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  1. Phil The car has 73,000 miles on it - but I don't know when (if?) the clutch was changed previously.
  2. Thanks guys. Up till now, I had assumed that Esprit clutches were supposed to be heavy, but I was going to install one of those assistor springs to make it easier for my wife to drive (at the moment she can hardly push the pedal down). When I contacted a few suppliers (Fibreglass Services, SJS, South West Lotus), they told me that: a. The assistor spring has been obsoleted by Lotus, and b. an S4 clutch should be light as a feather - a heavy pedal is indicative of a worn clutch. I've already got Paul Matty (bless em) to replace the red pipe with a braided hose. They also adjusted the threaded thingy that pushes the slave cylinder, which made me a bit nervous: the service manual says not to do that as you risk scoring the flywheel. Anyway. I'm thinking it might be a good winter project to slip a new clutch in - but taking the gearbox out seems a bit of a faff. Can I avoid it? Ben
  3. My clutch is getting unfeasibly heavy, and I've a feeling that I'll be needing a new one before too much longer. And rather than pay someone a zillion pounds to do it, I'm tempted to get stuck in myself. Has anyone done a clutch themselves? If so... Do you really need to take the gearbox out completely, or can you just undo the bolts and ease it backwards? Should I expect to change the spigot bearing, or just the plate, cover and release bearing? How badly scored does the flywheel need to be before I should be concerned? Are there any idiosyncracies I need to look out for? (What? On a Lotus? ) All hints gratefully received. Thanks, Ben
  4. I do like Mark's design though. Gosh - Is that an S4? Mmmm. Lovely Ben
  5. My S4 does that "brake pedal pushback" thing, too. I was wondering if it was something I should be concerned about, but the brakes seem to work just fine. If it was a servoed brake system, I'd say the servo was shot. But perhaps it's just an idiosyncracy of the Delco setup. Dave: This is my first Esprit, and I've only had it since September, but: 1. No, mine doesn't do that. That would make me VERY nervous 2. Yes, mine does that 3. Mine works fine. Sure it isn't the sensor? 4. Mine blows cold - but then the garage recharged the system before they sold it to me 5. Yes, mine does that. According to the handbook, the door check strap is only there to stop the door going beyond 90degrees and damaging the wing. There are no detents along the way Oh, and mine has 74,000 miles on it. It only had 71,000 in September, but I can't seem to stop driving it... Good luck! Ben
  6. Miles says: "They haven't got any left and they are unlikely to have any ever again". Sh*t. I was getting all excited... Ben
  7. According to the service manual, the proper kit (part number LOTSKES001), contains everything you need - even tie-wraps: Brake Caliper Assembly, front, LH (A082J4383F), qty 1 Brake Caliper Assembly, front, RH (A082J4382F), qty 1 Capscrew, M12x65, caliper to adaptor bracket (A100W7083F), qty 4 Flat Washer, caliper to adaptor bracket (A082J4386F), qty 4 Adaptor Bracket, front caliper to hub carrier (A082J4376K), qty 2 Setscrew, M12x35, adaptor brkt, front caliper to hub carrier (A075W1059Z), qty 4 Spring Washer, M12, adaptor brkt, front caliper to hub carrier (A075W4069F), qty 4 Brake Disc, front (A082J4380F), qty 2 Screw, M10, brake disc retention (A082J4381F), qty 2 Brake Caliper Assembly, rear, LH (A082J6151F), qty 1 (Note: Inc pads) Brake Caliper Assembly, rear, RH (A082J6150F), qty 1 (Note: Inc pads) Setscrew, M10x80, caliper to mounting bracket (A082W1113F), qty 2 Capscrew, M8x60, caliper to mounting bracket (A082W1114F), qty 2 Adaptor Plate, caliper to hub carrier, LH (A082J4375F), qty 1 Adaptor Plate, caliper to hub carrier, RH (A082J4374F), qty 1 Brake Disc, rear (A082D416OF), qty 2 Brake Pipe, front hose to caliper (A082J4387F), qty 2 3-Way Connector, rear brake circuit (BO75J6019F), qty 1 Bolt, M8x35, 3-way to chassis (A075W2038D), qty 1 Flat Washer, 3-way to chassis (A075W4020Z), qty 2 Nyloc Nut, M8, 3-way to chassis (A075W3010Z), qty 1 Brake Pipe, RHR rad. arm hose to 3-ways (P691.3301.008AF), qty 1 Brake Hose, radius arm to caliper (A082J4390F), qty 2 Cable, parking brake, short, driver
  8. Yes please - a black version for an S4, if you're doing one of those... Thanks, Ben
  9. So what's the news, Jon? Did the new hardware make a huge difference? I'm just checking out the options for upgrading the brakes of my pre-Brembo S4, you see. PNM suggested spending
  10. Gosh, those Ferrari chaps are rude, aren't they? Remind me never to join that community... Ben
  11. Gav That's a great video. You obviously know what you're doing on the track: your line through the corners is much better than your "stylist" friend... Welcome to the forum. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you at Stoneleigh. All the best, Ben
  12. Nice pics. Great day. Great show. Great to put faces to user names. Some pretty great cars, too... Thankyou to all the organisers! Being able to park all the cars together was particularly cool. I've not seen 53 Esprits in one place before. B) Ben
  13. Simon Aaaagh! If only I'd logged on earlier! I'm off to Stoneleigh tomorrow - and I only live in Ross. I'd have been delighted to offer you a lift, but it's going to be a bit hard to organise now. It looks like you're offline, and I'm not about to suggest you ring me at 5 tomorrow morning... Sorry! Give me a bit more notice next time, and I'd be happy to help. All the best, Ben
  14. Darren I'm soooooo sorry to hear about your accident. It sounds seriously nasty. Lumps of metal whizzing around is not what you expect in your workplace: I hope your employers looked after you. Are you sure about selling up? I had more prangs in my Range Rover than I've had (so far ) in my Esprit - and although the RR was a hoot to drive, it was nowhere near Esprit territory. Anyway. If you do sell, and you ever need a fix of Esprit, let me know - I'm only just up the road. Very best wishes, Ben
  15. Welcome to the Forum! I've just bought an S4, and was also a bit appalled by the gearshift/clutch experience. However, since m'very good friends at Paul Matty Sportscars changed that nasty red plastic clutch pipe for a decent braided steel version, it's been a whole lot better. In fact it's now good enough for me to drive comfortably in bare feet (which is the only way I can avoid hitting 2 pedals at once). Of course it's never going to be as easy as a Nissan Micra gearchange - but you wouldn't want that, would you? I mean - you've just bought a Lotus Esprit... Ben
  16. Oh yes. Absolutely DEFINITELY. I'm still kicking myself for not coming to this year's event. Even if I have to pull a sickie, I'll be there next year. Put my name on the list please, Kimbers. In permanent marker. Ben
  17. Wow! That is one pampered motor. Looks like an advert for T-Cut... Welcome to the forum, Jez. Ben
  18. Bibs Something is definitely amiss. According to my PC, the time is 12:30pm on Friday 3rd November. Acording to LEF: "Time is now: 4th November 2006 - 12:33 AM" Ben
  19. That'll teach me to be smug: I just found a pool of oil under the driver's side oil cooler. Back to Matty's I go. Maybe see you there, Mat... Ben
  20. Don't understand that. Footman James originally insured my S4 for 3k miles for
  21. Hi Mat I had a feeling it was you. I kind of recognised your Esprit from your avatar picture. Sorry - I should have stayed to say hi, but I was in a bit of a rush myself. And my dazed expression was because of the transformation of my Esprit... Maybe see you again soon. I promise to stop and chat next time - if only to get a guided tour of your beautiful G-car. Ben
  22. I just got my S4 back from Paul Matty's: They replaced the exhaust manifold gasket (under warranty), and spotted a hairline crack in the manifold itself - so replaced that too (also under warranty). While it was on the ramp, I had asked them to swap out the nasty red clutch pipe for a proper braided hose. They charged me
  23. I bought some parts from the other day - and they were extremely reasonably priced. For example, I got a Stevens Back Light Cluster for
  24. Yep. S'right. To quote the service manual: WARNING: - On non-USA cars, if the battery becomes discharged or the power supply interrupted (e.g. battery disconnected), the window system must be re-programmmed after power re-instatement or neither the obstruction sensing or 'one touch' features will operate. To re-programme each window: Lower the window fully and keep the switch pressed for 5 to 10 seconds until a 'click' is heard. Then raise the window fully and keep the switch pressed until a 'click' is heard. Repeat the procedure for the opposite window. Ben
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