As far as I know you are right @C8RKH that people die from other conditions where COVID-19 has either added strain to an existing problem or seemingly in very rare cases led to a condition. For example, my father had heart failure which meant poor circulation and the lings struggled to exchange CO2 for O2 due to the poor blood flow through them, had he contracted COVID-19 it would have meant more fluid build-up in the lungs so restricting their effectiveness even further, putting more strain on the failing heart which would then have failed sooner. I think I used the analogy before of a car crash, you don't really die from a car crash you die from injuries such as massive blood loss leading to heart failure or lack of O2 to brain, or other things. @rjwooll I think the "excess deaths" may for a while go negative (meaning we have less deaths than an average year" but people who've failed to seek medical diagnosis or not been seen in the normal ways (telephone consultations etc) let alone delays to actual treatments may mean we later on see "excess deaths" from non-COVID-19 patients, anything that could be fatal such as cancers.
  19. Glad you had success, longer term you'll want to deal with the bushes but not having to lift the door to close is normally a vast improvement. Glad you managed to follow the instructions.
  20. What is your desired outcome? If the door has to be lifted, then it means the bushes are warn (or worse). If you want a temporary fix, the aligning it will do that, but the door will still be imperfect in alignment as it will be able to move as well as rotate about the hinge line. A cannot be undone, B is the pivot which would only allow the door to open easier or more stiffly (if over-tight), C is the check-strap, the bit that stops the door opening too far and keeps it open. To adjust the door you undo the nut that's inside the car's cabin, the nut that's on bolt A (and it's counterpart on the lower hinge). To move the door forward, both bottom and top hinges need to be moved forward. To move the latch end upwards, the top hinge needs to move forward more than the bottom hinge. If you mark around the hinges , and slightly slacken one (lets say top to start with), you can then undo the other (so the bottom to start with), move just one hinge forward (in this case by allowing the door to drop slightly when it's close to closed) or by pushing the bottom of the door forwards (in the line of the car) when the door is open. Once the hinge has visibly moved as far as approximately half the difference in panel gaps you had, then you can tighten the bolts. Then do the other hinge by an equivalent method. If you undo both fully such that both hinges are free to slide on the body, you're going to find it a pig to do, by just undoing one so that the hinge can rotate slightly, and the other so that it can be moved but isn't sliding freely, you'll have an easier time of getting the right amount of movement.
  21. It's taken c7 months of feeding the feral cat to get to the point where I thought I'd see how he reacts to my hand being near him (keep in mind, he approaches to get food, hissing at me as he does it). Went from hand nearby =OK, to a couple of days later hand hovering 6 inches over food is OK, two days later still and OK to move hand just to touch his shoulder being OK, finally tried proper stroke, he stopped eating pushing head up to get more force from the attention and today (another couple of days) he was stretching his head out to make sure I rubbed under his neck. I think this feral cat has a chance of being re-homed via a cat sanctuary. My great-niece saw him yesterday and has decided he should be named scar which is due to the woulds he has on his face (many from my cat I'm sure). He also went and took food from some Maine Coons the other day, in the kitchen of where they live. I think he's brave and hungry.
  22. That's going to need a lot of trust for the cat to let you near that one
  23. I cannot see that sealer working for that situation. It's designed to temporarily mask leaks by placing a fixed layer of material over the hole, but the waterpump will be the rubber seal not having enough constant contact with the shaft.
  24. Quick internet search and we have: What do Henry the Eighth and Winnie the Pooh have in common? A in white font to not spoil the punchline:They both share the same middle name!
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