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  1. massive congrats, esp in that Color fantastic car! (only downside in my eyes: no Manual available, but thats just me..... :-)
  2. @Sizona massive congrats! Color compliments the carbon parts perfectly!
  3. @Bibs in reality: does the new Position of the lic plate look better? (or just "different"?), well for me, having not seen a GT 410 7 430 in the flesh, I have been thinking that the new postion is no " real Advantage"
  4. Totally agree on mentioning the weather conditions - such a comparison does not make sense if it takes place in a weather more or less not suitable for the mich cup tires. I would like to know how much the cars weight in their more or less " real world"/ as tested configuration. All that theoretical speech on the weight savings is without sense when we do not know the "real" result. All 60 gt430 sold? Interesting point, in Germany at least 4 cars advertised.....the wrong description of the GTE is also "remarkable" - sorry but if I woild be a professional journo I should know least some nice pics
  5. @Bibs great! First impressions? Speccccc?
  6. If you are able to drive "couple of hours" with that small fuell tank of the Evora you should check your speed ;-) Normally the fuel light went on after 300 km, if driving on an empty motorway (rarely) the fuel will last even shorter..... Therefore the fuel capacity makes nearly all kind of seats acceptable (after nearly six years I am more than ever a fan of the original recaros)
  7. @Michadams congrats! Fire red makes a great contrast to the carbonf
  8. @woza - indeed, having seen a burnt orange NA Evora in the wild I would say other Color than your pic (Looks - on the pic - def. like Chrome Orange.. ;-)
  9. For me still one of the most amazing Evoras for sure, esp the blue fits the subtle "no wing" style perfect imho ( @21GG sorry, no aim to offend your car in its actual shape, fantastic one, esp all the great shots from demonstrate that, but tastes are different, but I just like the car esp without the wing... but if I had the choice I would rather take the car with the wing than no GTE at all ;-)
  10. @Black Forest Power extremely awesome, like a lot! Great shots!
  11. No, lotus has already shown more on insta, like "70th on track"
  12. New month, new Edition / model....but great Colors!
  13. @Spaghettipie Welcome! (Stunning car, but what should I say ........might be biased, Daytona is also a great Color but Frost blue works copes better with bad weather imho over here......) the Color seems to attract a certain type of forename ;-)
  14. yes seems to be right, the car Looks like a pre MY 12 car, you showed the Color Chart of MY 12 :-)
  15. @TheKevlarKid @Bruss exactly this, the calculation of @bruss , Exchange Money needed for "upgrade" s1 - 430 meets my calculation ca. 80 K GBP / 100 K Euro........ to say it in a positive way: the original Evora S (s1) is too good to justify this huge amount as an additional cost for changing / "upgrading" (thinking of the red GTE of @TheKevlarkid I would also speak of an Change only, the GTE (no matter if ist an "original" one or not) has ist own character!
  16. Hope that Lotus supplied a test car with all horses on board this time (not as within the german Sport Auto test when the test car / Exige had not the acclaimed hp....) A "430 worth the Money , awesome alternative to Gt3" result would be fine, lets see......
  17. @Arregueti your car has a different Color (i guess, the green metallic MY 12 upwards) ?
  18. @The Pits reminds me of Clarkson´s famous Evora NA vid, driving "off road" ...... nice shot!
  19. Exactly these Points stressed by Paul, on the continent it is even worse: Actually there are 3 GT430 advertised by German Lotus Dealers all around list Price, having aircon and Stereo, all 3 are around € 161.000. If you have a MY 2012 - 2015 Evora S (even in nearly decent condition and low mileage) you will have to pay € 100.000 - € 115.000 plus your old Evora S (so the Money you have to spend to upgrade is higher than the Price of an new Evora S within 2012 - 2015..!) to stretch to the new Car. Surely you can see a lot of improvements more power etc (but also cheaper seats less leather etc) but to bridge the gap and justify it is v e r y hard in my eyes - in other words: the "new" pricing is an Argument to enjoy your old car even more !
  20. I have to admit that it takes me reading the Lotus article first before realising that ist a new Version, I overread 410, my eyes read "430" instead .... According to the data of Lotus it is lighter than the GT 430 and a little bit heavier than the GT 430 Sport / reality :all the same, more or less Would be interesting to know how many of the 410 Sport have been build / sold - guess that they are more or less rare (even by Lotus numbers), one week ago the (in my eyes) awesome White unique "007-Evora sport 410 has been still for sale in italy!
  21. suits the 430 package extr. well, congrats!
  22. @RoflOnMyWaffle that should be liquid blue metallic, a pre MY 12 color
  23. @Bravo73 ;-) want more shades, no Problem......depending on the surrounding / light the paint Looks really different
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