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  1. Snoopy1969

    TLF GT430 Club

    @The Pits I think I have read somewhere that the Ohlins of the 410 / 430 have to be "serviced / rebuild" every 2 years? If yes do you have a quote what the costs will be? (on a road car it sound a little bit weird to mee if this would be true - for a track car maybe understandable ....) relating: "Damping on both the Focus and the Golf is done to a price and is nowhere near the Ohlins TTX." - well, I think we can´t compare hot hatches to the Evora which its very rigid alu-"bathtube chassis which allows a softer damping in general, also the ohlins are quite expensive. Have you tested the Golf R in the individual mode which allows to combine the different things to an individual menu? Dampewrs on "normal" other positions on "race" result in a great "overall" usable car, but in the end its no midengined sports car (of course...but one which will be effectively as fast in real life on normal roads)
  2. The "4 k limiter" could be a subsequence of the "engine check" light on and a corresponding issue (sometimes a "real" fault, sometimes a "just update the software and everything fine again" issue from my experience...)
  3. ......if you do not count in the bunch of (unfortunately) unsold 430ies hanging around at the dealers o n l y
  4. Even if you do not refer to logic: I think its a good idea to ask yourself if the money for the different car is a proportional amount to the fun of driving. I guess the answer is in the most cases "no".....The NA has more power "needed" for normal roads, I would have bought a used one if I had fou d a proper one in 2011/12. I ended up with a new "S" , If I wanted to change the car today it would cost me more nearly the same amount of money the car had cost in 2012 a n d my old car. Streets over here in Germany are mostly overcrowded, no more power needed (interiorwise I like the S1 more, with all patrs covered in leather, skid plates with the flag in the sills, but just a matter of taste of course). Also: If you have "niggled" out the small deficits we all know from time to time, no need to go through that process again with another or new car, just my 2p
  5. So, first: also an Evora is "just" a car....that should be used.....second: sorry to hear about bad stories with dogs, but and this is a real "big" but: I know a lot more bad people than bad dogs, I know a very "general" point of view but you get the message I think. If you criticize dog owners that does not care for a proper education or that leave their waste, fine I am with you - but I hope you act accordingly when people throw away their coffee cups, cigarettes etc. (much bigger problem for the environment by the way ....) .....just my 2p
  6. This car is now for sale on mobile Only a few km, stated 445 ps, impressive alcantara work to the interior, well done in my eyes
  7. Great shot! (But nerdy comment of the day: should be liquid blue not frost blue, as there is a vid where you can see that it is a pre My12 interior;-)
  8. @Bravo73 yup, better in my eyes, lovely combo
  9. This one is still for sale in Italia: But they changed to seats to sparcos - if may brain does not fool me this car had the 410 one-piece sport seats when presented
  10. AMG GT or wrap, the 400 to get a "new car feel"
  11. @Colin P @colin p .....your idea works well in my eyes (car in th us), I am still with my S1 Evora (still happy after 7 years.....last year was the first without the engine check light going on ....)
  12. @Breeze I guess your car has been equipped with the P zero Corsa tyre? (well, actually the corsas - from a look at the pireli homepage in Germany - could be ordere in LS specification "again", bit if that changes I have to think abut changing to Michelin next change also)
  13. I have been thinking that the design of the 400 was not a product of Russell Carr? (Evora s1 yes, 410 Gt yes....) ? Does anybody has info on that?
  14. @jonnyboy relating to "Could well have painted myself into a corner with the 410 it will make a future test drive of a GT3 even more interesting. Bearing in mind the price points of the GT4 have taken a bit of a tumble they are at the point where if you were so minded you could jump out of an Evora 410 into a GT4. I can safely say by some margin that for all it's annoyances this year the Evora towers over the GT4 where it matters and is in no danger of being replaced. These Porsche guys dont know what they are missing. " There is a shot of a test fleet of (991) 911Rs in which they have also a Lotus Evora (should be a 400) integrated.......some years ago ...just to mention
  15. Welcome to TLF - massive congrats, you will have FUN with her..... (Color is stunning but, well, I might be biased )
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