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  1. @LotusLeftLotusRight yes it was - black or red inserts were possible. after 7,5 years in an S1 I am happy every time I enter the cabin - nearly all parts covered with leather (My 12 premium pack, imperial blue), exquisite recaro seats with long distance travel quality, sci-fi appeal analog gauges (altjough I have ro admit that the Tft display in our Golf with the map in the middle of the gauges is very good for navigation....)- can't really understand why so many people seem to complain about the "quality" - ok if its hot the ac gas problems to cool the int down but I think that you should not forget that it is a mid-engined car producing s o m e heat.....the 400/410/430 interior for ME (personal taste) is no "plus" but if I would be in the market for buying an Evora, no reason not to buy. The problem is more in the area esp @bruss mentioned. For a satisfied s1 owner there is not much difference if you would buy a 410 or 430 (lot in Europe not sold) b u t the 'upgrade' would cost you a significant amount of money that has no relation to the grade of difference in my eyes. 60 hp more or not irrelevant in modern traffic, other bumpers matter of taste...... So lets see if there will a predecessor in some time ......if not Evora still thrills over here
  2. is it just me ...(?) I am not sure if the combo of the 400 front and the "430" panel behind the front wheels work together in harmony on the US Evora GT.........
  3. @tim_marra indeed.......(I never get tired seeing this subtle combination, often thought IF someone had mentioned the possibility to order a stripe like that I might have been v e r y interested - but in 2012 I was lucky to get the car at all finally - remembering that the build were delayed because of the shut down of the production, but well, your car is also a 2012, so better communication in your case, top car!)
  4. @theelanman for ca 1 year our family car is a Golf R - highly recommended, understated car , fast, 4wd, compact for the city, adjustable dampers and: fun cause manual (ok, not available anymore....) - if more room is needed, have a look at the r estate - Harry had presented the 4door on harrygaragevids too in a decent way.....
  5. @Bruss ...I see your point.....and of course each one could do what he wants, no problem with that - but I think the base of a Lotus Evora is already very good (room for improvement is everywhere of course) and @au-yt point was that it might be sensible to first "live" with this basis before going on to modify......maybe, j u s t maybe than you recognize that you might be faster with the basis car and your money put in professional instruction hours for a race track times as if you invest the same amount in the car only.....
  6. I with you on that - esp it should be considered that on public roads the abilities of a Lotus Evora are normally much higher than what is appropriate for a sensible use (not to mention that the abilities of a stock Evora are much higher tahn 99 percent of the drivers,, I am not one of the 1 percent ...just to clarify
  7. The Evija was presented in the USA with Pirelli tires - I wonder if Lotus not turns back to them with the Evora?
  8. On instagram Magnus Walker is publishing some vids and pics about a test drive in an actual Evora GT - should help the recognition of the Evora!
  9. Massive congrats, looks epic! @Tris... Relating : "Ride is still excellent and although there is no doubt it has a much tauter feel it is by no means uncomfortable." Which dampers has your car?
  10. Thats what I guessed and would explain the more "Ferrari look" (no Pluriel around this time )of the 400 front compared to the original S1 look or the 410/430 style
  11. does anybody know w h o designed the 400 bumper mainly? I guess maybe not Russell Carr ?
  12. Massive congrats - you will enjoy, from my 7 y experience its a car you should not be bored.......for a l o n g time red calipers ? are they altered or is it a MY 2012 produced in 2011 (there were some...)?
  13. Snoopy1969

    TLF GT430 Club

    @The Pits I think I have read somewhere that the Ohlins of the 410 / 430 have to be "serviced / rebuild" every 2 years? If yes do you have a quote what the costs will be? (on a road car it sound a little bit weird to mee if this would be true - for a track car maybe understandable ....) relating: "Damping on both the Focus and the Golf is done to a price and is nowhere near the Ohlins TTX." - well, I think we can´t compare hot hatches to the Evora which its very rigid alu-"bathtube chassis which allows a softer damping in general, also the ohlins are quite expensive. Have you tested the Golf R in the individual mode which allows to combine the different things to an individual menu? Dampewrs on "normal" other positions on "race" result in a great "overall" usable car, but in the end its no midengined sports car (of course...but one which will be effectively as fast in real life on normal roads)
  14. The "4 k limiter" could be a subsequence of the "engine check" light on and a corresponding issue (sometimes a "real" fault, sometimes a "just update the software and everything fine again" issue from my experience...)
  15. ......if you do not count in the bunch of (unfortunately) unsold 430ies hanging around at the dealers o n l y
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