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  1. I have been thinking that the design of the 400 was not a product of Russell Carr? (Evora s1 yes, 410 Gt yes....) ? Does anybody has info on that?
  2. @jonnyboy relating to "Could well have painted myself into a corner with the 410 it will make a future test drive of a GT3 even more interesting. Bearing in mind the price points of the GT4 have taken a bit of a tumble they are at the point where if you were so minded you could jump out of an Evora 410 into a GT4. I can safely say by some margin that for all it's annoyances this year the Evora towers over the GT4 where it matters and is in no danger of being replaced. These Porsche guys dont know what they are missing. " There is a shot of a test fleet of (991) 911Rs in which they have also a Lotus Evora (should be a 400) integrated.......some years ago ...just to mention
  3. Welcome to TLF - massive congrats, you will have FUN with her..... (Color is stunning but, well, I might be biased 🧐 )
  4. @tim_marra aside the joking - passengers in my MY 12 were always "surprised" how many parts actually were covered in leather and wihich pleasant overall atmosphere is generated. Relating to the (boring) theme, comparison to Stuttgart Sportcars, yes could have them with the same leather parts but things like "leather covered air vent" cost a Little bit ( ) more. The downside in the past was that in case a leather part has to be substituted (in my case the "air bag cover" on the Driver side - yes I know its not the air bag underneath but ist look like that...) a n d you have a not very common Color in your car you will have sev months........that could be improved.......
  5. @tim-marra No! The backside of the seats are plastic......but of course you are right and I always wonder - having that nice leather interior in mind - that pepole say that the int of the 400 series was a big "step up"
  6. @TpupNomad have a look at - you will see an msg 430with black wheels
  7. @Bruss good guess, just had a short glimpse on ph and adverts: I think more cars hanging around unsold in Europe than registered here on TLF unfortunately
  8. As it seems that the production of the GT 430 / Sport also has been ceased (no longer as a current model on the webs.) - does anybody know how many GT 430 had been build?
  9. Recently seen on instagram: Magnus Walker got himself an Esprit! Well, I guess that will draw more Attention to Lotus as a lot of other Marketing ideas........
  10. @tim_marra ...we also have the 430 sports from @Black Forest Power and @Michadams
  11. @Brussgood choice, but thinking "124" is the Evora Endurance / race car, "122" for production Evoras ....
  12. I think Ohlins standard on the GT 430 Sport, wider wheels are an option, vents not there 😉
  13. @Gashead1105 well in germany a substantial price rwduction for the exige 410 has been announced, I got the impression that maybe ( j u s t maybe) the new management has realized that the last price hike initiated by the former management might have been "too much", therefore maybe the Evora will also start in the near future with a more accessible base price. @tim_marra you mean these rear hatch struts that didn't last 30.000 km 😉 (to be fair, they have been not that expensive to replace...)
  14. I have heard / read that the production of the Evora 400 has ended (?) Any more Information on this? 410 now the remaining "entry" Evora? (In case this Topic has already been raised sorry for duplicate....)
  15. cdl pin delete took place within MY 12 I think (my MY 12 doesen´t have them, car has been build in spring / early summer, just around the "factory closed" time...) but if I remember right from the advers of "real cars " in Germany the MY 12 produced within 2011 had them (also they had floor mats with a circle shaped Lotus sign, my car got the floor mats with the "Evora" script........ @techyd massive congrats, Looks great in silver I Think , Interesting to read that Gordon Murry owned it, I know he rates original Elans very high and would likr to know what he thought of the Evora
  16. @pete757 it was an advise from Lotus directly after the second mc failed (first had been changed because it was called back, but never had a problem with the first one), it was just a recommendation, no "you have to" but because of the technical points that @agentdr8 has stated in an highly understandable way I found this advise reasonable.
  17. @Breeze no wonder you are not convinced by the 400 int: your car got a lot more leather and a lot more expensive recaro seats ......
  18. Mc change......Lotus also advises to change the brake fluid yearly ...........
  19. Had all SR´s the gunmetal dash? SInce MY 12 I believe that the S got the gunmetal dash and the non s a siver dash
  20. ....don´t want to trap on anyone´s nerves but.... his name is Julian Thomson
  21. @Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbhHi Steffen, well, in 2012 there was an Evora s same color as a demonstrator of Lotus Leipzig which got a foil later on ( I think white if I remember right....) awesome color no doubt!
  22. Snoopy1969

    Anyone Here

    German press wrote that the passengers "only" were injured lightly / middle - all the best to them
  23. @scotty435 a "simple" premium pack or premium pack sport could be ordered in several leather colors, but I guess because of the lower price the sports racer has been ordered by most buyers. In Germany the 2013 sports racer s was cheaper than a similar equipped s in 2012!
  24. @Breeze But - and this is a BIG but - if your current SR is niggle free (maybe after sorting out some minor things as the most of us I guess...) do you think the "upgrade" or Change is worth the additional money? Whenever I had been thinking about something in that direction my conlusion was that if you have an Evora that "behaves" well a Change would not make sense (and I am not talking of even personal taste, esp I like the int of the S1 f a r more.....) If you have a decent S SR it would tka you more or less around € 100 k for the "upgrade"......more than the S SR cost when it was brandnew......
  25. They were an Addition to the "normal" range, but as they were a lot cheaper than a comparable NA / S with the same Options so I got the impressions that nearly SR only were sold
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