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  1. Well all a Little bit the way in Germany there have been still 4 GT 430 in the classifieds........ As I have wriiten weeks ago (when the GPB has been around 1,2) the Exchange rate for the Continental Prices is h a r d to understand, putting the car in a Dimension that is roughly twice as expensive as a fully loaded Evora S 1...hmmmm.... But without the wing and the louvres: exactly the car I have been thinking when the GT 430 "non Sport" ,-) had been presented ! - Like a lot!
  2. I doubt that that had been the f i r s t reason, also the recaro seat (sportster cs) is available w i t h side Airbag (see Homepage of recaro) .... I think we sshould not think that all things that were published are the "only" reason... :-)
  3. ............bringing back the recaro seats would be a g r e at idea (......I know the cost cutting Regime...........)
  4. ......yes, but we could talk about fine s1 cockpits ;-) covered in leather
  5. @French Frie thanks for sharing - nice vid - but: the decklid of the Cockpit Looks like v e r y cheap plastic in the sun....... is that part no more leather covered?
  6. @Bibs many thanks for your additional work! Impression m u c h better than from the official pics! one question: the carbon part mounted on the top of the dash seems to be not the best choice in order to avoid reflections of the sund within the Cockpit ? With all the "cut-outs" the car Looks really Special, reminds me a Little bit of the vespa custom scooters with "cutted" bodywork
  7. and who does the car polish every morning? - should be the absotulely Standard if you want to impress potential customers.......
  8. @French Frie having read a lot of your interesting posts I guess (yes, o n l y a guess) you should thinking of keeping the open Exige and maybe wait for the Evora targa (maybe change that than to a 410 geo / tires if you 'need' this). (From a happy s1 owner that could not understand that lotus changed the awesome recaro seats, perfect even 7 h cabin friend, please do not tell me the "weight mystery"......"price" may be the answer,......."
  9. @French Frie pics look great - but I have seen a car in nearly the same spec in reality (and the white is not t h a t shiny ......), not so sure if White is the best "Partner" to the carbon parts, this Point of view has been shared from another Evora seeing the (same) car, but as always: everyone has ist own taste
  10. Michelin Cup tires might be nice for good track times, but they are not a sensible choice if you want to use your car in "real life", esp in the wet, the stopping distance increases and the behaviour in the wet is sign. worse than using a uhp tire like Corsa / Mich 4s - the Chance to have an accident like @tbd on the motorway rises with Cup 2. Also maybe the hethel track times might be nice to compare the cars, but I doubt that 95% of the People on this Forum are able to achieve this times (me included of course). On normal roads all Evora variants are much faster than needed or sensible in any Situation (ok @tbd will doubt, but the motorways in northern Germany do not have this much traffic s o m e t i m e s ....). Of course each one should buy the car he / she wants and I think it is nice that there are variants of the Evora to choose from, but to "justify" (what is not needed at all in my eyes) your decision with a faster lap time in hethel is more or less senseless.
  11. @The Pits on the exige 380 cup, never saw a hint to an article on the european evora tour unfortunately
  12. @The Pits Jack Baruth writes for american Road & Track mag. - his comments on the green 410, doing a tour in europe (with Lotus service, so some efforts seem to appear....not press work like "take the car....see you...." anymore maybe) were fine, esp on instagram
  13. @NedaSay To judge if the look of the 430 fit your own taste you really have to see her in the plastic, I think. When I saw the GTE the first time in real life I thought that it was much more impressive than on the road (even as the former @TBD example I saw was in the "reconstruction" condition, not finished). Therefore I think that the widebody GTE gives some sort of "road presence" that might not be duplicated by the 430 (as said, reality check has to be done) - but rarely you would see them both on a "normal" traffic occsion together
  14. @DaveC72 ok thanks, I changed the fronts after 25000 km, ratio 1:2 front to rears, a lot of mm left, but after the fronts were 5 years old I ppreferred to change them, better feel now. If the supply will be worse in the future maybe change to michelin will be an alternative, actually I like the corsas, working well, even in the wet fine.
  15. @The Pits congrats, I guessed that h a d to be coming after all your praise! color, color of wheels, int? We want to hear more....;-) also would be interesting to hear if go or have thought of speccing the tartan seats (would be my choice)
  16. @DaveC72 nice write up, great! Easy to get the Pzero Corsas in UK? 2 months ago ordering a new set in germany, it had been a Little hassle to get the front tires, it seemed that Pirelli is producing the corsas only "time to time" esp the front Dimension (all LS spesification)
  17. in the end the white Evora shows clearly that it is the original design, that has been carried out by R. Carr and his Team in a "well thought" way with a awesome result (in my eyes, have a look at the Evora Book, "the sublime supercar" to get into the Details) Adding other parts in the front and back may cause a "wow, new" wow, more brutal" "wow, more agressive like a Mclaren / Lambo etc" effect but the added parts will never "suit" the rest of the car as if had been designed "as a whole" Therefore I am very interested what R Carr and his Team will achieve with the "real" next Evora or Esprit or whatever.
  18. as the gt 430 does not have an airco without paying add. Money they could promote this like that: @The Pits I think that comes near your thoughts (if not the car shown ... ;-) ....but the "non-Option" thinking is a very attractive one in the end.......
  19. @TBD fine, good to hear that you are happy with your car - (I guess) you are quite right, there will be more and more variants to come....good for them that to not have the luck to own an awesome Lotus / Evora now, hard to decide for the actual Evora owners when / if a Change might be sensible.....
  20. add some Color to the mountains.............
  21. Does anybody know where the lic plate will be installed? From the "air flow" geaphics I would guess "GTE / GT 350 style", not the usual Evora s1 / 400 Position near the ground
  22. @Neda Say in the advert mentioned, also in the other 3 adverts in Germany, the "correct" base price from the official price list is mentioned, all adverts show different prices. I think the adverts state that you can order the car like you wanr, price depends on your options, the shown price is an example. But as already said, the base price 151k Euro is the market price from lotus, a lot higher than the uk price. I think the car is v e r y interesting but its hard to believe that they will sell well in Germany with that competition. But maybe the few find a good home and happy owners. Interesting to see that the market in Germany, also continental europe I believe the Evora S My 12-15 are hard to get on the used car market, more pre MY 12 and 400 (a lot). @Neda Say also: if you add ac and stereo the 430 is nearly double price than my 2012 Evora S, not to mention the 13 Evora S had been even cheaper.....but if Lotus can get this prices now, seeing 380 cup, why shouldn 't they? As Clarkson said some years before: Evora is (now had been) the bargain of the century
  23. @NedaSayits a market price in germany not a strictly conversion of the currencies, also the 410 is more expensive in germany than in UK
  24. @TBD mobile says 4 allocations for Germany free.......(well, not free of charge .........)
  25. @The Pits "Sport 410 still appeals greatly. You could get 430bhp from one very easily, although not a good idea before the warranty's expired. There's fun to be had from being more of an underdog on trackdays. 430 styling is more exciting and aggressive, 410 is more elegant. The question I have now is, will Lotus fit Ohlins to a Sport 410?" I tend to disagree - the fact that R. Carr "went back" to the "Lotus mouth" makes the 430 in my eyes more elegant than the more "boxer-style" 410 - all a matter of taste of course, be with you with the question of the int, S1 most Special (also agreeon the 288 hint ;-)
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