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  1. I just got my 86 turbo Esprit and so far I am pleased. I have an oil light going off and on but the pressure gauge is reading very good. My speedometer jumps around like crazy however and I suspect an electrical issue? My hazard, backup lights and fog lights also are not working. Headlights and tail lights work fine. Any thoughts on where to start? Art
  2. Probably a very dumb question but I noticed my oil indicator light on and I wanted to check the oil level of my lotus when it arrived. It is a 1986 esprit turbo USA model. Where is the dip stick???
  3. I just purchased a 1986 lotus esprit turbo. I am trying to locate an owners manual so I can learn some of the basics of operating the car,(ie shift pattern, control function,roof removal etc). Can anyone help with finding a manual Thanks Art
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