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  2. With my cable change the gearbox feel was massively increased and everything was a lot lighter, no issues with high RPM changes. I still miss 2nd-3rd very occasionally (get jammed on the gate) but I figure that is a "feature" of the box
  3. I had my linkages changed on my 2011 S and it was a massive improvement, however I haven't tried a 2012 model to do a direct comparison. I know where there is a 2011 S with very low mileage for sale, that has had the linkages changed already, if you are interested <cough>
  4. I haven't, I'm not really trying too hard to sell it at the moment
  5. It is Two reasons, firstly wedding plans are kicking in and I'm going to need some of the cash that's currently in the car. That was always the plan from the start, have a last blast so to speak, but the second reason has put this into action after 6 months, rather than the original 12 month plan. Second reason is that I've found out that having £40k in a car just makes my brain-itch . I think £20k is my limit really, before it starts to weigh on my mind... (My bro-in-law is having similar thoughts but on a different scale, he has an AM V12 Vantage and freaks out over it on a regular basis ) It really is an amazing car, and I'll have another one in a heartbeat, but when I can get a good one like mine for closer to my mental limit. I'm glad I've had her for 6 months though, even if the summer this year wasn't the best. She is up on SOR and I'm in no rush to sell, but I don't expect her to hang around that long at that price to be honest, which is a shame. To say I have mixed feelings is an understatement! What next is the question.
  6. I managed to get my alpine to sit the screen at a jaunty angle pointing up to the ceiling! No idea how I did it, nor which buttons I pushed in the next 10 minutes to get it to sit flush again
  7. I'm always coming back to find one parked either side...
  8. actually I was reading it wrong, mine is 1 of 7 made, but 1 of 3 currently on the road... They are UK figures only, it's the total of cars that are taxed or SORN'ed.
  9. Thanks, I was literally just coming back to say I had found the numbers! It appears my car is 1 of 4, does that mean I can advertise it as rare when I come to sell
  10. Ah, I probably am! Don't suppose you can remember which thread that was in?
  11. I'm sure I have seen it though! As if IIRC there were 7 Evora S models sold in the UK in 2011, which surprised me at how low that number was.
  12. I'm sure i've seen a breakdown of sales figures by month, by model, by region somewhere, but I can't find it. Does anybody have the info? No reason other than curiosity
  13. Interesting, any pictures of what it looks like after the fix? Have they just replaced the hose with better hose, or replaced the whole line with a single piece?
  14. Check your AC condenser is working, they are a common fail point, mine is in being replaced at the moment.
  15. I'm getting the recall done next week at Silverstone, as she is going in for a couple of other things (air con has packed up and boot is leaking)
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