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  2. I have just been to France in my Renault ( couldn't take the Esprit for various reasons ) I phoned Eurotunnel to ask their advice and they just said 'simple, book it as though you had a roof rack with bikes on it' Can you imagine that? So I did and the Renault was directed into the 'tall vehicles' line after I'd explained I was pretending to be a Lotus! All worked fine I was directed to the low level on the train which would be ideal for the Esprit. Coming back we were directed onto the truck carrying train which was even better. Looking forward to taking the Esprit to France and Germany in May. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Having just bought my Lotus Esprit S3 I was interested in the comments about keys. My car has electronic central locking so I'd never actually tried the ignition key (the only key I have) in the door lock. Waiting to meet the Cheshire group I just tried the key in the lock and it locked OK (with the door open) trouble was it wouldn't unlock! So now I have a car with the door locked open and after about 30 minutes with screw drivers and lots of pushing and pulling the lock was forced back and the electronic door locks were working again. Question is - does the ignition key normally open the door locks or should I have a separate key? Was it just coincidence that this particular key opened the lock but wouldn't re-lock it? I don't want to risk it again, if I just have faulty locks I'll sort it but if I need new keys I presume Lotus might know the numbers from their records. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys very reassuring. I will seriously think about my next trip to France via Eurotunnel Electraglide.
  5. I want to take my Esprit to France. Its a standard ride height i.e. its not been lowered. I have just taken my family car to France via a car ferry and there is no way my Esprit would make it over the angles of the ramps on the ferry particularly the external dockside to ship ramps at low tide! Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience of taking an Esprit on the Folkstone-Calais Eurotunnel and whether they had any problems at either end with steep ramp angles?
  6. I have just bought a beautiful black 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo 2.2l 4 cylinder. Only problem I have (so far) is the ride height. I have a slight slope to my drive and dropped kerb onto the road and I am scraping the front spoiler on the road going in and out. This is not too serious but embarrassing and potentially expensive! I have measured the ride height as about 135mm to the centre of the spoiler with tyre pressures of 25psi, a bit above the ‘recommended’ 21psi. Can someone please tell me if this is low/high/correct? If it is too low what can I do about it? After reading a lot of the correspondence about ride height, I’m sorry but the aesthetics of how cool it looks compared to wiping the spoiler off one of these days and the related expense or moving house don’t matter. Thanks
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