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  1. Are that n e w rumours? Can´t find anything on www (except another forum in uk)
  2. Germany near Munich: Schuttenbach Automobile GmbH & Co. KG (Official Lotus Service Centre) Gutenbergstrasse 11 85646 Anzing bei München Telefon: 0049 -8121 427-0 Fax: 0049 - 8121 427-20 They take care for my Evora S - first service and complete swizoel (named "swissvax" in uk I believe) treatment (paint / rims and interior) done by them, very enthusiatic team, very satisfied with their work!
  3. please have a look: maybe some ideas that help
  4. .....very impressive - the Evora has some nice companions and they all fit together - I would be interested ( maybe you could be so Kind to answer that question After you have spend some Time with the Evora) if the Evora is just a modern Sports Car for you or if it has something Special that separees it from your other ( very classical) Cars. Enjoy your Evora!
  5. When I looked into one of my Lotus magazines (think it was no 4) there was an interview with Danyboy and he said that there had been mor than 100 orders from China relating to the Evora GTE and that they also decided to build it for other markets too. Did someone ever hear what happened to that orders?
  6. Dash and Part of the sides are covered in suedetex, New shifter, when you go for venom red only the Seats are red (and Door handle) - my12 has a monochrome interior
  7. .....- both versions - are shown at now. Interesting addition in my eyes.
  8. nice - licence plate reference to a motorcycle?
  9. map is ace - gives you a good overview!
  10. I think the article of CH mentioned by Bibs contains a lot of important points you have to consider if you make a statement in such a complicated case. The best sentence from CH in my opinion: "Like so many things in life, it comes down to the quality of the individual you are dealing with and the level of trust that exists between both parties." (that says a lot and describe - in my eyes - a problem in general today as a handshake-agreement will not be fulfilled very often / counts not as much as in former days!)
  11. Many thanks jimmybondi for this nice piece of entertainment! -what we have really learned today: the sound insulation of the RR (trunk/passenger compartment) could be improved (see at the end of the teaser) Displaying the laser blue exige is very good advertising - but:does this sequence play in the US? Our Lotus friens from over there will complain that the exige s is not road legal over there
  12. Maybe a naive question but: On what is the design department esp Donato Coco as "new entry" in the DB period working the whole day( esp Donato Coco is working for Lotus for more than 3 years now) ???
  13. The Parking spaces in this Garage might not be the biggest ones but a LOT of SUV Drivers in that prove that they fit into.......nix Photoshop needed........but I agree on your Argument on Personal Body specification that m a y b e might cause a problem........
  14. so, we have read so much about this little p company and cars in the last time - lets see an example of their "spirited parking " ....
  15. Hi Matt you could show your son when he is older h o w an Excel can be driven...... (photo is from an car test from the eighties - car (LHD) was driven by Ayrton Senna!)
  16. Hi Matt, I have seen an Evora a the homepage of your dealer with a viper green paint (I think it was first "normal" after that black roof, sills and front splitter were painted or wrapped in black - did you saw that one in the flesh and did you like it? (on the photos it looked very special - in a good way) Willi
  17. Looking in my crystal ball I guess it is this one?
  18. I always liked the prototype exige in frost blue: (well that I like the coloor - at least one person - is obvious...) ALso this car is shown in this - a little bit funny - video
  19. of course a nice car in general - but: eVEN IF MONEY WOULD BE NO OBJECT: I won´t like do drive around in a THAT iconic car, I think I would feel like a persiflage / satire on whatever - if a DB 5,it should have a paint that is not silver or similar.........
  20. Hi Brandon My question is if the P Zero corsas would be ok for driving around in a normal way in dry cold weather, esp 1 - 5 C from your experience (because I have the corsas on my Evora also, of course I know that for that temperature range winter tires would be better but I am just thinking of some miles in dry weather so that the car does not stand still that long in the winter months)
  21. Some more photos:
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