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  2. Thanks for the comments all. After reading that the supercharger is an Eaton MP62 (distributed in the US by Magnuson) I am having second thoughts about buying the 2-Eleven. This is the same SC that self-destructed in my track MX5 recently and took out my engine. They have been the SC of choice by a considerable number of street driven Miatas in the US where a number of similar failures have also been recorded, some at an early age like mine (< 5000kms mostly on the street). They may be OK in a street car application but I have serious doubts about their suitability for extended track use where they are on boost for prolonged periods. Jo, I acknowledge that you have had about 60 track days with no SC worries, but it seems that failures are erratic with the majority of installations providing a long trouble free life. If at any time you hear a rattling sound (like a can full of gravel) coming from the engine bay, stop immediately as it will most likely be the sound of SC rotors clashing after a rear bearing failure. Please don't take these comments as a slur against the 2-Eleven. I still think they are a terrific car that I would love to own. However my experience with my SC has forever soured me against Eaton superchargers.
  3. Whoops! Forgot to ask if the car is at all tail happy with the traction control turned off, given the rear weight bias.
  4. Hi everyone. New to the forum. I'm looking for some advice from owners of regularly tracked launch edition (track spec) 2-Elevens. I am considering buying a low mileage (1500km) one here in Australia. It will be used exclusively on the track for track days only (can't be road registered in Aus). Apart from normal servicing at reduced intervals, are there any particular maintenance/service issues that I should be aware of? Are there any parts that are particularly prone to failure? I am a bit leery at the possible longevity of the supercharger, having had an Eaton on an MX5 track car that failed fairly early in its life. What manufacture is the Lotus SC? (I know Lotus say it is a Lotus developed SC but the basic SC will be from an outside manufacturer). Any other info/advice would be appreciated.
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