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  1. Happy to turn up in my Esprit S2 so that's another pre-1990 car for the entry list.
  2. The TLF code does not get recognised on the ticket page ☹
  3. Nice Lotus turnout on Sunday with summer weather holding out for a change.. Thanks to whoever brought along the Lotus flag but just amazing how many other "Car Clubs" bring along their corporate hospitality units... Nice display in front of Beaulieu House and maybe an Evija will be there next year?
  4. Thanks for the link. I will be there with my Esprit S2 on Sunday but think I will give any "burn outs" a miss!
  5. What time do cars have to be on the stand please Bibs? It says 8am start so is that the ETA?
  6. Fantastic day with so many memories to take away including the world record attempt with cars on track - hope that gets in the books. Reminded me of the M25 on a Friday afternoon - but with all the cars you want around you! Well done to Bibs who worked like a trojan all day and all the days before that too. Thanks to Lotus and Geely for getting it on at last and I hope the enthusiasm of all Lotus owners and fans at the event left a lasting impression on them all for next time - next year maybe as the banner said! Great to bump into my Absolute Lotus photoshoot friends and Mrs L again. Also to meet Scott Walker by my car on the Club Lotus stand.
  7. I am now on the Club Lotus stand so have one spare set of yellow Lotus car park tickets. First to DM/PM me on here gets them!
  8. Any ideas about how the 20 places get allocated to each of the Lotus car clubs? I can't possibly subscribe to all of them!
  9. Have ordered my ticket but wondering how Lotus will cope with the other 6,999!
  10. I have sent entry form on their website subject to "judges approval" for my S2 Esprit.
  11. Great news that Lotus will celebrate their 70th at HQ after watching Porsche go overboard for their 70th at Good FoS last weekend. Better late than never and looking forward to sign up page/tickets and details asap. 😊
  12. That looks good Will. Interested to see a gold Elite in the photos. Maybe find a gold Eclat and take photo with the full set!
  13. Will be there Sunday in Club Lotus area.
  14. Thanks for your reply Jon. My fault for asking so close to the event. I will look out for next year.
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