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  1. So coming back to my original question I sum up the answers as follows: - No............ ( of course I was aware of getting the helpful answers concerning the red Engine cover - Thats why I haven't send it first.......)
  2. today: the office-coffee tastes better: this victory was much more impressive than that in the last year!
  3. Today I looked at the website and it seems to be a little bit refreshed (other pics etc) Wasn´t there a "Lotus bespoke by Mansory" or something like that ? (that would be gone now...) Nearly any hint relating to the Evora GTE Street........... Well, I think some nice new pics but: Why is not possible to use a pic that show the "right" shifting-knob????? (of course it does not matter ......but....)
  4. @@@stirling: 'trousers tailored to accommodate it', - I would like how t h a t went out in reality.....perhaps some sort of racing stripes or color scandal green? If a reporter does not know what to write...he has do write something....(by the way: size 46 would be Uk size 11/12)
  5. another car with the wheels shown here:
  6. so back to topic: now that we have learned how not to park the following pic shows a good alternative if you need a parking space very urgent......
  7. more boss-eyed than Goldeneye........
  8. I think it is a nice idea of ALfa to try a mid engined car but this (as mentioned before) is really too much... and this: hmmmmmmmmmm............reminds me of a car I already know but I can´t remember.......... (Alfa - where are your OWN ideas?)
  9. I am afraid that the Designer of the 4c smoked a huge Pot of squirled swatch headlights.......when he designed the actual headlights .......but "headlights Design" seems to be the topic of the Day- I have just seen that an option on the New 991 Gt3 are "blackened headlights " - remind me of the nineties with a Golf mk II tuned with Black taillights by Treser.......
  10. @@@julian73 this is the photo: it was mentioned that this car should have 400 bhp (?) as said, from the air intakes it should be no GTE
  11. That will be the best recall from a manufacturer : "Take care when you look at or even think about an R8 - you have to come to our factory to have your thoughts sorted - your car is ok by the way" @@@Swagoon: Sorry to hear - hope your car is repaired v e r y fast in order to catch the sun that is coming out now!
  12. Good Morning, Dies the iPad Version have the Same content? Print Version of evo at German newsstands ( as nearly every foreign magazine) has "interesting" pricing I have read nö 180 on the ipad and this was interesting although I prefer hardcopies in general
  13. Could you please Show a picture of your interior?
  14. Great show in a world full of "too much words"......
  15. Well, on a photo of the engine cover from that car you could see that the car has "normal" air intakes not the ones like the GTE. So I guess no GTE and also: I think the GTE was supposed to have around 440 bhp?
  16. Yes, esp. for guys that are waiting for a car with the same engine in the back and the lack of two seats in the back....I guess
  17. Komotec won´t be mentioned as "OEM" I think? Also I asked the guy if this kit contains of komotec or "old-fire" parts and I just get the answer as mentioned
  18. At another place relating to Lotus in the US I have read that someone (from outside Europe, even outside the US) mentioned that his friend has a 400 bhp Evora. I asked him via pm of the origin of that upgrade and he answered: "OEM from Lotus dealer". Does anybody know what that "upgrade / kit" might be and if you could get that in Europe too?
  19. (sorry for a little bit off topic...) @Günter Visiting my parents some days ago I just (re-)read an old article in sport auto about the Ruf Yellowbird (1987 tested by Norbert Haug...when he still was a journalist) - that were - imho - the better times of sport (but it is all up to personal taste of course) back to RUF: I am not quite sure if you could order the V8 really - their homepage does not give a clear statemant to this. But don´t get me wrong: I am of the opinion that RUF delivered a lot of great creations all the years they were in the market (while a lot of "tuners" left the market.....) and their restaurations relating to old Porsches are highly recommended. Their own CTR 3 is really impressive.
  20. I think his Status is "Car builder" in an official sense, Same as Alpina , in the papers It is a Alpina but you could See that it is a modified BMW. It would be interesting to know how Many Shares of the Company they bought and how much they paid for that. I have no idea how you measure such Kind of Company.
  21. Hello Sebastian (I was also there in the morning at Schuttenbach to get a stamp for my Evora that had been delivered the day before - so I guess you were the guy with a black VW-Van and "ER" licence plate?) The Exige S will look great in laser blue imho (my 10 year old daughter still complains that I have choosen frost blue for the Evora.....and she complained even more since she saw the pictures of the laser blue exigeS of Frederic Koninckx Motors.......) Enjoy and keep us updated please Willi
  22. Hello Sebastian With greetingsfrom the South of Bavaria (Maybe we have met at Schuttenbach in 2012 when the exige s was presented?) Willi
  23. so I think the rumors are related to an interview of Mr Piech in a German car magazine,as mentioned here: well....I think the most important fact you can get from this is that Mr Piech said that theír shopping tour might not be over - that is different to former statements of VW last year I think. If there is one thing in car industry for sure than it is that nothing will be done by vw if not agreed by Mr. Piech (just my imagination ...)
  24. hmmmmm..... when I saw this photo of the new Alfa Romeo 4c I was thinking: Mixture of Elise / Exige / Evora? Esp. the roof / visor screen look a lot like Evora; fenders and headlights remind me of the Exige S a lot! Competitor to the mentioned Lotus models? In my view it is a good signal that a carmaker believes that there is a market for a sport car in the 40 - 80 k Euro price range.
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