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  1. @LotusLeftLotusRight well, in Germany the pricing brings the 430 in the same range as Porsche Gt3, AMG GT R (585 bhp, v e r y competitive Nürburgring time...) might be hard to attract People that are not Lotus fascinated yet - I think the 430 is very impressive but esp. with the actual supply of spare parts etc it will be hard to win new buyers from that category. Porsche has also recogn that there is a market for Manuals......
  2. Exchange rate for the published € Price / Germany is interesting............(Brexit already finished?)
  3. No its like waiting for a spare part..for a warranty repair.....(or, even worse: waiting for an int. part in a rare color for a warranty repair.. ;-)
  4. This is actually not a Forum, more a scientific test how Long we are willing to wait before destroying....
  5. @Instinct_NZ it will be so lightweight that they have saved the seats completely
  6. @lotusmad2001 guess so, as it is often mentioned that the internals are the same
  7. @Bibs? Have anyone seen Bibs? Yesterday I got the annual request for prolonging my FF account, hmm...make a mistake: should have combined my payment with an early disclosure of the new car today ;-) ...............
  8. Seeing the front splitter, there might be a Problem to have this road-registered legally in some european countries? (if it is a road-Version, what it should be..........)
  9. @Stubox oil changed already? (I believe after the driving in period the first (different) oil still has to be changed within first small Service? I would like to read about your upcoming impressions! Enjoy!
  10. @Mark Blanchard I think the Lotus V8 never get an any near to series production, also the main Person that had been working for AMG before, Wolf Zimmermann (where is he now? Ferrari or assoc?) left Lotus on an early stage
  11. Save the money and do some fun things with the kids
  12. Soory, b u t : does anybody think that part of the fender looks 'awesome'? ......maybe purposeful, but.....
  13. @Evora410 congrats and good to hear that you are happy! Does your car has the Sound deadening? If not, do you have an idea if it is much louder than a 400 within the cabin?
  14. @The Pits Great work, many thanks, highly appreciated, very interesting! now: will you order one? ;-)
  15. @Julian73 Fine, I have seen an ad in Europe with pics of the 410 GP Edition (Belgium or France I think) and the car looked s t u n n i n g - you will enjoy, I am sure!
  16. @at-motorlife great pics -many thanks for sharing (you do not see that often that the towing car has more horsepower than th towed ?;-)
  17. @Julian73....... obviously ;-) Congrats to the 410 (pics would be nice ?) Enjoy!
  18. @French Frie Olivier, no, I am talking of Lotus, in my 5 year experience there were sev. "deliver times" that were.........(my only McLaren experience is with the part Manager of the Multibrand part Mannager of McLaren Frankfurt and this was excellent)
  19. @Fresch Hi Andy, impressive list of work! What is a "Factory lotus improved gearbox" Do you mean a MY 12 upwards gearbox?
  20. I agree totally, if and this a big "IF" they are able to supply the spare parts used for a normal use of the car in a competitive manner / time !
  21. Some years after the end ofthe production of the "limited run" 959 porsche used their spare parts to build some if there is money and if there is a customer.....things happen...... Stratton bought the parts from Lotus, if Lotus didn't want them to use them they should have kept them - but I believe heritage and other 'soft' values, just to mention the deletion of lotus motorsport, are not on their top list now, maybe Geely will be more interested in the future (hopefully)
  22. @Swiss360Cup thanks! - but this include the cars at the Dealers, I believe? (I do not think that the cars at the Dealers in europe are commisioned by Lotus) In Germany there are quite a few sitting at the Dealers, even in Special Color schemes.
  23. @Stirling_Villeneuve have I missed something (obviously) ? -Have you sold your Evora? If yes, may I ask why?
  24. Well, as I understand the idea of Coloin Chapman he produced road cars in order to make Money to go racing - nothing wrong with that (by while doing this he went upmarket with the road cars no doubt, I believe) - These day manufacturers (in my eyes) mostly go racing in order to help to sell the road cars (esp the 5 door suv league diver should feel ( least) like he drives a car from a "sports car"-Company .....Marketing bla bla) , so it is vice versa these days @JayEmm many thanks fo all the work, just a short Addition to your comments on the seats / Ingress: I have seaten in a 400 and a 410, the Ingress of the 410 is much easier than entering a S1 Evora, so the difference 400 / 410 should really make no difference in reality (Minority, personal view: I like the wider sills of an Evora s1 more because they remind you you are entering a sports car and you have room for nice leather and metal skid plate - ok entering the car in tight parking spots is sometimes a c h a l l e n ge :-) I believe that the difference betweeen 400 / 410 might shine more if someone would compare a 400 with a non optioned 410 without Sound insulation. As said before (and denied by @The Pits ;-) ) the whole concept of the 410 remind me a lot of the 911 clubsport from 1987 / 1988 (by the way: Golf GTI, some Seat high powered models can even be ordered today without airco in Germany, @The Pits) If Money is no object it is very nice that Lotus gives you an alternative within the range. I believe this alternative is more attractive if you have use for a non-optioned 410; in this case I am with the short Statement by @Trevsked
  25. I would like to know the numbers relating -3-11 -Evora 410 does anybody know?
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