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  1. @Bravo73 great hint, there is also another one of this amazing guy including the continental premium contact 6, also highly rated (the continental is on our family car in rhe same size as the front tires of my Evora , 235/35/19 and we are quite happy with them esp in the wet and high speed on the motorway — although front engine 4wd might not be that comparable to the Evora....)
  2. Massive congrats, have fun (I am pretty sure you will.....)!!!!!!!!!!
  3. @21gg many thanks for the hint, the Lotus service centre will sent to a HiFi-specialist in order to reset it (or the specialist will send it then to pioneer germany itself......), will ask afterwards if they did it that way....
  4. update on this topic: Lotus customer service just didn´t response within 8 days...(just the auto reply)..........disappointing...... Lotus service centre will put the pioneer out for resetting now as all variants of typing the usual password (as mentioned above) or hints from the pioneer manual didn´t work...........very strange as this error did not appear within the last 8 years when the Lotus service centre was working on the car / battery....
  5. @scotty435 Hi, its Frost Blue, with the MY 12 liquid blue ended and the slightly more greyish frost blue appeared (which looked like primer in the configurator 😉
  6. ...after eight years still like her lines.......
  7. @Bravo73 many thanks for the hint on „not using quotes“, haven’t noticed Bibs post in the past
  8. I think the 19/20 were optional on the "S" (pretty sure that I had to pay for the ones on my car 😉, the "s" got the 18/19 "normal design" but in gunmetal as standard, 19/20 in black were standard with the SR edition later
  9. @Arregueti Dear Jorge; many thanks; the pdf contains the same as the german version I found online (on basis of that manual I am absolutely sure that I never set a password......) 11111 doesn’t worked either ——have also send a message to Lotus, lets see what they are saying about that issue.....
  10. Dear all, got a new battery today (first new one after 8 years) pioneer avic bt930 (standard one my 2012) says “enter password“ 00000 didn’t worked , german manual of this internet says 5-16 digits and the password check only appears if you set the system on „password“ before and typed it 2 times before it works..... I am pretty sure that I never set the password and that this „enter password“ never appeared when the battery was disconneted within the annual service etc. any ideas welcom 🙂
  11. How about improvement of the dealer network and part availibility (how about a "every part at the customer within 72 hours" guarantee....)
  12. some weeks ago advertised in Munich for ca 125 k Euro, esp the pics of the int were impressive
  13. @jaws many thanks for sharing, first S1 with a brown int / premium but not "premium sport" I have seen I think As the s1 has the metal kick-plates it should be a "very late" s1 ? lic plate of the 400 is funny... (V6 Camry).....
  14. Dear Jimbo, many thanks - as ever - for the enlightning info ! Never heard that the sill plates were also delivered by M, I think I heard the story that "a british manufacturer went insolvent..." but there is always "light" at the end of the part mystery tunnel ;-)........
  15. The gear knob is from a test car of Lotus which was tested by German car mag auto motor sport. If my old brain works right...I think this knob couls also seen in some sort of press release of Lotus relating th MY 12 updates
  16. great idea, but - as said before - details will be difficult....for example: the first models of MY 12 were build in 2011, they (at least the one advertised insouthern Germeny) had floor mats with a circular Ltus sign, my MY 12 delivered July 2012 after the shutdown in spring had floormats wita an "Evora" script......the MY 12 first had metal plates within the leather covered door sills then they disappeaed.... 2013 or 2014 I think...... in this context:.....look at the shifter.....(?) ...... @jaws ? 😉
  17. great landscape shots on the Flickr series !
  18. no its frost blue (MY 12) indeed, the color changes a lot depending on the sun, normally more "greyish" than in the pic (and more grey than liquid blue)
  19. at least some sunshine.........many greetings to all
  20. As often said: an Evora Targa would have been a sensible addition...............anyone knows what happened to this idea?
  21. I think the 430 sport sold that bad because of its pricing - list price in Germany was in the region of a 911 Gt3 Touring, or, if you already have owned a (good) s1, you would have had to pay around 100.000 Euros a n d your udes Evora to get a 430 sport.....The "winged" 430 even did not sell well on the continent, still some cars sitting at the dealers. Re the 410 GT: I wonder that the Michelin sport 4s are descr. as "all weather tires" - Ithink its an "UHP" tire just like the Pirell P Zero Corsa? (I guess some sort of british humor?)
  22. great work - funny if the model is out of metal and the "big" one out of plastic - normally its the opposite ....;-) (as the original model came in light blue I had to paint the rims only on mine...:)
  23. Great work !!!(but I think the two light blue cars from the UK are the same car, Lotus light blue seems to be a color that looks very different relating on the lighting conditions :-)) , the Belgian car seems to be for sale on Autoscout, just to mention...
  24. Over here: The sixth year (2018) of ownership was the first one with the Evora when NO engine light had come on...;-) your car already behaves well I would say......
  25. If my old brain works, I remember 2 in Germany (1 yellow and 1 grey) and 1 from France
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