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  1. I have a very nice 1986 Lotus Esprit turbo on e bay. This car is in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition. The reserve is only $13100. I would like to see the car go to someone on the group. I have full maintenance records. The car is very original with no accidents. It will be on E bay USA until Sunday Art
  2. Does anyone know where I can track down a rear bumper for my 1986 turbo Esprit Thanks Art Sesso
  3. My Esprit is fuel injected Art
  4. My 1986 Esprit turbo has been running fine. Recently on cold starts the engine races to 3000RPM for about 5 minutes then returns to about 900RPM. The weather has not been very cold and the car is kept in a non heated garage. Is this normal, it seems excessive and it did not do this during the summer months Art
  5. I have located a Ford dipstick on EBay which appears to look just like the diagram posted. The length of that dipstick is 36mm. Is that correct for the Lotus? Art
  6. This is very helpful. Thanks to everyone for the information. I will get back on the trail of trying to track one down Art
  7. No lock nut or grub screw, can't see any sign of glue but I guess it is possible Art
  8. This is probably another dumb question from a new owner, but I need to change my shifter leather gaiter since it is torn. My problem is I cannot get the shifter knob off. I thought it would just unscrew but it will not budge. Is there a trick to removing it, I don't want to damage anything by using too much force Art I forgot to mention I have a 1986 Lotus Esprit turbo Art
  9. I was contacted by someone who stated he had the dipstick, he sent his name and address and I transferd the money he requested. It looks now like I was scammed ! I guess I am still in the market for the dipstick Art
  10. The light is located in the center of the instrument panel towards the bottom Art
  11. Lotus declared the part obsolete in 2007 and dropped it but I think I may have found one from someone on the site Art
  12. The current dipstick looks like an original Esprit but not the correct one for an 86. I have attached the picture from the 86 manual
  13. I have the connection point on the harness but I would like to return the car to it's original working condition Art
  14. This is a special dipstick that has a wire running from the top of the stick to the wiring harness. It apparently was a one year option 1986. It is pictured in the owners manual for this year and it described how to disconnect the device to remove the dipstick. My original dipstick must have been replaced and now the dipstick level light is always on even though the oil pressure gauge reads normal Art
  15. I am looking to purchase an original Lotus Esprit dipstick with oil level sending unit. This apparently was only offered for the 1986 model year.please contact me at [email protected] Thanks Art
  16. I have a 1986 Lotus esprit that has it's oil level light constantly on. I am told that this is controlled by a sensor connected to the dipstick. My dipstick must have been relaxed because it has no such wire. Are there any sources for the correct dipstick Art
  17. I have a 1986 Lotus esprit that has it's oil level light constantly on. I am told that this is controlled by a sensor connected to the dipstick
  18. The Eprit is a 1986, interestingly the odometer and trip odometer are working Art
  19. I am still getting to know my 1986 Esprit turbo. My speedometer has been jumping around and when I looked under the car I noticed the right angle drive had backed out of the transmission. I reinserted it saw the clip on the side of the transmission to retain it but it almost immediately backed out again. Is there a correct way to insert this so that it stays in place Art
  20. Still going thru my 1986 esprit turbo and I notice that my interior door panel on the drivers side is loose. The panel is attached by the two screws on the front and back but when you pull on the door handle the panel seems to pull away from the door. How should this be secured? Thanks Art
  21. Can anyone recommend a source for a sending unit for the oil pressure warning light for a 1986 Esprit turbo? Art
  22. The gauge seems to respond accordingly to engine revs so I suspect a problem with the light Art
  23. The oil pressure gauge shows normal pressures Art
  24. In the light of day much easier to find Art
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