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  1. The driver spotted by mayesprit has an unknown brother parking in the near of vienna, license plate from vienna (sorry for the crap iphone picture....)
  2. I was informed that I will be informed about the "official" suspension of the magazine and a refund in the "near future".
  3. I am happy today.... ........because while driving the Evora to work my wife and me passed an open 996 / yellow paint eating a yellow banana and trying e v e r y t h i ng to be first reaching the next - of course: red - traffic lights - and my wife comments: "Some things could not get worser..."............
  4. I have just been informed that I will not receive issue 6 because the magazine has been suspended - I have read the last 3 issues and in my opinion most of the stories were interesting esp. the car stuff also some nice photography (ok - too much self praise by the persons that left the company...) Maybe it would have been a better idea to change the style of it than stop it at all! So before it is taken from the Lotus homepage I am gonna read the interview with Roger Becker again.......(btw: why can´t he turn back now that Dany boy left the company?)
  5. hmmmmh: maybe there is a chance to install a topcase on the roof of the McLaren and fill it up with some guys........some days ago I realized that I have overread the article about Swizz in Lotus magazine (the one he is with the white Evora with mansory front bumper).....and I thought: N O W this comical thing...äääh "brilliant marketing idea" over!
  6. According to the story in Lotus magazine # 5 "50 faces behind the brand" I wonder if they are still selling this issue......(I think the online short version has changed a little bit....) and by the way: I am curious what the next issue of Lotus magazine will look like.....
  7. Aaaah - very interesting Homepage - looks like you are having a Great Time at Sea!
  8. Yip - understood, many thanks
  9. If it is not too late: 7. snoopy1969
  10. Dear Thomas, nice picture - "meeting sisters"...... is the sticker on the right car "Kieler Yacht Club"? Willi
  11. Hello to everybody! Last year I found out that there is o n e mid-engined car on the market that has a 2+2 option - just the right mix of practicability and sports car (please do not ask what I think of a F Mondial.....) and that also tick all the boxes I was looking for, great handling, stunning looks etc. Also that the car is not very widespread in Germany and is not categorized in one minute is a plus in my eyes - in Munich where I work I have seen more McLarens than Evoras, not to mention F 458 etc. So after the test drive in January I ordered the car the same day (fast decisions are good decisions) and finally - after getting used to start the day reading all the "nice" threads in GB, USA and Germany concerning the situation in Hethel - it was delivered 13 days ago, Evora S, frost blue, imperial leather. I am very very satisfied with her, not any issue so far. Of course living in a small town near Munich where the common car is a small or medium or large BMW.....I had to answer s o m e questions, one question that arrives every time: Why did you buy t h a t sort of car - simple answer: because I like the car the way it is and wife / daughter / dog can go with me! All the best to everybody! Willi (attached pics of delivery status)
  12. Very nice - best sentence:"I'd rather take the niche product together with its quirks, than the mass-market "perfection" that lost its sole somewhere on the ladder of success." - even a main reason for me to buy the Evora (now it is 13 days old - no problems and yes, it has a b i g soul) Nice idea to start using the new car on a holiday trip! (and far better than to start with parking garage hassle downtown like I did - but the Evora behaved very well...) Enjoy!
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