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  1. Graham Yes. Super. I'll be approaching from the south, but I think I'll go to Frankley anyway: at least I'll get a mini-hoon with you guys. Surprisingly, my wife has just expressed interest in coming along. Is there a space available? Thanks, Ben
  2. Hi Robert Welcome to the forum! Ask AT LEAST a thousand questions. That's the whole idea! The Esprit Fact File has a register (clicky). You might want to try there. Good luck with the ignition problems - and please post some pics of your beautiful car. Ben
  3. Carl I've just been consulting the manual, and there's a section that talks about "Non Uniform Pedal Travel". Intriguingly, you need to use the Tech 1 bleeding procedure to deal with it. Anyone know WTF the Tech 1 bleeding procedure is? Oh yes. That manual extract in full:
  4. For what it's worth, I agree with RichardN and Bibs' post #24. For me, the all-inclusive family atmosphere of this forum is absolutely wonderful. People are always ready to pitch in and help - whether it's for veteran contributors like BigSi or brand new newbies like _ambrose_. I think it would be a shame to introduce any elitism/forum "class structure" based on financial contribution or amount of time spent posting. Since I bought my Esprit, I've had no time and no money anyway! As long as the current structure works for you, Bibs, I say leave it to conscience + nudges, and preserve the original spirit of LEF. Ben
  5. Carl, Toby I have the same symptoms on my S4 (even though it's not Medina Green...) - and I'm absolutely certain it's because the hydraulic system needs bleeding. I've just upgraded from Toyota brakes to Brembos, and as I was in a bit of a hurry to get it on the road, I did a less-than-scrupulous job of bleeding it. The "delayed action braking" feeling is only minor - but it's definitely noticeable. And it definitely wasn't there before. I reckon there's still some air in there. By the way, I installed Speedbleeders (clicky), so I'm expecting it to be quite easy to get the bubbles out. So that's my advice: give it a thorough bleed-through, and see if that fixes it. Ben
  6. Ooo, that is one lovely motor! Welcome to the forum, Paul!
  7. ansellb


    Hi Ambrose That's excellent news! I'm absolutely delighted to hear that it all worked out in the end. It made my blood boil to hear that that b*stard had taken advantage of your good nature. Mind you - with Bibs on your side, the guy didn't stand a chance. Huge congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you (and of course your beautiful Esprit) at the next event. All the best, Ben
  8. I just ordered a couple of books from Haynes. The nice lady on the ordering line couldn't find any reference to the ClubLEW discount - but she gave me 15% off and free P&P anyway. Ben
  9. Deeeeelicious! She's a beauty. I'm jealous. Ben
  10. Welcome to the Forum, Dave! Nice pics - especially the last one. That's my Esprit, third from the camera: the blue S4. Sorry I didn't get to meet you at Castle Combe. I hope I can catch up with you some other time. Congratulations on the GT3, by the way. It looks luuuuuurvely. More pics please. All the best, Ben
  11. When we had a look round the warehouse at Avonmouth, there was a palletful of crankshaft castings that hadn't been machined. Apparently they were left over at the end of the production run, and will be machined only when necessary. So I guess that means they're not forged. Ben
  12. 1 backmarker V8 ? 2 Mat S2 3 esprit350 S4 4 Dodgy S3t 5 oneshot S350 6 Davebarny S4 7 BigSi S3t ? 8 NoneShallPass SE 9 Gasmangt3 +1 10 Simon GT3(with new suspenders!) i mean suspension...... 11 nicksoldies 9 of 40 12 Stagowner S3t 13 (Oh no! 13?) Ansellb S4 Look forward to seeing you all there. Ben
  13. 1 Bibs 2 Laura 3 Ian (mayesprit) 4 Mark Blanchard 5 Matk 6 John V6 7 & 8 Tony & Charlie (Loteuk) 9 Me Me Me....... Simon350S (Looks good in a dress....!!) 10 Phil - NoneShallPass (who DOESN'T look good in a dress) 11 Kieron - CrazyK 12 Howard - Esprit350 13 GKP (who looks fantastic whether dressed or not) 14 Louise (who'd look good wearing a bin liner) 15 Punky (who just looks good) 16 Dodgy.......... er welcome Kieron 17 James (Tentenths) - who's eagerly awaiting the bin liner look! 18 Ben (ansellb) - who's eagerly awaiting a look at BigSi's spangly new motor!
  14. Tim That's a SERIOUSLY bad day. You can't look at those pictures without wincing. Really sad to see. I'm glad to hear that you and your wife got out without injury - and I hope you're able to get your car sorted quickly. Very best wishes, Ben
  15. My friend had one too. Apparently it has frighteningly poor fuel consumption (and it's a total-loss oil system, so you'll need to add oil every time you fill up with petrol), but a real giggle to drive. And you get to say "Rotary Wankel Engine" as often as you like. Ben
  16. Paul Crikey! Those pictures are horrific! I'm so glad (but frankly amazed) to hear that you walked away without any serious injury. Whatever happened, your beautiful Esprit looks like it absorbed a whole lot of energy. Riding a motorbike made me realise how stupid the highway builders are - metal drain covers on corners, big and slippery white line patterns at intersections, all that crap. A patch of shiny tar on an off-ramp sounds like a similarly thoughtless bit of work. Hope you feel better soon. A crash like that would give me nightmares for a long time. Very best wishes Ben
  17. No-one wants my lenses Never mind. I'll stick them on esprit4sale and see what happens. List price is
  18. I have just acquired a bunch of front indicator/sidelight lenses at knockdown price from a bloke on eBay. Take a look at the original sale: (clicky). And note the spelling of "Esprit"... Anyway. I did a deal with him and bought his remaining stock of 9 lenses (4.5 pairs). I am now offering them for sale to Forum members to raise some cash for the BigSi fund. Unless anyone has any objections, I'll run it as a Forum-based auction (LEFbay?) over the next couple of weeks: - Bid by replying to this post - Auction ends at midnight on Wednesday 4th April - Top nine bidders get a lens - You can bid for multiple quantities if you like Please be generous: the BigSi fund needs your help. Thanks very much, Ben
  19. HASUsan Sorry - I don't know that kind of detail. I've not had up the courage to mess with my transmission. Yet. I bet Marcus would know. He has some very tasty gearbox options on his website. Marcus? Ben
  20. Oh dear. Sounds like you might have snapped the end off the primary shaft. Like this. Mind you, there should have been some nasty noises when it happened - so maybe there's another explanation... Ben
  21. My wife spotted a white Esprit when she went shopping in Monmouth this afternoon. It was around 4pm. She couldn't be more specific than "it looked just like yours" (so an S4, then?) - but maybe one of you chaps stopped for some custard creams on the way back from Donnington. Hope you made it home okay. Weather's getting nasty... All the best, Ben
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