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  1. nice! - is this Mrs Peel next to the white Elan?
  2. Did the guys from Murray mention how the corsas behave in cold - but maybe dry - weather ? (how cold was it really?)
  3. Hi Matt - well done - great surprise and awesome idea! (also I recognize that your dog didn´t want the restauration to be complete before a drive out as she/he jumps on the passenger seat to get the party started! - of course it must be a british dog trained for RHD....)
  4. I am - relating to Thomas - also of the opinion that the cayman would "beat" the 911 if it had the same power. Of course we will never see similiar or higher powered caymans because in that case Porsche could not justify the price of the 911. There are rumors that a 4 litre cayman exists already (build for Ferdinand Piech). It would be very interesting to see how this car drives, handles performs etc esp in relation to a 991.
  5. .............that´s what I meant! (And I guess from what I have read / seen in the book / video related to the devopment of the Evora your father could confirm that the usability as a DD was an aim of Lotus.....and: it worked out v e r y well- in my opinion)
  6. @@@Kimbers Are you of the opinion that a P Cayman is a better daily driver than an Evora? I think that when a Cayman fullfills all needs you have in "daily business" there is nothing that an Evora could not do equal or better (main difference from my point of view: rear seats)
  7. I agree on the "no soul" argument totally - very funny in this context: some days ago I read a thread (from 2009) in a german porsche forum that an administrator pointed out that the (at that time new) Evora is handbuild and saw that as an advantage! (Me too, but in so many threads, esp. from another place related to Lotus in GB the "handbuild"-thing is judged very negative). Also you have to keep in mind that before the mid-nineties, beginning of the producing of the Boxster and 996, Porsche had a much more handbuild related production. Then the new new management (with the help of toyota) made the production much more efficient. As a result I knew some Porsche owners, esp. fans of the air cooled era, that are of the opinion that the core quality of the porsches (esp 911) is not as good as in the eighties/beginning of the nineties. Core quality mens the soldity and the (long-performing) quality of the engine, not the door handles etc. In the eighties german car testers always wrote "well, there are a lot of knobs spread all ober the cockpit without logical link, but who cares?" - which says a lot how priorities have changed. I like to buy a car for the driving experience and the fun to drive - that make m y Life better - not a certain kind of door handle....(btw: the doorhandles in my car are very nice if someone is interested....)
  8. They also Voted for the 10 percent Evora aka AM Vanquish - regard to Spoiler , Curve of the Rear Fenders and the side skirts are very Evora-like in my eyes
  9. Hi Michael, I think you can Order the bburago EvoraS (yellow or silver blue) from - they should also ship to Australia
  10. @@@Jimbo: ...I guess so....... must be the kind of ladies that identified my Evora when I parked it first in the community garage that way: one lady send a SMS to her husband "Hi, Willi got a new car, I do not know it, it is no elise, I´ll send you a picture, is it a opel speedster?" (in GB:Vauxhall.....)..... would be more interesting to know w h e r e do you read "a lot" (or which kind of papers...)
  11. Dear Jimbo ("Jaws"): when I remember a lot of your posts at this place (and at another place overseas...) then I got the impression that all should read your posts very carefully (see abobe, choice of colors....)
  12. Hello - Welcome! Congratulations on your choice - will look very nice! Do you have a information sheet or official pic of the sports racer?
  13. As Thomas said above, BBurago, rims and mirrors painted black to match the bigger sister (ok the paint is more liquid blue than frost blue but I can live with that )
  14. When I have read the last sentence yesterday I thought you were yoking....the small parcel that have just arrived has the same content and the same person has signed..... To be fair: sending the model is a nice sign - but: 5 months to deal with this topic is a "little" bit too long even if it is not on top of the priority list! @@@Günter: The model is connected to the black platform, so no sign of origin is visable
  15. The "XS" for "extra small" on the licence plate is a nice ironic touch........enjoy!
  16. So I sent an email to Tracey as mentioned by Matin also and: I get the exact same email - looking forward to see the promised things happen........
  17. Maybe I have "driven the desk" too long today but I have to admit that it take me some time to realize that you have to create a new account / login for a dealer review- because of the link I got the impression that I could login with the tlf-sign in data - ......
  18. Hi Martin, have you sent your message to '[email protected]' ? (or could you please inform me about the email of Tracey?)
  19. Yes it is shaped differently but it has not the perforated leather that is shown on www.lotuscars, leather is plain
  20. Hi Bibs - a get a new calendar (as requested...) ans t h i s one says that the week mentioned by you is over So it would be nice if you could share your knowledge (at another place last night it was mentioned that they are producing some Evoras with black roof at the moment) Many thanks in advance!
  21. esp. a dealership for luxury / sportcars in Italy (no matter if Lotus or another brand) because the market is very difficult because a lot of people in Italy do not buy luxury cars that moment due to investigations of the tax authorities to owners of these cars.
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