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  2. Hi All Esprit owners, Would like to change the mechanical pump to a electris pump, but do not know which make to go for.I know esprit owners have used Jaguar XKS water pumps and Bosch ones.(Was told that the pumps should push out 25 litres per minute)? Which make is the most reliable and is not to over priced. please help .........Thank you
  3. Hi All, Need some help on which are the better seats for my s4s, i have v8 luxury grey leather seats with yellow piping in the car, but would like some light weight s4s sport or s300 seats ,are they comfortable? and my seats are good condition with very very little bolster wear on one seat-what will i get for the pair with the seat runners??... would like £300, is that the right price? Thank you...........Sal
  4. Hi, The spoiler makes the gt3 look tall and narrow, but without it looks wide (fat).Bin it, but if you still in two minds get some arches, problem solved. (the gt3 is all about lightweight so leave it standard). Love the colour................
  5. Hi all, Please help, the temperature gauge is reading very low,? is it the gauge, or can it be the sensor, if it is where will it be? As you can see i am new to the esprit world.....(but love them). Thank you.
  6. Hello Bibs, Thank you, I think that is it, will check when i get home, cheers
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