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  1. Thomas, last sentence ist the best one! In general the way you describe is a far better alternative than complaining complaining................................about the quality and mentioning the panamera coupe (aka 991) as the holy grail of quality
  2. There are special waxes existing for matte finish, like swizoel opaque. SOme time ago I read an article abot the matte finish on Merc AMG cars and there was mentioned that the cleaning etc is not that simple, esp a car wash using "normal" soap would create a "shiny" effect - means: the car will start to look like rancid butter... In my eyes the Evora looks much better with a "normal" paint - but maybe I am a little bit tired of all the "showcars" in munich with a wrap - number one of the "most worst league" a X6 in a clay brown wrap (no kidding) (in my opinion...) BTW: One of the first cars in munich in a military green wrap, a P 993 Cabrio with a sticker "make love not war" (driven by a woman) is back to original paint already.........which says a lot to me
  3. (Once again) question to the subscribers - has anybody got a refund or any additional email concerning this matter out of Hethel? I hve written twice to '' (in oct and Nov) but I never got an answer......
  4. I know ...patience.....I learned that when I ordered my Evora Jan 2012.......
  5. Hi Bibs - I have looked in my calendar - the "next week" just started (nice try...???? )
  6. Many thanks, Michael, maybe this will help sales - I hope they are adding black rims as well otherwise you won´t get the "whole" effect! (I always get nice comments on the fact that the black rims on my car match the black parts of the car in a nice way)
  7. At another place was menitioned that there will be an Evora special edition containing black roof (@Thomas - maybe you will get a license fee....), several packs etc in January 2013- does anybody know details?
  8. I have never seen an Evora with ash grey leather - anyone? (maybe as popular as buying imperial blue seats? )
  9. I think the big difference (compared to AM´s or other cars) is that when you put an Evora in the sunlight the color would change its appearance (much brighter). When I show pics of my (frost blue) Evora to others some asked already if that is the same car (for example: in garage it looks blue-gray and in the sun it looks light blue! (same with some paints of TVR´s - yesterday pics was shown to me - same car, several shades...) for example: ....same color.....(and also an example that Kyles´s choice of caliper color was a g o o d idea )
  10. Maybe member -Michadams should answer this question - he made some explanations relating to the differences of GTE / Mansory parts at another place (when I remember right the GTE parts are much more complicated to add....)
  11. Snoopy1969

    Pure joy

    Dear Kimbers please just say "many thanks" to your father by me for being saved by the Evora from the boredom of new cars in general. Before recognizing the Evora in 2011 I have not thought of buying a "new" car because n o car combined the aspects of fun and practicability (I need a 2+2..) in a way that attracts me. I have watched the movie about the development of the Evora and what impressed me a lot was that there was a clear idea behind the car -I miss this "clear idea"if I seee most of the "new" cars - imho most of the good ideas (if there are any) are overruled by marketing etc. Now after 4 months of lucky ownership I just can say that the car is not like I expected it - it is far better! So again, many thanks to your Dad an the developing team - of course he can be proud!
  12. very nice - congratulations (the black calipers are are very nice detail and fit the color of the car better than red ones would do) Also I Think that velvet red is a good example for the broad range of the colors - the appearance really depends on the sun. Other pictures I saw of velvet red in german car magazine looked like a other color.....(but it was the same..)
  13. This! also: when they read the fault code it might not be very specific. Once at our family vw I saw the "result" of the diagnosis - it was not a lot more specific than the "warning light" in the car itself - so they changed one part and said "we hope it will be ok but we cannot gurantee and if not we will have to change a second part...." and the next day the warning light was coming back after 20 km and... the secondpart was changed....But it was fair to try the "half cost" way and to offer the possibility.
  14. The "advisory Council" Member Thing was mentioned by scott Walkers in the Description of the Car also - now under "Sold" on the Site
  15. nice sign of life - but: looking at the homepage: - isn´t it possible to use pictures of the real interior of the Evora?????? (They still show a wrong shift knob and a type of steering wheel (perforated) that did not make it in production.........)
  16. relating to the first picture: lotus changed the "BRG" - I think starting with My 12 (but i am not quite sure, might be MY11) the second picture shows a "one-off" color not a standard color (I think it was advertised like that and had belonged to a lotus rep - if I remember...)
  17. Welcome, very nice color, enjoy! (and welcome to the "Evora Driver club choosing rare colors....BRG is as rare as Frost blue I think...(you could also say unpopular.....but I do not mind......
  18. .....the drama starts when the small lorry pulls to the left lane and you have to say "thank you ap / Lotus for this efficient brakes" - they are very impressive if you have to stop from higher speeds @@@Thomas, P Corsas on 19 / 20 even get 0,2 bar higher when driving fast on motorway, nearly same tire pressure here!
  19. Moin Thomas, hope your car is getting fixed soon! Which tire-pressure do you use on motorway / "normal" Driving conditions? (I Think you drive 18 / 19 P Zero?) Willi
  20. congratulations - very nice pictures (and car of course), esp like the second picture, nice mix of shades of green Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  21. to underline that: very happy owner since july 12, very satisfied with the Evora (esp relating to the build-quality!)
  22. Car from Belgium? (I think I remember the advert for it...)
  23. question to the subscribers - has anybody got a refund or any additional email concerning this matter out of Hethel? (as said I got my last email in July....and I do not want to hear any joke concerning "ball joints" or something similar.... )
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