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  1. Chassis Number: SCC082910RHA61256 Year & Model: 1994 Esprit S4 Owner & Location: ansellb (Ben Ansell), Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK
  2. Here's the picture from the parts manual: The baffle plate seems to be clamped between the sump and the bottom of the block - so I suppose it would be quite easy to modify. Ben
  3. Yeah - it definitely needs to be ground back. So are you planning to use carbon fibre matting around the bobbin? Would Kevlar be even better? Or even carbon/kevlar mat...? I only want to do the job once, you see. This place seems to have some interesting stuff available... Ben
  4. Pete From what I understand, it's a known weakness. Geoff at Esprit Engineering spotted that mine is the same (clicky) As Stu says on that thread, there's a fixit guide on LEW (clicky), although Geoff didn't recommend using a steel plate in case it rusts in the future. Annoying, but no big deal, apparently - especially for someone with no fear of fibreglassing. I've yet to tackle mine. Maybe a job for the winter... Ben
  5. Rob Nice work! It usually pays to make a fuss. Here's my insurance story: Last week, I phoned up Footman James to renew the 4500-miles/year insurance on my S4, and was quoted
  6. I think a few Europeans suffered the odd cut and bruise, too.
  7. Congratulations Stu! Now get out there and fix those rattles - the proper way By the way, is Lottie going to feature in your radio programme any time soon? I'm still giggling about the last episode... Ben
  8. Stu Drive it. No - seriously. I had all sorts of irritating rattles and squeaks in mine when I got it (it had previously languished at Paul Matty's for 18 months), but after a few hundred miles of driving they all sort of went away. I tightened up the sunroof (until now I can hardly open it), I put silicone grease on all the rubber seals, I lubricated everything - but no medicine worked better than a good dose of road. Enjoy! Ben
  9. Chandra In this instance, it was sheer clumsiness. I fluffed a double de-clutch from 3rd to 2nd, and there was a nasty "GRRR" noise. After that, I couldn't engage 2nd without more nasty noises: the synchro didn't work at all. Funnily enough, a week or so later, it just sorted itself out, and the synchro worked perfectly again. Spooky. So I consulted Geoff. His verdict was that I'd snapped a tooth off 2nd gear, and it had got stuck inside the synchro hub (hence the nasty noises when trying to engage). Then the tooth dropped out of the hub, and everything was fine - only with a few less driving surfaces. Despite the magnets in the gearbox case, I was a bit worried that tooth debris would be wandering around the gearbox case, looking for trouble. So I decided to get it fixed. The clutch needed doing anyway, you see. The moral of the story is that you should go easy with your gear changes. And if you lose a synchro for a while - but then get it back, you've probably lost a tooth. Even if you don't get it repaired immediately, I'd suggest you drain the gearbox oil, then maybe you can retrieve the big bits. Ben
  10. Hi Phil Ah. Sorry about that. I saw your beautiful car when I took mine in - and thought about putting a note in the "Spotted" part of the Forum, but decided that might be a bit rude... The price was a nice surprise for me too. I had expected to pay at least
  11. I've just collected my beloved from Esprit Engineering in Salisbury - and I'm absolutely delighted with the work that Geoff has done. I had asked him to split the gearbox and investigate a suspected missing tooth on 2nd gear. It turned out to be: 4 missing teeth. Oops. Anyway. Whilst he was in there, he cleaned and inspected all the bearings, replaced the seals and O ring, fixed an oil leak, completely overhauled the translator and fitted a new clutch. He's cleaned the gearbox case until it gleams, and also replaced the boot floor fixings with brand new stainless steel ones. And what a difference! The gear change feels like a rifle bolt, rather than the previous "rummaging in a rubber bag" feeling. And the clutch is - well, not light as a feather, but significantly better. Not a trace of judder, either. For all of that, Geoff charged me
  12. ansellb


    Hi Pat. Welcome to the Forum. It looks pretty decent from the piccies. I'm sure you could get it looking top notch in no time. And it's WAY too beautiful for a trackday car. Nice Capri, by the way...! Ben
  13. Thanks Stu. I hadn't spotted Carl's guide on LEW. Eugh! It looks like a horrible job. I was thinking of delegating it - but from Carl's experience, a repair by "Esprit Specialists" doesn't survive very long. That steel plate looks like a very smart idea. Right. I'm off to learn about fibreglassing. Thanks! Ben
  14. Need some advice, please. My S4's at Esprit Engineering for some gearbox repairs. Whilst taking out the boot floor, Geoff noticed that one of the body-to-chassis mountings under the boot floor has "failed". I presume that means that the rubber portion has disintegrated, because Geoff said that the body is now pretty much resting on top of the gearbox casing - which is not A Good Thing. So is it a great trauma to replace these things? I understand that they're glassed in to the body, so presumably I'll need to grind out the old one, prop up the body, laminate a new one in, etc, etc. Has anyone done one of these before? I'd appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks, Ben
  15. Good tip. Thanks. Although my local scrapyard doesn't get XJ220s all that often...
  16. Hey Darren Good to hear that you're well. Still not sure about those wheels, though. Very bling. That bit of the door mirror doesn't have its own Lotus part number - I know, cos I've been looking for some meself. Here's the diagram: And the parts list: The TVR Griffith has the same mirrors (clicky), but I can't see those collars. It looks like they may be part of the frame - but as the frames are
  17. Hi Mike. Welcome to the Forum. Mmm. Beeeeeeeeautiful car! It looks like it's been well loved. Have you got any more pics? Ben
  18. ansellb

    It Lives!

    Well done Mark! Top congratulations! I've been following your resto thread avidly - and it's GREAT to hear that Otis is running. It must be such an adrenalin rush to get to this point. What did your fianc
  19. The journey to Nick Whales today was like a trailer for "Waterworld". Passing through Ross, the Wye has burst its banks, and all the riverside pubs were completely inundated. And the Severn at Tewkesbury was absolutely everywhere: field after field had become a lake. It's the worst I've seen it. Ever. They seemed to have cleared up the landslides on the M50, but there were still trails of gravel and mud, where the water had run across the road. It's horrific out there. Lots of people's houses are going to stink of floodwater/sewage for a long time to come. Poor b*stards. Ben
  20. A brilliant day. Thanks very much to Graham and David and everyone who organised it. And Nick Whale's staff - they couldn't have been friendlier. It was fun to have a peek underneath everyone's cars as they were hoisted onto the ramp. Mind you, I could have done without the revelation that my turbo's got an oil leak.... Look forward to seeing you all at the next event. Cheers! Ben
  21. It's stopped raining, and the Herefordshire Traffic news page looks okay - so I'm going to chance it. See you at Frankley. Ben
  22. Cool!!!!! I think I'd want the "sports" model, though... Ben
  23. Paul Looks absolutely gorgeous. I bet you're dead chuffed with that. Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers. eh? That'll be near to my spiritual home then (Paul Matty's). But talking of interiors: In my S4, there's a strip of black leather just below the windscreen (it's called the "Trim Cover, Screen Landing" in the parts book) that has dried out, shrunk and peeled back from the lower edge of the screen. It looks really tatty. I'd love to get it fixed, but I'm told that you have to take the windscreen out to replace it. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the dash had to come out too. Did you have to replace that bit on your Turbo, or was it okay? I imagine it only peels if you leave the car out in the sun for too long. Ben
  24. Jeff Bad news about the car - but great to hear that you're okay. There have been several really nasty stories about Esprits spinning in heavy rain. Hope you get the parts you need. Best wishes, Ben
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