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  1. Hi Does anybody know where i can get a new ignition switch for a 1988 Turbo. Alternatively does anyone know which car Lotus borrowed the ignition switch from.. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Thanks for all the advice I eventually made time to investigate the clutch problem today. I found the following causes 1 bleed valve was open 2 Slave cylinder seized solid 3 while underneath the car found gearbox selector had come adrift. I have fixed/replaced all the above and now been able to give the car a very short run around the block which has highlighted my next job which is a seized break on the front off side. Job for tomorrow if time allows. Does anyone have a comprehensive list parts used by lotus from other manufaturers to build the esprit? Many thanks again
  3. HI Dave Cheers for the offer I may be calling on you for advice or help. Regards Tony
  4. Hi All First and foremost thank you everyone for the warm welcome to your forum I don't feel so helpless now knowing that advice and help is just a keyboard away. I will work through all your suggestions and keep you posted on my success rate and I will certainly be changing fluids and belt as a matter of urgency cannot afford an engine rebuild especially as the car had one 1000 miles before it was laid up. I am based in Birmingham Uk and i will take some photos as soon as i can Thanks again for your help
  5. Hi I have just purchased an 1988 esprit 2.2 turbo god knows if this was a wise purchase but ive always wanted one. The said car has stood for five years and i had to tow her home due to the clutch not working/ the previous owner said when he parked the car up all was ok but he thinks the clutch is seized on as the clutch pedal just pushes down to the floor with no resistance and you cannot select a gear. if he is correct how do i release the clutch ? or if you have any other possible suggestion t what may be at fault please feel free to voice them. Cheers Tony
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