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  1. agree, that is not the road going 3-eleven i can live with the lack of Comfort, i only have my GT4 as a track weapon today so i am not looking for Comfort, navigation, radio, Electric windows etcetera. 🙂 I one thing i am concern of (and other with me i Believe) is the value of the car. I Think the dropping is much more on the 3-eleven and i also Think that the customer Group is more narrow the day you want to let the car go. do you have a 3-eleven 430? Have you compare it to a regular one? Did you have Another performance cars and can do some comparasion?
  2. i have been thinking of this cars but have two questions. 1. is there any tonneau cover available for this cars? or this there any other good way to prevent water enter the tub? 2. i have a porsche cayman gt4 today, will i do a trade down? Anyone know the time on track, wich is fastest?
  3. I am thinking of order a the new exige s but i am not sure of some of the options. Is there someone that have something to say about this, i am going to use my car on track most of the time, mayby 90% track. Below is my thinking of options, is there something that is not so important and not needed? -------------------------------------------------------------------- * Premium Sport Pack * Race Pack £2,000 * Air conditioning £1,100 * Trofeo tyres £800 * Diamond cut wheels, cast (17†front and 18†rear) £350 * Performance brake upgrade £1,700
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