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  1. First: Thanks to jimmybondi - that you give me the opportunity to enlarge my "Acronym account" Second: Thanks to the "AcronymFinder" TTIWWP stands for This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures. This definition appears very rarely. Third (as requested): Esp. the layout of the windscreen (like a "visor") is similar in my eyes - well I think all the visor-style windscreens go back to the lancia stratos or some racing cars from the 60ies.
  2. In the meantime I have read that they claim to make all parts on their own or that they are made for them .....but the design? The parts mentioned above look very similar to me!
  3. Today at another place in GB I saw a link related to the Shanghai motor show. Seeing the Koenigsegg Agera I wondered if they use parts of the Evora ???- esp front lights, front fenders, roof (see the view from above on their homepage), windscreen (also the main parts of the int / curve of the door / dashboard) look like Evora parts. We have read about the cooperation spyker / Lotus (which I first confused with Koenigsegg...) but does anybody know about a cooperation koenigsegg / Lotus?
  4. I don´t know how much influence Donato Coco had on the design of the exige v6 - but some sort of "burnt orange" is well known from his former career: (the car itself - esp. without the roof - is a nice thing IF you live near the ocean / beach AND have good weather - some sort of a modern Citroen mehari)
  5. Welcome Will ! when I see the two cars together.........if I would have an Esprit too I would try hard to find a place to storage it.........For (nearly) everyday use the Evora is a great car!
  6. Normal evora s with stripes and golden rims - no diff Body parts
  7. still in germany ...... (as they (autogespot) publish photos from my car with the number plates visable I think they have no problem with posting their pic....)
  8. I bet it is a body-kit no real GTE........the only "real" GTE that was delivered belongs to Gerard Lopez I think (as a non homologated example as Bibs mentioned)
  9. color combo of the paint / wheels is .....acceptable Lotus FB says "for testing"
  10. Hi Sven, one german Evora Driver that is on the lotus place in the US has sent pics from his interior, (all redone in brown leather) that was made in Germany I believe - maybe worth to ask if this place could do the things you want in a (price) reasonable manner!
  11. @@@Kimbers: You know you are in a forum related to sport cars if (while reading your post) - you first come to the question : Is it a 308 GTB or a 308 GTS? -second question - when was it sold - in the 80ies? -third question: What kind of special export version of the ferrari got a Diesel? ......and then (only then) you (I mean: I) realise that you are talking about a peugeot
  12. the title "driving shoe" might give you the opportunity to add some german engineering to your lotus: ...............(there had come some nice things from F. A. Porsche / Porsche Design......but too much is too much.......)
  13. Relating to this topic manual / vs "auto" (pdk..whatever) there were some articles / pieces in the actual evo magazine that might be interesting too. For me: Under "normal" circumstances, traffic jam etc the IPS might be a nice addition but the real fun is achieved with a manual only - I won´t like to miss the activity with the stick and the clutch (just my opinion of course it is up to personal taste. I am not sure if I had bought an Evora with a IPS only - probably not so it is good to have the choice for customers!
  14. Congrats very nice - enjoy! @@@tom: I think you refer to that car: mentioned here: (in the middle of the page)
  15. 5004 First try.....some of the British ones Took too much tiles.....( happy to recognize the evora on the First tile...Lucky Punch to get the front Hood with the Air inlet) Many thanks for sharing!
  16. So maybe a lotus Dealer should park a Car in front of the Audi Dealer in Order to collect all the frustrated people.........ok just a small percentage would be helpful!
  17. Hi Andrew Has the Rapide significant more legroom in the back than a DB9? (enough to justify the larger car?) The Rapide seeing it in the flesh looks a little big larger than the DB9 to me, within the parking garage I use in munich it looks nearly as bis as a Panamera, Ferrari FF looks even much bigger, like the old BMW Z3 coupe "pumped up" Me ,being 186 cm, wife 168 cm and 10 year old daughter 150 cm and middle large dog (behind me) fit into the Evora but not comfy of course, 20 miles or an one hour drive would be ok. If you want to use it as a 4 seater regularly or on longer distances another car would be better - but for my purposes the Evora ist the perfect car as it delivers the minimum space I need to justify (and I wanted to have) buying the car. I would not care to which category the car you like is put into "normally" (Gt, spotscar, Minivan whatever) - it has to be a YPP-car - Your Personal Purpose car - nothing else - (you always have to keep in mind that most 911 are used as a prestige shopping kart - so: who cares of the category?) just my 2p Cheers Willi
  18. ...and one guy from the north of germany had asked for the stage 2 availbility for the Evora already...
  19. I would like to have the old times from the 80ies back - with no penalties for anything! Anachronistic? - maybe, but the result would be that not so many political decissions would be possible. Of course it is "better" for the show if Alonso keeps on driving rather than to be thrown out of the race for safety reasons....... and of course a penalty for "blocking" for Kimi is ridiculous - but: if Rosberg as a member of one of the "important" teams would have blocked Kimi nobody - at least Kimi himself I guess - nobody would care.
  20. I think - to be more specific - nobody wanted a 2+2 mid-engined car that is styled like the Mondial but a 2+2 in general is a plus over a two seater IF proper designed. Of course: It is very hard to design a proper 2+2 mid-engined car in my eyes. But the additional seats (for children, adults in emergency, luggage, pets(!)) make a lot of sense and are very useful. As Ferry Porsche said (and he build his cars (except special low production types) to this principle up to the nineties when the Boxster appeared): a 2+2 is always better because more practical. So the unique layout of the Evora, mid-engined, 2+2 (more useful than a 911 because you have a flat platform with no separeted back-seats) a n d a proper design seeems to be very underrated.
  21. Article from the US containing some interesting thoughts of the main points of the Evora:
  22. I want to add a question : Is there any company that had said - after DB "left" / was fired etc.- we miss that guy because he did a good job and the results of his work are still with us? In my eyes the Evora is such a great product that is underrated totally and was buried by DB by the "fantastic 5 car future" - neglecting the existing cars in production was a huge mistake and the aspects relating to the "story" of the introduction of the Exige S mentioned by JAWS fit to the whole picture unfortunately. For our german speaking members I would like to recommend an article on Bahar of german Magazine "Zeit" from 2009 that contains some critical aspects:
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