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  1. @bennyT The main difference is pre MY 12 (starting autumn 11, but not that many build autumn 2011 I think) and MY 12 onwards. With that MY the seat colors changed a Little bit, the pic from @Bravo73 Shows the seat Colors from pre MY 12 MY 12 :
  2. @mayesprit mansory build 2 different kit, a "wide" one, original gte, and a "normal" one, so maybe the latter something to think about - I think @Michadams had one .....if I remember right
  3. @Trevsked ooh, massive congrats! Epic Color!
  4. digital should be available since yesterday, went fine here Nicee Content, but who is the guy with the green Evora ? (....) @Bibs
  5. the fact that the new models are priced substantial higher than before and there exists no longer an "entry" NA will help holding the value also. In Continental europe I got the Impression that the S1 is significant less available than 2 years ago. Prices seem to raise a Little bit but within some categories it will be hard to find a lot (or any...) examples, for example: Manual 2012 - 2015 (no matter if S or NA ) could be rarely found.
  6. THAT - indeed - would be a brave move in the best sense of British Understatement! I think the tailgate would look much better fully painted or at least "half-painted" like the "007-Evora 410" one-off:
  7. @Black Forest Power this pic better than the first ;-), like the "kill-Bill" Color scheme very much (as we are on a British Forum no one is thinking Borussia Dortmund anyway...........)
  8. M U S T be possible, because I saw a vid from the S1, think from the USA in which the evora was driving forward and the screen showed the landscape behind the car. I have asked on this on this Forum Long ago but no hint on that unfortunately
  9. paddles are for canoeing only... ;-) (but tastes are different, and yes, I see the use while driving in crowde cities)
  10. @C8RKH exactly, big curved inlets positioned right and left seems to be the common trend. I have seen a GT 430 one week ago first time in reality / "in the plastic" - attractive car, yes, but the front clam seems not to match the original design of the car - personal taste of course, but I have that Feeling with nearly all Facelift models, the original, "pure" form is often altered in a way that might look "attractive" or "Wow, new" but does not match the basic idea of the Styling / design of the first model (for example : I also think that the diffuser of my 12 Evora has too many edges ....compared to the S1 NA)
  11. Right but better than than you need 3 to buy a 430 in Germany 😉 I doubt that the 410 is double the fun compared to your car, just sayin....
  12. At least the side mirrors could be used on the 400?
  13. A lawyer would interprete the Statement "Just 60 editions are planned for worldwide markets (only 6 vehicles for the UK). The Evora GT430 is available to order now with a non-refundable £12,000 including VAT deposit. Regards Lotus Marketing Team" that way that "planned" does not mean "are build" ........;-) But of course I can understand all the complaints about different speccs / "possible ..non way possible....etc. I got the Impression that the biggest conplaint is the "take no care" - issue of the loyal / or at least existing customers. Well, as the market for Sport cars is going down in General in my view Lotus should fight for every customer. The - maybe "strategy" "we will get new, even better customers" by charging a lot more for the more or less same car since 9 years might be debatable.......
  14. Stronger uk demand compared to rest of europe might also be a result of the higher pricng in Europe, for example a gt430 with the "normal" spec would cost you around 159 k Euro...........
  15. Just sayin: sport auto measured the weight of the tested 400 at 1445 kg (fuel tank filled up max), their evora s tested were 1429 and 1432 kg, spec on the 400 was "full" sub woofer etc. and the 400 achieved 7.59 at the nürburgring, power measured at 417 PS
  16. @bibs funny, I have thought that the car reminds me of the Maserati, but this pic clearly Shows how "simple" the Illustrators work today (have seen the maserati several times in munich and all I can say...".......ummpff" (personal taste of as ugly as a Bentley betanxx but ...)
  17. in german´s car press today..........
  18. just Sayin: last year the (than) neweset Software has been istalled on my MY 12 Evora S (various updates before...) and since that - for the first time within the 6 years of ownership - no "engine check" warning light appeared within the last year, maybe voodo, my by Chance maybe because of the new the engine check failures could mostly not related to a certain cause I guess this whole theme will remain unsolved......
  19. Very sorry to hear about your loss, still remember the great shots of him with the Evora, he might have left earth but remains in the heart!
  20. @Kimbers massive congrats! Have you thought about installing the plus2 seats? ........;-)
  21. Well if you care what others say you are not ready for a special car ......;-) with the evora I normally get positive reactions in germany, it seems not be judged as a typical status car more a "car freak / enthusiast" choice.... often you get question : WHY this one? Answers like "aluminium bathtube covered in plastic with a mid engine and the ability to carry your dog behind the seats" confuse always... :-)
  22. @The Pits Jonny trust me: in Germany you will get much worse Reputation of normal People when driving a Porsche than driving a Lotus....well beside that in Germany you always have the Problem that People like (a lot!!!) judging things as bad, unreliable, too expensive, non practical (i always say: well, at least the Evora got ISOFIX.. ;-) and so on.......
  23. Yes, but not just 20 times in a row (within 10 min or do), its around 20 times starting, driving around, stop, start the next day etc. Just my experience, when my car was new I drove to the lotus service point every time the engine check light went on.....
  24. Where did you measure the depth? At my 2012 Evora S using P Zero Corsa they went down at the inside much earlier than on the outside, cause of the (Standard) geo
  25. @Luo Welcome to TLF - as mentioned the dealer.....relating to the "engine check" issues there are the faults that appear for "a second only" and faults that have to be repaired, for example if the engine goes in "safety mode", means the shifting lights will appear much earlier around 3500 rpm (at my Evora) and the engine would not rev higher (ok, within the running in period you will stay under that revs anyway). If nothing "special" happens after the engine check light appear there might be a substantial chance that the error was very temporary and the engine check light will disappear after ca 20 new starts. I had s e v e r a l engine check light on without any "real" / substantial fault....after the guarantee period ended the car seems to behave better... ;-)..its a Lotus.....
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