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  1. If you choose the 19/20 rims on the Evora you got Pirelli corsa tires in a "LS" specification. Liked them on my car but after some years a hassle to get them over here. Now changed to Mich ps 4s.

    So IF Lotus create another "LS"-spec it would be nice if they care for LONG TERM availibility also or care for development / recommendation for another tire (and if someone is saying "just change to cup 2 like Lotus did with the 410/ 430 .....cup 2 are not available as 275 20, in Germany you won´t pass MOT if you change to 285 20....) 

  2. 40 minutes ago, TdM said:

    They need a DSG to knock 0.5 seconds off the 0-62 to keep in line with other cars. Add LC for another few tenths off and you don't even really need to make a fast car to make it look fast. Such is the way of the world. If they put a manual on it it would not have the numbers and everyone would complain it's too slow and not buy it. Of course, now they will complain it's got flappy paddles and not buy it.

    They will complain the V6 isn't frugal enough and not buy it. Then everyone will buy the 4x4 that appears in a year or two.

    Actually, it might be surprising if the V6 pulls out much on the 4 pot to 62 unless it gets a power hike. 300bhp, a light 4 pot and DSG is going to post a low 4s probably. If it is a merc unit it can probably be stroked to 400+ bhp as well.

    the amg a 45s already has 421 ps.......

    58 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Well it’s a 2 seater only.

    Shame you can’t get the 4 pot with a manual ‘box though.

    hmm.... 2plus 2 seating always was a huge plus of the Evora (dog and luggage transport.....) .......

  3. On 20/03/2021 at 19:21, Barrykearley said:


    They are fitting a decent sound system?

    after 8 years in the Evora I figured out that the sound of the pioneer radio could be upgraded a LOT by just streaming internet radio from the iphone than using the "normal" radio with its - lets say - "surprising" perception😁

  4. @jep you are absolutely right on pointing out how difficult a proper 2+2 midengined car is to design - tastes are different but I think a F Mondial is an example how proportions might not be in the end of a car design process. I think there is just the F 308 GT4 and the Lambo uracco as proper styled 2+2 midengined cars (the R Alpine 310 has the engine in the back)

    Also interesting in the design context is to me that the new T50 of Gordon Murray has a more or less "simple" desing, meaning not that much agressive lines (esp compared to other super or hyper  cars or whatever they are called now....)


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  5. @RDwyer the width of the front tires has "not much" to do with it. Our "family car" Golf VII R has the exact same tire size on the front as my Evora (235/19) and the steering resistance is much lower (although it has the more direct steering system than a normal Golf has). Its a matter of how much servo assistance the steering system itself has. As said before the steering of the Evora is a absolute delight for a sports car. Happy searching!!!!

  6. indeed, sad day, further proof that F1 is another step faaaaaar beyond the "old times" that (for me, personal taste of course) stand for suspense and "real" racing............(not for pseudo political correct "behaviour" and cars driving around as some sort of a advertising campaign....)

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  7. @Bibs many thanks, highly appreciated, but the issue was solved in the meantime by the local Lotus service point  (with a lot of hassle for them and me but solved in the end ...)

    I wanted to stress the fact that not answering is not a good idea at all, esp if there is a customer who bought his car in the more "deeper" times of 2012 (production shutdown) and always has been in good faith relating Lotus as a company

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  8. .....I would like to see a vid containing an influencer writing to lotus customer services my last experience was to get just "no" response


    (ok, the auto reply 



    Dear Customer,

     Thank you for contacting Lotus Cars Customer Services. Your inquiry is important to us and we endeavour to respond within 2 working days.

     We are working under the Covid-19 Government advice so there may be further delay in our response.

     Please note that our normal operating hours are as follows:


    Monday                      0800-1700 GMT

    Tuesday                      0800-1700 GMT

    Wednesday                0800-1700 GMT

    Thursday                    0800-1700 GMT

    Friday                         0800-1200 GMT


    Kind Regards,

    Lotus Customer Services


    appeared but nothing more since the beginning of June 2020......(don´t know what is going on but that is def not a way a "customer relationship" should be managed in my eyes...)

    With that sort of "service" you will need a lot of influencers ..........


  9. Maybe silly question but: Is anyone of the opinion that someone buys a porsche or a Lotus (or an even more expensive car)  because a "vlogger" supports a car? (maybe I am too old for this time?)

    It might be another thing if you are interested in a car and - as addition - watch a vid with car testing content (same in a way as you read a car mag test) but a "the car is so loud, so great, so exclusive"....blah blah vid shouls not be relevant for buying a car


  10. @blueg33 if you are happy with the int and esp the recaros easy solution: save your money for upgrading and stick to your "old car" , as mentioned before by others: the power of "even" a NA is more than enough for legal speeds (even from the german autobahn perspective over here ...;-) - the "old" interior is a very lovely place with "full" leather, not matched by the 400 etc (personal taste of course)

    As Dennis Jenkinson wrote about his thoughts about upgrading from a 356 a to 356 b: the diffence was much too small to justify the money 🙂

    @bosshog since MY 12 the 3rd cat has been deleted on the S1, sure the 400 has a far louder exhaust which flap could be opened from the sport mode independently (think actual 410 will open the flap in the exhaust after some revs due to other regulations in the meantime)

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  11. @au-yt I think the advantage of the Gt 410 sport which @MarkieT mentioned is that you have a broader range from the options what your will be in the end. With the optional öhlins, one piece seats and no comfort extras you could configurate a more sportier car or you could go the complete other route and build a more "GT"-style touring edition. Seeing dealers spec in Uk and over here on the continent more or less all seem to go the "all extras"/ sparco seats/ no öhlins route......Prisewise the 400 seems to be the best deal yet. I doubt if someone can recognize the difference in horse power (if there is any...?), the 400 is already reg. at 406 ps over here


    I just looked at the configurator (official Lotus in german language, you are directed to that one over here...): it seems that the one piece seats and the öhlins are no longer options for the gt 410 sport (?)

  12. So Evora is back.....Pioneer Unit was sent to Pioneer Germany, it seems that the system has "hung up" like your typical desktop ;-)........

    They said that they put it back to "base condition".....but the iphone connection remained, no need to engage the mobile again, v e r y suspicious the whole thing....

    In the end the whole matter was managed by Lotus service Schuttenbach in a pleasant way! (very happy to have the Evora back, missed her a lot, even after 8 years the drive is a special one!) 

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