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  1. old interior premium pack sport included......main point of MY 12 is that the interior is monochrome esp back seats in the color of the interior (no more black) and the whole dashboard and the doors are covered in one color if you are thinking about black paint and something special inside maybe venom red premium sport is worth a look.....(because the black stiching / piping would match the black paint nicely....)
  2. I do not know of any homepage unfortunately. In my eyes to get the best impression concerning the differet colors and the different stiching ("Premium Pack Sport") please have a look at he dealer sites esp. in the US / Canada which have more "uncommon" combinations than dealers in europe. Please also keep in mind that the interior looks different relating the metal on the dash (silver / gunmetal). Ingerman forum one guy said that a "S" was made for him by changing the dashboard into silver. In which color / material are you interested esp? (I ´ve got some pictures from my "research" because I ordered in January without a proper photo of the interior...)
  3. The "GTE STyle" Front / front bumper has to be available (mansory?); on there are two Evoras fitted with that, one is from Lotus Roma
  4. Maybe a unclear description by me, What I meant: if I do no pull the handbrake I am Not able to Type a New Destination, Even I am Not allowed to dial / type a number of the phone using the touchscreen
  5. A Little Bit Off topic: some Features of the New Satnav will work if the handbrake iS pulled only ( this Feature can be changed in the settings I think) - that might explain the comments in the article
  6. Hi Mel Many thanks for the hint - the article, photos and a nice Video is on also Just coming back from a very nice day round Trip in bavaria organized by Schuttenbach/munich I have to underline that the EvoraS iS a huge pleasure on Country roads what was mentioned by Ft also!
  7. All the best - do you have put it to westside in HH?
  8. superb - esp. the last one looks like a very classical James Bond Theme!
  9. Happy Bithday and many thanks to all of you that help this forum going! Always a source that brings information and fun!
  10. to get even more greener: How about if they recycle DB? I have never read why he left Ferrari........ (in addition to the article mentioned: I saw a bright yellow FF in the parking garage lat week - it looked H U G E - a DB 9 two meters away looked like a toy compared to this)
  11. Maybe a silly question - but: Today I have read an online article from octane, a comparison of 4 old Elans. The article states "September 2012" but I do not know if this is the publishing date of the real article or (only9 the online article (some german car magazines state an actual date although the article in the print version is years old...). Roger Becker was commenting on the different cars driven in Hethel and to the end of the article it was mentioned that he had to leave for a "big meeting" or similar - therefore: do you think it is possible that Roger Becker returns? (maybe as an advisor?)
  12. Very nice - congratulations, you will enjoy! (now we will have to arrange the appearance of an Evora in the next Bond Movie in order to Match the Last three digits of your licence plate.......)
  13. Hi Rob - because my car will go to the dealer for After Sales Service - do you have further information relating to the "exhaust rattle" - it is not very obvious at my car now but a worth a look I think Willi
  14. Good luck! Keep fighting! All the best!
  15. Hi Tim - congratulations, very nice paint / leather combination , nice passenger (I hope your passenger is not complaining because cacoa leather would have suited him/her better ) If you want a sports car and carry a dog I think the evora is one of the best cars available (in a 911 even a mid size dog would not be able to strech out!) - just my 2p.........
  16. Here we go..... (early MY 12, out of the emails "question to my dealer...")
  17. You should watch 'Lotus Elise - The Inside Story' (send me a pm if you don't have it). could find it very easy on "You tube" "lotus elise inside story" very interesting piece......esp concerning the concept as mentioned by surferphfil, also the ideas towards the ducati-motocycles were quite interesting!
  18. Aaaaah- Good decision - so the chance to see another One on the Road will get higher again (Germany: 12 New registrations within 2012 up to the end of July, some Dealers included I am afraid......) You will enjoy!!!!!!
  19. MAybe also the design of the floor mats? My car does not have door pins and has floor mats stating "Evora" not the round badge that you will find in several US cars and that was shohn in a early brochure "news MY 12" (that brochure also stated a different shift knob that - in the end - did not make into production)
  20. ...when I look (and listen) to my MY 12 Evora: room for improvement gives the person behind the wheel and his skills
  21. In my opinion it would be very interesting if we would know under which circumstances he left Red Bull and later Ferrari. Up to now I have not read c l e a r statements concerning his former employers. While reading all the interviews with him after the takeover containing his critical words on DRB Hicom I believe that he wanted to be dismissed but -of course - getting a good package of money and some nice words typical in such a situation ("we do not fit together...., many thanks...great work...all the best to you------), .but DRB Hicom went another path..... I think it was very clever to not reveal details of his dismissal up to now / court. We will see.... BTW: In my eyes Lotus could vice versa sue Danboy for not promoting the Evora in a serious way - such a great multi-purpose car, developed with a real idea, but no advertising - imho focus only on the esprit etc might have impressed rapper impressarios but does not sell cars in the meantime!
  22. hmmm - I do not think that my car has the same issue to that extent - but the basic description "loose piece of metal vibrating at low RPM" might fit. As said, with more kilometers the sound has been getting "clearer" - have you registered any changes up to now? Has the dealer other My12 Evora S that sound different?
  23. just a very short reply: 1200 km My 12 S (non ips)- no issues (the rattle / snir of the exhaust mentioned by Rob will - "from my ear" - change - I got the impression that the sound of the exkaust becomes "clearer" but even from the start I disliked the exhaust note on low rpm not that much than you, Rob (but maybe your car has a more annoying exhaust from the start?)
  24. All the Best from Germany - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
  25. Welcome to TLF ! Very nice car! (In germany rare oppurtunity to see an esprit on the street.....but today I saw three at the Lotus service) -question concerning your photo stream- the red Evora S with black roof - was that the one they build for Dany Bahar? - I think it was advertised some months ago (before he "left" Lotus)
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