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  1. I am in Luxembourg and will be coming over via Dover so that are is great for me
  2. my aircon on S4 Esprit has a serious leak....gas disapears within 2 weeks. Need to find a specialist somewhere in Kent to at least identify the problem if not fix Any reccomendations?
  3. I have just had the same problemm with my S4. I was advised not to try and remove the Bumper . This it seems is a bif no no !! Mine is now fixed, it meant having to fish the bulb holder out with a piece of bent wire (coathanger actually) the job is unbelievably fiddly so you need bucket loads of patience. It can be done cos I did it!! Having got the holder back in place and checked that the indicator actually works it is best to superglue the holder in place
  4. OwenGT3 that looks to be a good solution I will contact SJ
  5. Alex: thanks for the offer unfortunately the V8 is different to my S4 so this may not work. I may come back to you if all other avenues prove fruitless. Loosecannon : I tried that route and they were all gone I am now thinking of having a batch made up if i can dio the right deal with either Lotus or the original manufacturer
  6. looking for part number A082B5083k which is the left side spoiler ......... mine are completely trashed and I have managed to get the right side so now just looking for the left Geoff
  7. many thanks to Sanj,... parts arrived today and horns now work properly just in time for this years safety test (MOT)
  8. The steering wheel horn push buttons on my S4 are both broken does anyone know where replacements can be obtained?? According to Lotus I must buy a new airbag for only £960 just to get the horn buttons! So before I start wiring in a new switch I thought I would ask you knowledgable people !!
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