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  1. Lotus select seven junior team drivers 15 Feb 2013 Lotus have announced the roster of drivers for their newly launched Lotus F1 Junior Team. The lucky seven will be supported by the team in all areas of driving skills, physical fitness, health and nutrition, social and mental development, business ethics and principals, as well as PR training. They will spend the 2013 season contesting a variety of motorsport championships, ranging from the World Series by Renault Formula Renault 3.5 Series through the Eurocup Formula Renault 2
  2. Can nyone tell me if Bahaar's Ltus T125/Exos program is still active at Hethel or is this dead and buried? Did any customers purchase any cars? BIBS perhaps?
  3. Look at this new McLaren MP4-12C promo shot below . . . . . looks a tad too close to this promo shot of the DB 'new era' Elan, no?
  4. Just stumbled upon this pic online . . . . looks like Bahar, Lutz and 2 A.N.Other (Proton?) execs looking to channel the spirit of Chapman for the 'New Era' plans (Source. Car&Driver)
  5. Isnt this what Dany-boy was trying to do all along???
  6. Nice video piece on Sara, Lotus Racing Karts prodigy and stand-out member of the Lotus Racing Karts team this season - Is Sara Lotus's next home grown racing/F1 star?? . . . . . . BTW, that Lotus kart is a gorgeous bit of kit. I hope Group Lotus continue in karting next season - works-supported, yet customer-teams so likely relatively cost-effective. VIDEO CLIP: Sara was a guest of Lotus at Monza this year with Lotus's Director of Motorsport Operations Miodrag Kotur (ex Ferrari) and Lotus Racing Karts team manager Franc Jerancic - see pics be
  8. Dany Bahar - Lotus Lost Tapes Part One, June 2011
  9. They have in the form of the £30m loan to GenII from Proton - from the infamous press-release: "Lotus F1 Team and Group Lotus have reshaped their commercial relationship earlier this year. The new governance agreement signifies the continued commitment of Group Lotus to the team and the sport. Group Lotus' branding and marketing rights and subsequent activities remain unaffected by the new agreement until at least 2017. Alongside continued branding and title partnership status, Group Lotus is also the exclusive master licensee for all Lotus F1 Team merchandise. The new agreement w
  10. With DRB's ongoing reviews/cost-cutting at Group Lotus, how does everyone here feel the 2013 Motorsport programme will look versus how it does/has this year in terms of works-supported teams/series? Ive shown 2 diagrams below showing the current 2012 LOTUS RACING EMPIRE, divided by the 4 main disciplines in Lotus' set-up (Formula1/junior single-seates, IndyCar, Sportscars and Rally), showing the 2012 teams/series and what I guesstimate the 2013 set-up to possibly look like going by what rumours have been circulating in the motorsport and Lotus press over the past months - Would love to hear
  11. Apologies if this request is in the wrong sub-forum, yet is anybody able to kindly point me in the direction of the video clip on you tube of Gino Rosato taking Dany's coat at the Hethel Originals store opening please? Much obliged to you all
  12. In light of this years Lotus engine woes in IndyCar, a slight design amendment has been made to the team logo
  13. Wolf Zimmermann - Is he still at Lotus? I still see his profile on the website where others have been taken down yet couldnt spot him in the recent team photos of the new Exige coming off of the production line at Hethel.....any news/updates please?
  14. The Lotus store now has an F1 car and a Exige S on display!
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