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  1. As I said : 430 would be a substantial upgrade, 400/410 would only be a small upgrade / facelift in a way (with - in my eyes of courses - downsides like cheap sparco seats, not as much leather in the int...) If I would exchange my Evora S with all niggles sorted out and with a rare color and a even rarer int color (all personal taste of course) - which I won't - even the "niggling out" process would start again.....
  2. yip, sensible thoughts! I have bought a new Evora S (near full specc) in 2012 - in 2013 the Price had been lower in reality because the S SR gave you all the extras as a package a lot cheaper - I never felt critical about that, sales had not been the best so they developed the "full packed SR. But if I would like to make an substantial upgrade to an Evora 430 or 430 Sport, I would have to pay roughly more than +100.000 €! So the difference would be more than the new Evora has cost in 2012! Hmm, but in General it is the same car (in a way) which has the same engine (ok with a chargecooler ...) cheaper seats, same airco, same (or worse) not optimal spare part resources.......
  3. Within a article on a driving impression of the 430 cup in a german mag it was also mentioned that jmg wants to present his 10 year plan for Lotus in jan or feb 2018..... will be interesting for sure! Also it was mentioned again that the actual models are the end of development, 450 cup should not be build (does anybody think that will be the case?) only a stronger "grand prix version" might be possible (whatever that should be, sounds like pricey special edition). I believe that jmg esp wants to test if the customer will pay the substantial higher prices (esp 430 Evora in Germany is Gt3 money; by the way, only a slight moment of off topic: @NedaSay a 911 r is lighter than a 911.2 gt3 touring because of carbon arches and magnesium roof but gt3 touring also cheaper considering the theoretical base price, but I guess the extremely times of extra money for getting an allocation or for new / slightly used cars will be over as there are that much cars and models on the market) back to Lotus: If jmg sees that he can sell a substantial part of the (at least: small) yearly production for more than 100 k than I guess we will see more and more models in that range in the future! well, maybe good for the survival of the brand, not sure about this idea in general, driving pleasure is not significant higher if you add tons of carbon and some hp and bigger tires, lotus should not forget esp the main starting point for the Evora, an allround, in a way practical sports car that is affordable, fun to drive, great touring capabilities even on B roads and brilliant handling - track times might be interesting but do no matter in real life, just my 2 p
  4. Well, in Germany one of the first driving Impressions from a very big newspaper has been quite good:
  5. @Kristof Thys maybe, hard to tell, as there seem to be not that much light on that day maybe it is battleship grey, on the oic the car looks like it has a solid paint?
  6. Is the Aluminium diffuser the answer to - I think - @Jokke Vlo "melting Problem" as a subsequence of the heat of the exhaust?
  7. Hopefully spare-part availability has been raised to the same extent ;-) (even for the "older models"....) But a great Addition !
  8. More or less I agree - but, and this a real huge but: where (Yes I know s o m e w h e r e in Hethel...) is the Evora Roadster / Targa ? The possibility of open top motoring would be an huge plus for a lot of customers, esp when you consider that the streets are more crowded and you could barely use the potential of a Evora , no matter which engine Konfiguration.
  9. Anyone going for the standard carbon bucket seats with cheq. Cloth (as seen in the "410 - 007 Evora" - which is for sale in Italy -) ?
  10. Normally the "s" had the 18/19 wheels in anthracite as Standard, but with the black paint the silver wheels work better in my eyes
  11. @Michadams Great to hear! (and congrats to your choice :-) What is the "new clear blue metallic"? I guess air force blue is the Color of the GT Sport press car? (Looks like an uni paint?) Battleship Grey should be that one?
  12. @red vtec ......wondering that no pic exists that shows rhe car in a barn buried under magazines ;-) ..... crazy times
  13. Snoopy1969


    massive congrats, esp great Color!
  14. @PAR in the rain? ......... yes, in a lot of circumstances fine, but over 180 / 200 km/h the "open window solution" is not the best regarding wind / wind / noise..... ;-)
  15. @The Pits ah, I see - well, my MY 12 S exhaust (esp after some thousand miles), which is substantial louder than than MY 11 and before is (for me) loud enough - from the outside. But I think it would "maybe" nice if you could hear more of the car / mechanical Sounds in general inside. If I remember right the 410 (so 430 also?) has a thinner or a "non double" part (glass) between the passenger and the engine compartment, so that will add noise too?
  16. @The Pits many thanks for all the ammazing work! Additional Question (sorry if I should have overread this) Does the red test car has the Sound dead.? If not how would you judge the "Sound / noise leve" compared to the 410 you have driven (which had the Sound dead. if I remember right...)
  17. From my understanding Lotus uses different oil within the running in period, which is changed to the "regular oil" at the first Service - I have never heard that another manufacturer uses that Procedere
  18. @TBD great to see this amazing shots again! (.....and silver wheels fit better imho....)
  19. @Babas89 Congrats again! (already posted on the Evora subforum) - is the door seal properly attached? (on my 12 evora it looks different...)
  20. @Babas89congrats, looks epic in silver, enjoy (sure you will ;-)
  21. Congrats, epic Color, great Combo with the matching stiching!!!!!
  22. @hedgerley terrifying how old was he? As if sharon stone had driven a mr2 in basis instinct..........
  23. Exactly t h i s - reminds me of this 80ies Tuning ideas (when I wake up in the morning at the Weekend because our neighbor was sawing a hole in the Roof of his opel (vauxhall) to install a plastic sunroof......)
  24. Congrats, great Combo of paint / wheels! Enjoy!
  25. I guess the main purpose of this Project, a superb Money to fun Ratio, is well achieved!
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