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  1. "Forster, a former CEO of General Motors Europe, said Lotus could easily expand to produce "any size of car and any number of cars" without straying from its brand focus on compact, lightweight and agile cars, citing Porsche's rapid growth after launching the Cayenne crossover in 2002. "If you look at a pretty famous southern German sports car manufacturer, they were able to very successfully expand the brand without diluting it," he said." I doubt that - also he forgot to mention that their first SUV had been a derivative of the VW Touareg (ia a time when Porsche did not belong to the VW Group) and the developing costs had been covered by VW more or less. I would like to hear / read that Lotus goes his "own" way, not just copying a 20 year old strategy of another (former ) sports car maker
  2. @Malcolm Feth as always: many thanks for sharing! Amazin shots of an awesome build, outstanding color / int combo
  3. Estate should be an Opel (aka Vauxhaul) Kadett
  4. @The Pits green is fine but esp on the 430 w i t h the wing the mgrey would (or maybe w i l l for a member here? ) looks amazing, exc color for contrast to all the carbon parts!
  5. @DJW that way I am with you :-) esp the Roadster / targa...whatever could has that as a "Separation Point", lets see w h e n they will come with that......
  6. Well but you have to consider that it is a 2plus2 - therefore the roofline is very well balanced in my eyes. It is very hard to design a good looking 2plus2 with a mid-engine (thinking F Mondial.....not quite a front / passenger cabin / rear department well balanced I would say), at least there are very few cars that have mastered that, I would say (F 308 Gt4 yes but elsewhere?)
  7. as always (or at least often) with Lotus metallic paint- the frost blue paint of my car Looks v e r y different depending on weather / sunlight etc.
  8. In my my 12 i have had a misfunction / warning sound and yellow light, checked the pressures, everything fine, after 10 starts 3 / 4 days later the system resets / yellow light disappeared....had this some times, esp when its getting colder and or the car sits for some days (pressure shown on the display has not been flashing)
  9. @Bruss hope you get something from Hethel for your great inspiration ;-)
  10. car has been repaired by official Lotus Service Point (Schuttenbach) by extreme trustable persons - also if I remember right the accident have not been "that heavy", esp new front clam, the rims have been changed in complete although the damaged rim would have been able to restore,
  11. .......thinking lancia Stratos green ?
  12. Ok we will wait for the details- but: I guess no sparco seats but the lightweight 410 seats? massive congrats to your decision - will be epic!
  13. So one from New Forest.....;-) I guess
  14. The tt looks like a midengined or rear engined car - but the engine is the front......therefore I cant get along with the styling / concept in general If I would someone tell in germany I am thinking about replacing an Evora with a tt ........ they would think I have "a problem" ;-)
  15. @Bibs Thanks - too much "only Evora Forum" watching last weeks......again, congrats, lovely S1, great Color and: save the Manuals ;-)
  16. @Bibs Congrats by the way - I understand that you have an Evora now? Have I missed a thread or further Information? Please tell us!
  17. Tt rs dsg with 400 hp starts in Germany at 67 K Euro......just sayin....... (would prefer every NA Evora every day ....also just sayin)
  18. If I remember right the 410 has (in comparison to the 400) only 1 Piece (instead of 2 - or a thicker one?) of glass at the border of the passenger compartment to the engine compartment - does anbody know if the 430 has the same configuration? (from my understanding that has nothing to do with the Option "Sound insulation"?)
  19. @TheKevlarKid epic car and great paint / stripe / rims Combo, like a lot! (not to Forget the design / Position of the exhaust)
  20. With the start of the production of the 991.2 GT3 the Prices for the GT3 RS (no or very low mileage) went down clearly, seems a Little bit that the times für the "paying overly" are maybe not over but decreasing. Cars should be for driving not gambling.
  21. short remark on pricing: actually 104,500 GBP for the 430 sport, (see pricing by Lotus) exchange to 114.699,2000 Euro but Lotus wants to charge 139.000 EURO in Germany? (even if you would consider a Exchange rate 1,2 the result would lead "only" to a Price of 125.000 EURO) I believe that THIS gap is too huge and will distract potential buyers - esp if you consider that a Evora S SR (Manual) had cost 82.510 EURO (with the "fully loaded" SR package, which result to a significant lower Price than a fully loaded Evora S....) MARKET Evora GT430 Retail Price evora GT430 SPORT Retail Price UK £112,500 (incl. VAT at 20%) £104,500 (incl. VAT at 20%) Germany €151,000 (incl. VAT at 19%) €139,000 (incl. VAT at 19%) France €152,300 (incl. VAT at 20%) €140,200 (incl. VAT at 20%) Italy €157,260 (incl. VAT at 22% and transport) €144,960 (incl. VAT at 22% and Transport)
  22. well, but the Ratio of the "Special / limited editions" to the overall production is remarkable and really does not help with customers expectations, see @anthonyyule here, see @Jokke Vlo with his Exige v6 (..."no 380 Cup will appear...")
  23. just a question: I guess that the presentation of the non winged "Sport" Version had been planned further away from now maybe 6 months or so, now Lotus maybe realized that the GT 430 does not sell that well (esp for THAT Price), for example 4 Dealers in Germany have still offers in the classifieds, so Lotus maybe decided to introduce the second Version immediatl. in order to be sure on parts ordering etc. It seems to be a very overhaste move of Lotus (clear sign: only a Rendering , no real car...), also I guess that the fast selling out Exige Cup had given a too optimistic view on potential sales / Price on the Evora GT 430. just my 2p (and personal guesses), I like the 430 a lot but - as @anthonyyule described - you could expect other acting from a manufacturer if you are about ordering a car in THAT Price region
  24. From the Facts presented I really like the Addition of the 430 nw (non wing ;-) - but I think with the Speed of the additional Versions I think when you are driving to the dealer to sign an order you should better check the TLF News if there is a new Version on the way......
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