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  1. @Arregueti have you tried the german shop ? Its located near munich, the eshop has worked fine also
  2. Sound great! Please inform us after getting used to the new car how the seats compare to your actual MY 12 seats!
  3. @Arregueti very happy with the swissvax products (used on the Evora by the Lotus Service point, by myself on other cars since 18 Years)
  4. Another aspect to this Topic: I guess that only because a lot of Drivers of GT3´s sportcars etc. drive that low mileages per year the manufacturers could "justify" to sell the cars with tires like the Michelin Cup that will last ? 5000 / 6000 km ? If you use your car, say ca. 15.000 km you have to buy 2/3 new sets per year? Not only the costs matter but getting the car to the dealer takes time, more or less. I do not believe that that many People would accept that short tire changing intervals and the manufacturers would go for longer lasting not "that" typ. track tire IF they would use the cars more often / more "normal" / DD.
  5. @Michadams thanks, do you have a build / delivery date for yours ? Final spec?
  6. Great shots - interesting to see how well 8in my eyes the NSY has "aged" - the NSX is a an way comparable to the Evora, both cars do / did not get the Attention that they deserve............
  7. @Bruss In Germany the arch has to cover the wheel, generally - I guess the same (more or less) needed for the type approvement by Lotus now? As I understand the Lotus Homepage, only the GT 430 Sport has the 295´s as an Option, therefore my question if you do have to get the black arch Extension if you got the Standard wheels / tires (should be the 410 rims I guess from the pics of the bluegrey 430 Sport of the Lotus Homepage)
  8. Do they come with every 430 Sport even if you do not opt for the wider tires? (the Styling does not seem to be the top end solution........the real arch is just not wide enough for type Registration I guess......and wider arches maybe too expensive?) @Black Forest Power welcome and massive congrats, great Color with an awesome contrast to all the carbon pieces in my eyes! Have fun, sure you will have!
  9. Lovely green, is that the olive green showed by @The Pits earlier in this thread on an exige? This color is a nice contrat to the black carbon parts in my eyes
  10. @theelanman Yip, now I remember ;-) Yes would be fine, in a way a "Lotus Excel 3.0" @Arregueti in munich there are not that few Panameras (Rapids very rare) seems that panamera is more "Business express" and Cayenne more Chelsea tractor / City car .....unfortunately I believe you are right with your judgement
  11. Exactly this, this Segment is already filled, Lotus should try to find a niche where they could be leader or semi-leader not sheep Nr. 5001 at the end of the row - what about 4 door coupe with room for 4 adults, thinking panamera in a more compact, semi lightweight Lotus way?
  12. @anthonyyule so Santa Claus wears a Lotus racing suit this year ! Amazing!
  13. @Breeze maybe, just maybe ;-) that is because the recaro seat is much more expensive than the sparco seat .........
  14. I think it is very interesting to hear from @saj w h y he has not bought another Lotus - esp the Point that spare part supply a problem and that has been a relevant Point for does not surprise me. No matter if a Lotus costs 50, 70 or 100 k the spare part supply should be better by far! In my 5 years of ownership there were sev occasions in which the spart part supply had been far from "ok / fine" Also @saj mentions the engine of the R8 that atrracted him - very valid Point in my eyes too, with the 911 gt3 and the R8 there are 2 similar priced cars, both with a very attractive NA engine, comparing these engines with the Lotus engine I am not convinced that Lotus should have put the 430 in the same (Price) Region (and I am not complaining about the Toyota Basis in General)
  15. @C8RKH I would prefer the 430 also, esp because I prefer a Manual (but all a matter of taste...)....oh and I am so tired of these "oh..its a limited Edition, buy now or never....." Marketing activities......... but: If you (like Lotus I guess) want to compete than you should calculate Prices that make "sense" relating the competition! If Lotus sells the GT430 / GT 430 Sport more or less "easy" than fine for them (and us, as funds for further development is generated).
  16. @saj congrats! (esp nice Color and rwd-edition) @C8RKH just a short comment on Lotus pricing: this AUDI is more than € 10.000 c h e a p e r in Germany than the GT 430...........i am not sure if the pricing of the gt 43o in Continental europe is maybe, just maybe, a Little bit too optimistic.....
  17. @andyj007 many thanks for clarification - I am sure that that Color suits the lines of the Lotus in an amazing way! There are Colors - in my view esp solid Colors - that suit the "curves" in a "better way" than on "normal" cars! @The Pits many thanks - that Looks amazing! (although my Point of view might be less relevant after the Color I have choosen for my car has been deleted .....I think because nearly no one ordered it ;-) ...)
  18. @andyj007 must have been a great day! When you describe a "mint lime pastel green" is that the following?
  19. I am not sure if the new Location for the lic plate is "better" than before, sure its different.... ;-)
  20. @Bibs great shot of a pleasant car - anyone missing carbon parts? No, not really................
  21. @TBD Fine! ALso great white (light Brown parts also ;-) alarm System in the front!!!
  22. @The Pits ......but at least I can recommend "Autobahn vax" / swissvax to help esp keep (a little bit better) clean black rims....
  23. some wax ok, but "full PPf" ? Some Stone Chips should just add personality - but a personal Preference of course....
  24. @cbaileyuk pure irony, of course (sadly enough, I really like the brand but this whole marketing "strategy" is hard to understand...j
  25. Surely a lotus dealer will give your more money than you paid if you order a cup 430 ? Or is that maybe different ;-) ???
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