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  1. That shows just how many years since I looked at the wrong side of the sprockets.
  2. Perhaps my memory is fading but I thought that the dots /markings (ex and in) on the pulleys are not in the same place on the two sides, so if you align the dots on the shaft side they are out of line on the bulkhead side. In that video they seem to align based on the shaft side. Perhaps I'm mis-remembering since it has been a few years since a belt on an Esprit (Excel is so much easier due to access).
  3. Colour isn't always a clear guide as to the type of antifreeze, some brands don't stick with blue=glycol, red = OAT.
  4. Just booked my jabs, the day after I entered this age range, they opened up the bookings for this age range. So end of March, followed by mid June.
  5. Thanks guys. Pressies were/ involved food, alcohol or coffee, so nothing more could be needed, well perhaps the ability to get out and see people. At least nobody dug out the "shelf" pic.
  6. A friend just moved his old company pension, the firm paid him a lot more than the current value of his pot. That leaves him free to move it to another pension and so reduce (overall) admin costs and hopefully get a better value when retirement finally arrives.
  7. I guess the best ones to check (how Steve has suggested) are the last of the G car turbo with the HC engine, vs the Stevens with the same fuel system, or the NA models with the same system, that way hopefully connection fittings will not be the cause of any part number idfferences.
  8. I'm a bit over 6'3" and the first few months after putting my Turbo Esprit on the road I was driving it about in the winter (we had snow IIRC) with the glass roof open to get enough room. It's going to depend on other things not just your overall height. I have a long torso compared to the "average" person of my height, so legroom was less of an issue for me than it would have been for others. I swapped the seats out for Elise ones, and bolted them direct to the floor with no spacer at the rear but a small spacer at the front (it then means when you sit against the back of the seat you are angled more). I'm sure that somebody just a few mm less in body length would have been fine with the original seats. Oh, and weight will also have an effect, a bit more in-built padding now than I was then but it all just adds to how high your head is to the roof.
  9. That would be sensible Pete, but as a collective, do we as the UK population do sensible? I think that the government (or Chris Whitty) had said a while back that foreign travel for holidays etc would be unlikely for a while, which we all seemed to forget as soon we got news that infections and death rates were falling.
  10. I'm now upset by an idea running through my head, @Kimbers uttering the phrase "I'll be the Tesla".
  11. The square shims are not shown in that image, as it's of the non-adjustable type. For the adjustable system which you now have, they go one the outside of component F. On your version of "F" you will see there are solid blocks of metal near the elongated holes, the shims sit against those blocks, such that the molts holding the balljoint cannot move away from the centre of the car. The shims have different distance from hole to edge, that way the correct spacing can be achieved (which the alignment people have done) but also maintained.
  12. I had wondered about something like Java script blocked on your browser, but the fact it starts the process indicates that probably isn't it. Do you have any add-ons in Edge (equivalent of Chrome Extensions)? Might be worth trying to disable those and if that works then re-enable one by one until it stops working.
  13. What I never realised is that nurses pay must be controlled by those local councils. Because if it isn't, then the nurses pay is completely separate and should have no effect on who represents your views on local matters like bin collection, potholes etc.
  14. Looking great @davearkley, glad you're OK after all that. I am confused by the colour though, to me the first picture (RHS rear quarter) makes it appear to have some small flake (metallic) in the paint, the subsequent look to be a solid colour. Is it a solid colour?
  15. Good point Filip. Mine was in Chrome.
  16. It can be like this just the URL Or like this if I just paste the link and let the software decide what to do.
  17. The good news is that it will almost certainly fit, since the subframes and underside of the cars are very similar (there were changes but the subframe was mainly just stiffening beyond the big changes such as when it went from trunions to balljoints (Model Year 1985). You can find a bit of history if you look fro things like the "eagle"chassis", named after the Goodyear tyres that were used. That one looks to be the earlier subframe (X plate puts it before 1985) but even then the main difference was how the lower arms were kept in line, the dampers were pretty much the same just the spring perch mounted on the damper on one and on the lower arm on the other type of subframe. As to handling, I guess it can be made to have similar bound and rebound characteristics, but that is just a guess and would probably need the manufacturer to advise.
  18. For me, it's not his views nor even that he says what he thinks, it's the way that he comes across as a bully. I think that may have been a necessary tactic in previous roles but just not great for an actual debate or discussion on TV. Ultimately I'd prefer the host to do that, and the guests provide the views.
  19. There is some good coming out of this debacle. Piers Morgan is off the screens
  20. In the past year the deaths from 'flu have dropped off a cliff, partly because of the precautions that many people are taking (masks, staying indoors, social distancing etc), partly because some who would have succumbed to 'flu instead succumbed to COVID-19, plus whatever yearly factor would have applied due too the variant of the 'flu virus that was going round. The point being, as @electro_boy called out, you cannot take the base figure (be that 2019-2020 deaths, average of last few years or whatever),from this years deaths and the difference is the extra deaths due to COVID.
  21. The £400Bn isn't a spend per death, it's a spend per death that would / may have occurred had there not been the restrictions/ actions. I know those potential deaths will be impossible to simply calculate, but there will be /are predictions (I don't know but I guess the government must have them).
  22. The 10 days isolation period is irrelevant in respect of death resulting from COVID-19. The isolation is about trying to stop people from spreading the infection. The death with positive test within preceding 28 days was instigated as a measure, it's not precise but it was all about people that dies of a heart attack/ organ failure /pneumonia etc where such things were likely exacerbated by the person having (or having had) COVID-19.
  23. 2 Some insurance companies demand to know options not just mods, such as if a car came with certain wheels as standard but you could choose to have others , some insurers demand to know that level of detail.
  24. If so, then the bits "missing" are in those little poly bags. You can make them they are pretty much just a square of metal with an off-centre hole.
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