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  1. @blueg33 if you are happy with the int and esp the recaros easy solution: save your money for upgrading and stick to your "old car" , as mentioned before by others: the power of "even" a NA is more than enough for legal speeds (even from the german autobahn perspective over here ...;-) - the "old" interior is a very lovely place with "full" leather, not matched by the 400 etc (personal taste of course) As Dennis Jenkinson wrote about his thoughts about upgrading from a 356 a to 356 b: the diffence was much too small to justify the money @bosshog since MY 12 the 3rd cat has been deleted on the S1, sure the 400 has a far louder exhaust which flap could be opened from the sport mode independently (think actual 410 will open the flap in the exhaust after some revs due to other regulations in the meantime)
  2. to add a nerdy comment (as @tim_marra already got the crown for realising the early battery "cover"...) the floor mats are not very first MY 12 (but they might have been chnagd later on this car); you could also identify a very early my 12 (even some build in 2011) because of their door pins I think, but not in the pics shown in the advert
  3. @au-yt I think the advantage of the Gt 410 sport which @MarkieT mentioned is that you have a broader range from the options what your will be in the end. With the optional öhlins, one piece seats and no comfort extras you could configurate a more sportier car or you could go the complete other route and build a more "GT"-style touring edition. Seeing dealers spec in Uk and over here on the continent more or less all seem to go the "all extras"/ sparco seats/ no öhlins route......Prisewise the 400 seems to be the best deal yet. I doubt if someone can recognize the difference in horse power (if there is any...?), the 400 is already reg. at 406 ps over here edit: I just looked at the configurator (official Lotus in german language, you are directed to that one over here...): it seems that the one piece seats and the öhlins are no longer options for the gt 410 sport (?)
  4. So Evora is back.....Pioneer Unit was sent to Pioneer Germany, it seems that the system has "hung up" like your typical desktop ;-)........ They said that they put it back to "base condition".....but the iphone connection remained, no need to engage the mobile again, v e r y suspicious the whole thing.... In the end the whole matter was managed by Lotus service Schuttenbach in a pleasant way! (very happy to have the Evora back, missed her a lot, even after 8 years the drive is a special one!)
  5. @TdM since MY 12 there is one cat less ......(canˋt remember if the exhaust itself was changed too....)
  6. @Bravo73 great hint, there is also another one of this amazing guy including the continental premium contact 6, also highly rated (the continental is on our family car in rhe same size as the front tires of my Evora , 235/35/19 and we are quite happy with them esp in the wet and high speed on the motorway — although front engine 4wd might not be that comparable to the Evora....)
  7. Massive congrats, have fun (I am pretty sure you will.....)!!!!!!!!!!
  8. @21gg many thanks for the hint, the Lotus service centre will sent to a HiFi-specialist in order to reset it (or the specialist will send it then to pioneer germany itself......), will ask afterwards if they did it that way....
  9. update on this topic: Lotus customer service just didn´t response within 8 days...(just the auto reply)..........disappointing...... Lotus service centre will put the pioneer out for resetting now as all variants of typing the usual password (as mentioned above) or hints from the pioneer manual didn´t work...........very strange as this error did not appear within the last 8 years when the Lotus service centre was working on the car / battery....
  10. @scotty435 Hi, its Frost Blue, with the MY 12 liquid blue ended and the slightly more greyish frost blue appeared (which looked like primer in the configurator
  11. ...after eight years still like her lines.......
  12. @Bravo73 many thanks for the hint on „not using quotes“, haven’t noticed Bibs post in the past
  13. I think the 19/20 were optional on the "S" (pretty sure that I had to pay for the ones on my car , the "s" got the 18/19 "normal design" but in gunmetal as standard, 19/20 in black were standard with the SR edition later
  14. @Arregueti Dear Jorge; many thanks; the pdf contains the same as the german version I found online (on basis of that manual I am absolutely sure that I never set a password......) 11111 doesn’t worked either ——have also send a message to Lotus, lets see what they are saying about that issue.....
  15. Dear all, got a new battery today (first new one after 8 years) pioneer avic bt930 (standard one my 2012) says “enter password“ 00000 didn’t worked , german manual of this internet says 5-16 digits and the password check only appears if you set the system on „password“ before and typed it 2 times before it works..... I am pretty sure that I never set the password and that this „enter password“ never appeared when the battery was disconneted within the annual service etc. any ideas welcom
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