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  1. That's headed to a whole other world of fetishists. Oh dear, looks as though Ebola might now be an STD /STI.
  2. That's dedication / desperation.
  3. Should be simple enough, school should refuse those other kids, put the burden back on their parents not your work mate and his wife. If those parents then cannot work because they don't have child care etc, they'd hopefully be forced to deal with the brats (bit of me suspects the kids are being arseholes because of things the parents have said).
  4. It seems stupid, the way the article reads, he jacked the car up to get underneath (OK I get that), but then he was on a piece of wood to raise himself up (why not just jack the car up less?). I hope that nobody tries to sue/prosecute the garage for failing to ensure his safety whilst committing a crime.
  5. At least he can run away from the polluted area.
  6. Sounds as though Trump has masterminded what his legal team are to say, based on his previous speeches that seem to ramble on and have little meaningful content if any at all.
  7. They were probably going to get stick either way, but I think that the other choice was more sensible and more easily defended. If they carry on and do the virtual lessons, then the parents that want their kids to carry on with the education, can do just that. Those parents that feel the little darlings "need" to play in snow, can do so. OK, teachers have a few less pupils online, but they only get stick from the few parents who want the kids to play but aren't capable of making that decision.
  8. Ah, that's it, it was never advertised as CDM, and boy can we tell it's an inferior chocolate.
  9. I seem to recall there was a lot of fuss a few years ago when they changed the recipe for Cream Eggs, Cadburys then made it clear that Cream Eggs had never been made with Cadbury's Dairy Milk.
  10. @LotusLeftLotusRight
  11. As @Chillidoggy says, first speak with N&P (now YBS), you'll not be the only customer in this situation so they will probably have a fair bit of insight ready, but go in with an approach of having questions. Tis isn't financial advice, just some things for you to consider. The summary, and the first action are pretty much, go and do some preparation, check the paperwork from 2016, check the rates and fees you'd be able to get on a new fixed as compared to the rate you are on today. As for ending the term early, clauses normally exist for them being able to terminate early but those are generally in extreme situations and as a result of the action (or inaction) by the borrower. A takeover of the lender would seem unusual if it were to be such a clause. There have been cases in the past where lenders have simply written off some very old low value mortgages ( in essence said to the borrower, don't bother repaying, we'll consider that as full and final payment) because such mortgages were worth less (capital as well as interest) than the cost of updating / replacing computer systems to maintain them. Generally speaking a lender cannot unilaterally change the terms of a mortgage, they can do so if the borrow agrees such as re-mortgages. So, as N&P merged with YBS in 2011, it may be that the re-mortgage in 2016 included an option to cease to maintain those N&P-branded products and require you to change terms by giving you notice. I'm not saying they did, just that it may have done because they already had merged by that point. Are you absolutely sure it was a 10 year fixed that you took out in 2016? It's just that 10 years is the upper end of the spectrum that fixes exist for, and they're not as readily available as say a 2yr or 3yr fixed, so ideally double check your paperwork before calling YBS. To me, it just seems to be at about the time they'd be in touch for a 5yr fixed that is expiring. It's not beyond possibility that a letter has been sent in error and you have 5 years more of that old mortgage to run. If it was a 10 year fixed and they have found a way to terminate it early unilaterally, then have a look at what interest rate you are/were on and compare to what's out there now. it may be that a new 10yr fixed would be better anyway, so you may find yourself being glad you can re-do the fix, looking at this you may well have been on c3% on a 10yr fixed taken in 2016, but one taken out today may be 0.5% lower . If it was a 10yr fixed and they simply want you to re-mortgage but cannot force you, then they will probably offer (you may need to prompt them) some financial reward for doing so. As yourself, if they effectively gave you a new 10yr fixed with no upfront fees, in return for moving off an half-expired deal would you be happy? Would you want more? If that letter was an error, and a new deal would be better for you, then YBS may be willing to honor the letter with no early-exit penalty. It may also be that the exact letter you got was meant for customers in other situations and that your letter should simply have told that they no longer offer N&P products so when in 5yrs time it's time for you to re-mortgage it will be YBS product not N&P. So, go and double-check the paperwork, check the current deals out there and how they compare, get in your mind (or do a little table on paper) of what each possibility would mean to you), then (if it was a 10 yr fixed in 2016) go and ask YBS why they believe they can change the mortgage.
  12. Can't help imagine a long line of people with their upper arm showing, and a person having a nail gun type of thing as they run along the line.
  13. andydclements


    A bit strong at 7.5%. You should have had some of this from a few mile away as a comparison.
  14. Might need an account at the local pet store for replacement rabbits.
  15. My cat has learned that, so now just sits there to annoy the dog. By exercise regime, I mean they really need a run but don't need a walk of many miles. I guess you've got somewhere nearby that it could have a run.
  16. The exercise regime for one will be noticeably more than the average dog, not arduous but there's not really the option of just along the road for its toilet and back home. Not had one myself but couple of neighbours have done what you are considering.
  17. That was the theoretical outcome, but it didn't just hit the UK, it hit many other big players that the EU really doesn't want to piss off.
  18. It could be something suspicious such as re-shelled car (even though the shell f these is the chassis so cannot be re-shelled), a stolen car on another car's V5c, etc. It could be legitimate but I cannot as yet think how, if it was a recent import that would explain the first MoT being 2010 but not explain the first registered in 1985 (unless that reflects registered elsewhere such as Ireland and they got the year wrong).
  19. They've done the NI thing in case the UK tried to have additional supplies shipped from EU that way. We don't have them shipped that way, but it's a bit of political posturing by blocking a potential route. It also plays well to EU media that the EU is acting to protect "its" supplies for its citizens.
  20. Yep, an essential journey if defined as any of those purposes, so it's not that the journey itself is "essential" it's that it is to/ from one of the "essential" range of businesses. So going to Sainsburys and buying clothes is allowed as an essential journey because Sainsburys are a predominantly food retailer and so they are permitted to trade. You don't even have to go there and buy clothes + food, you can technically buy just clothes.
  21. Within the regs they've defined which businesses can be open, those are deemed "essential", and you are permitted under the regs to leave home for various activities (something you're legally required to do, contractually required to do, work where you cannot work from home, undertake the permitted exercise, etc) and it includes using any of these "essential" businesses such trips/activities are defined as "essential". For example, banks are deemed essential, you can legitimately go to a bank branch. You can legitimately just go there to ask to be told your account balance. That may be stupid and be a completely unnecessary activity (but may be essential if that's the only way you can ascertain your balance), but it's technically allowed even if you are carrying your mobile phone which has the banking app and can show you your account balance.
  22. A trip to any legitimately-open business is allowable under the rules but I'd guess that @Kimbers point is, whilst allowed under the regs, it's not really in the spirit of the idea of minimising risk.
  23. @Sparky if your memory is headed the direction that mine is, you'll have an in-built ignore list soon. Just noticed this on the news Coronavirus: Black MPs unite in video to encourage vaccine take-up Great idea, but I really hope Diane Abbott isn't going to cite the figures for the benefit of a vaccine and its efficacy rate.
  24. @Barrykearley you don't get an "outbreak" of a nerve agent, it can be an accidental release, but I think very few other than those in the Kremlin would suggest anything other than release of Novichok was a targeted attack. The determination of whether Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is probably going to be hotly debated for a long time. If somebody comes out and admits they were working on creating it, then that may settle the argument, but other than that there's probably going to be "evidence" to support whichever view anybody cares to want to find evidence for. PRC have been of a secretive mindset for years/ decades so surely if they suddenly changed that approach it would be more suspicious? I will just say this, years after SARS first hit there's been nothing to indicate strongly that it was man-made, ditto Ebola. Have a look at what WHO say about disease evolving So, why would a new member of the same family of viruses have to be man-made when another was seemingly naturally occurring? .......All experts agree: changes in the way humanity inhabits the planet make the emergence of more new diseases inevitable. Constant mutation and adaptation are the survival mechanisms of the microbial world.....
  25. andydclements


    I don't know whether you misinterpreted the post I made. I never stated nor inferred that shirting and the 2008 banking crisis were linked as cause and effect. I only called out that the latter has resulted in lots of regs to safeguard the industry as banking collapsing would be catastrophic to the whole nation, as would a crash in the markets but that seems to be far less strictly regulated.
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