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  1. Having had my first Jaffa cake for decades. I have a citrus allergy so I try and avoid anything with citrus in it (smell is enough to get audible creaks from the nose cartilage as the airways inflame). A discussion led me to check what flavors there are now, and 24 hours later, I've been to Tesco and obtained both cherry and Passion fruit ones. At long last, there might be a reason to look in that otherwise pointless 4 feet of the biscuit display.
  2. Regards the original problem, there is an Esprit (S3 or Turbo, I cannot recall exactly) with air lift suspension fitted. It was mainly to give really lowered look when parked, but I think the same could be used here to lift (it will give dramatically odd camber but that doesn't matter for getting over speed bumps or into the car park).
  3. Just watch out he doesn't throw another service in there as well.
  4. @europa88 For the curve, as long as it's a constant curve, you can measure the distance between the ends of the glass and how far the surface is from a straight line between those ends For example it might be 20 inches tall and have a deflection of an inch in the middle.
  5. I don't know but suspect that glass was made for another car originally, in which case a car glazing firm may be able to cross reference which one and you may have a bit more luck that way. I've never looked for that piece, it's just that something about the shape of the glass vs shape of the car makes me think it was a case of make do with what was available at the time.
  6. I wonder what poor 'Enry did to get banned from there.
  7. Regards Confused (or any other of the comparison sites) they are generally going to break things down into chunk s that all / vast majority of insurers will cover, then the next bits are either an option for some or already included for other insurers. So, if some insurers cover commuting to single place within SDP, but some you have to pay for that commuting, then confused need to give their customers the options of not having commuting, or having commuting. That doesn't mean that insurers treat it that way, it's just the only way to realistically phrase it and position it to customers. The other obvious option is to force customers to buy that upgrade and quote it in the price, but that's then unfair on consumers who don't commute.
  8. I think Lotus's reason for a fixed tensioner was simple cost. They tried it originally with trapezoidal and it wasn't great (belt slips) so they instigated the semi-auto system, then once belt and sprocket design improved enough they decided they could ditch that more expensive semi-auto tensioner and revert to original. Just how they did with early turbo engines being dry sump until the block was stiffened enough to return to wet sump.
  9. Just about anything can vary by company, but I've not seen any of my previous insurers have commuting to a singe place of work excluded from SDP. Commuting to various places (say somebody who works from various offices depending on client meetings, or travel to clients' homes) traveling between offices during work hours , those I'd expect to be classed as "business travel". Sometimes though you do simply have to tell them that you want to include commuting to a singe place of work, not an additional cost, but they just need to include the phrase.
  10. The vaccines are designed to produce antibodies, see: vaccinated%2C our immune system,recognize and fight the virus.
  11. I've done that before. Those subframes re quite light.
  12. @MrDangerUS you are correct that the sleeve should be inside those two pairs of rubber bushings, between the two cupped washers.
  13. I'm sure I've seen bad reports regard poly bushes in the top inner joints. With the arms moving fore/aft and so upsetting the castor angles. They have washers but are not as fixed as the old metalastic bushes are by nature. @Christian43 I'm surprised you didn't make the fronts adjustable in the same way as Lotus did on the later Esprits. The holes for the front ball joints are elongated, a metal stop is added near one set of holes, and a square spacer is made which has a hole off-centred. the adjustment is them by using the appropriate side of that square spacer, to move the bolt to the desired position, then both bolts are tightened holding it all in place.
  14. The majority of people may be following the rules, or the majority of rules, but then I compare that to this morning. Neighbour in her 70s, each week two of her daughters arrive, separately from their respective households, then all three normally get into one of the cars and go off together. If one daughter had formed a support bubble fine, but both cannot. This week it didn't go like that, instead, the third daughter turned up in the police car, and went in ( at least she was wearing a mask) with her Mum and two sisters. Really? It makes me think there should, be a tattoo on the forehead of some people "I'm selfish so if I become ill please give no treatment as I don't care". If we then didn't have that segment of the population to concern ourselves with, and some of them weren't occupying hospital resources, we probably would be able to have slightly less stringent restrictions.
  15. @jag928 The Esprit brakes (Model Year 1985 until a few years into the 1990s when they went larger) are the same as the Excel, but they have different suspension uprights to the Elite/Eclat with trunnions. Also those vented brakes on the Excel/ Esprit are not great, you'll find several people choose to upgrade from those, that's not to say they're awful, they're just not great by modern standards. To retrofit the Excel/ Esprit vented discs would mean about the same amount of work as @EXCEL V8 has done for the much bigger ones on his car. So, possible, but just not worth it (Standard Esprit / Excel ones)
  16. Here in Norfolk we have a similar but less extreme situation of relatively low population density, however we had one of the highest rates of infection (by proportion of population), which I think was partly due to complacency because of the relative isolation. So, low population density can be counteracted by the dense nature of the people.
  17. I've seen enough episodes of the US TV series "My cat from Hell", and other related shows to know better, but it didn't stop me. The "new" cat (Top Cat) occasionally would try and beat up / threaten / block/ otherwise disrupt the existing cat Toby. So, if witnessed I'd capture Top Cat, tell him off in a stern tone, blow on his fur and put him outside. Aim was, he wants to be indoors therefore he'll realise that he doesn't get what he wants if he's nasty to Toby. Now, add this to the mix. occasionally Top Cat doesn't get let out as soon as he asks to go out, same holds true for Toby. Instead of seeing the attacks on Toby drop to nil, we noticed the attacks move to being less frequent but without any warning signs when they did occur. What we'd done was inadvertently train Top cat that to go out immediately, the request should be achieved by attacking Toby. He'd sometimes attack Toby and be at the door to go out before we got to him. So, had to re-think this a bit. Cat flap now installed to allow immediate exit even if Human is too slow.
  18. @Buddsy I think you need to carefully re-read the letter. I suspect they (YBS) are saying you have to move if you wish to take out a new rate, you'd not be forced to move lender if you were to move to their (N&P) Standard Variable Rate (SVR). I'm not saying that moving to SVR is nor isn't the right thing but I'd guess it's likely to be a lot higher cost than any new deal even with fees. If the above is the case, then you'd not really be able to claim fees from YBS. To put it simply, it's your decision to take a new deal (irrespective of whether it's YBS, Santander or any other lender), so you pay the fees just as you would anyway when doing a remortgage for a new rate, YBS/ N&P would happily let you sit on the N&P SVR so they are not breaching the contract, they are being up front in telling you that they'll not be offering any customers a new N&P deal.
  19. And at least one who accepts the truth but voted against it. McConnell allegedly saying that Trump was "practically and morally responsible” having voted just minutes earlier for acquittal.
  20. To add to what @Sparky said for the later cars. There's a lot to be said for just sitting in the car and turning the key on the later injection cars, as compared to the reliable but sometimes annoying processes for cars with carbs (hot starts are worse than cold starts).
  21. Further to @Colin P , I'll add that I've witnessed discussions at very senior level in management where they've had cases where the T&Cs were followed and it resulted in a denied claim, but it's then reviewed. The decision was that the intent was that such situations should be covered, hence resulted in paying out on claims that technically were not covered, and T&Cs being re-written to clearly cover such things, with review of all claims denied on similar grounds. Whether that would have been the view of senior management 20-30 years earlier, I don't know but I doubt was as customer-focussed.
  22. Nor common sense in 2016 election.
  23. @Dan E I'd be ripping into tem via their complaints process. There's no way they should be able to defend that leaving a 91yr old with no heating for nearly two weeks is "reasonable" , and so they should be reimbursing for having to use your own engineer. Then if their own internal complaints process doesn't work, then via the Insurance (Financial Services) Ombudsman.
  24. I'd guess that the staff at the hotels aren't permanently there (even if they did stay there night and day for a shift of a few days they'd eventually be going home), so there's potential for any contacts of that guard to have been infected.
  25. Obviously Donald is sticking with "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Hiring a lawyer who....once reportedly described the former president as a "f***ing crook" as he represented another client
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