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  1. here we go: (but it is not clear if this an official "title".....)
  2. Really nice result as seen in the reflection of the paint!
  3. .....but sometimes you have to drive faster.....and it is fun......... And let you concentrate on the main things...... I agree the grey Roadster looks stunning and it will make its way in the markets!
  4. Hi Rob, still the aforementioned "exhaust rattle" After 5000 km on Evora it only appears sometimes (and engine cold) - but I think my rattle wasn´t as annoying than the one your mentioned. Even the exhaust note - esp in sport mode - is louder now (but in a nice way but driving in the city within small streets with high buildings is sometimes a little bit "over the top" and you have to watch out for BMWs with unusual big antennas on the roof in better do). Willi
  5. -ESP update for our cars with a "Race Modus" like Exige V6 ? Would that technical be possible? -A side indicator that is not heard by the person you are talking on the phone (very funny: when on the phone the person on the other side seems to hear the sound of the side indicator louder than I...) -glass of the right side mirror (for RHD left side) with a "convex" or "two areas" glass - in the city it is sometimes a little bit too "well ....I hope...)
  6. Maybe due to the changes in MY 12 (esp exhaust?) -....but that could not justify 10 km/h I think
  7. since MY 12 they claim 287 km/h for the manual version (although it doesn´t matter in real life I think...)
  8. If you compare prices you have to wonder......( esp when you consider that the special rims of the red car are not included)
  9. so you installed the 390PS kit? I believet have done manuals only up to now? Is the 400+ (already available for the exige v6) applicable for the Evora S (I think esp TBD would be interested... )
  10. As the "Turbins" are ordered very rarely (I think) - is this the car that was (is?) for sale at Lotus Dresden / Munich?
  11. Well the color (same as my car) does look a little bit different in reality - not that "lilac" Oooh - of course frost blue is not very popular - I like esp this comment from another place in the web (not second life...) (comments on a frost blue exige v6 demonstrator) "Not wanting to start off on the wrong foot but once again, Lotus choose to send out a 'new' car in a colour that probably won't be massively popular - I'm guessing here at Frost Blue. At least it's not as bad as sending the Evora out in badger-arse silver. Anyway, it certainly got folk talking, if not always for the right reasons. The arse end is causing most of the controversy - I've described it from the initial pictures that came out as a bit of a Frankenstein job but in the flesh... yes, it does look like there's an Exige buried inside another car trying to get out. I can live with that."
  12. Just discovered some pics of the US "Black Pack" similar to the SportsRacer: As much I like the black parts on esp Thomas Evora (also esp on a yellow or red Evora) I am not quite sure about this one (as always: all up to pesonal taste...)
  13. very nice (and VERY Austin Powers) - the Union JAck-decor fits the body of the XK8 excellent!
  14. Enjoy! Saw the same paint / int combo at the lotus service point in munich yesterday - very nice !
  15. If I hadn´t an Evora already I would call you.....very very nice car! P S 1: (I did not know that the Komotec goes together with the IPS?) P. S. 2: (I know its all up to personal taste - but why do you sell t h i s car for a water cooled porsche?)
  16. seeing clouds.........I guess that that is a consequence of alc ????
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and - of course - many thanks for all the forum work!!!!) As I see you enjoy a slightly better weather than I in Italy....... just went back today.......pic of Brennero-motorway today.....
  18. 9 / 10 - no kidding (and would please all of you be so kind n o t to ask why I write that much "bad denglisch" on this forum...)
  19. Do you know in what direction? and w h y he left?
  20. Good to hear that you managed that situation so well!!!! BUT: I miss the deer in the "introductions" thread....
  21. is the back diffusor of the SR the same as the "normal S" or is it painted / covered in gloss? (because on the pics of several SR - esp on - it looked mor shiny than on the normal S, ok, in the real world it doesn´t matter because the diffuser will look a little bit dirty after driving 5 miles or so.....)
  22. Read the (half) article yesterday (I-Pad Version) - very nice write up and amazing photos!
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