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  1. My company has made precision parts for them, they do ultra high end custom work and are very reputable. Nascar/Formula cars use their parts from what I remember. Maybe a group buy would get price within spec, otherwise you are paying an arm and a leg for going custom. Good luck
  2. you talkin bout me!??!?! thems is fightin words, let's go Mendoza! I'll see you on the road...the road behind me
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. It was exactly what you suspected, the nut had backed off and drilled through the casing. I talked to Jeff at JAE and he was very helpful, he informed me that the gaskets and nuts I would need are in stock and as both my M5 an Esprit are sitting in the shop I'm driving around my old C class...or was until yesterday. My mechanic called me to pick up the BMW and told me the Lotus is ready too...I was confused as I hadn't even told him what I thought the problem was yet and he's just an old Persian mechanic who normally works on domestics and Benzes. Here are the pix of the repairs he did, I was taken aback as I didn't give him enough credit, I was searching for a Lotus specific shop to handle this issue and this guy got it done faster and cheaper than I could've ever expected. PS Haven't picked up the car yet, he's waiting for me to buy the correct fluid for him to put in. I was going to post more pics but I reached the limit You guys get the picture, the old nut wasn't crimped in or "locked" into place, I'm assuming from the factory. Hopefully I won't have any more tranny issues for a while
  4. I'm thinking it might be just a bolt that came out because of the position. i'm leaving town tomorrow and wont be back till the end of the week, will update you on what the mechanic says. Gmendoza, I'm in laguna hills, CA and I assume by having a 5th gear you mean the ability to use it? I drove home on the freeway using 5th, and everything seemed normal
  5. I believe it was the "filler plug" as it was not directly underneath the transmission, it was on the back face of the transmission. I just had the car towed to the shop, if it came off because the housing is cracked, how do I get a new back portion of the trans? Or would it be possible to weld a crack and re-thread the hole? Just thinking out loud
  6. I just cleaned up the garage and took a better look at where the oil was coming from. There is a hole in the back of the transmission which I'm assuming is where the drain plug is supposed to go, I can feel threads on the inside. I'm not sure how this happens or what I need to do to fix it, what do you suggest? I guess worse things can happen, at least it didn't break apart or what have you. But this is a stupid problem to have!
  7. Was wondering if it was a drain plug of some sort that could've somehow popped off. (I hope to god that's it because it's the least expensive solution) anyone have any info on how to check if that's the case? Also in case the doo doo hits the fan, I noticed some people that use the UN1 gearbox in other applications use this porsche unit. Anyone have any insight on that?
  8. I was driving home from work in stop and go traffic when I notice a strange sound and my rpms had jumped a little higher. I tried to find 1st gear but there was no gear to go to, I tried every direction and it wouldn't find any gear. I turned off the car, turned it back on and found 1st immediately and tried to "feel" or hear anything wrong. Got all the way home pulled in the garage and notice a trail of oil leading all the way to the beginning of my street. OH GREAT. I look under the car and the guts of the entire trans or diff I'm not sure which is bleeding out on my garage floor. I start cleaning it up and trying to trace where it's coming from. The two rear wheels meet at the center and right above that it was just a steady stream of fluid. It didn't look like a hole or a crack or anything hit it, it just looked like where the two halves of the trans are put together are just not sealed. The oil had metallic particles in it, which worried me more, but other than being jerky it drove completely fine all the way home. The only thing I noticed felt strange with the transmission is in 3rd gear when I'm decelerating it's normally a violent clunk between acceleration and deceleration, I'm not sure if this is a transmission problem or a differential problem or maybe both? History on the car: 03.5MY, 5,500 miles bought it with 3,800. Clutch had been replaced by PO at lamborghini/lotus of calabassas for $6,500. Is this something that I should go after them about with faulty install? or is this a common problem? Before I bought the car, I called the mechanic repeatedly and he would dodge my phone calls and never return them. Really upset to say the least, but I've been very careful to treat this trans gently then this crap happens while I'm sitting in traffic. Anyone have any info to help me out?
  9. With all the discussion about timing issues regarding intake air temp, I was wondering if there was a way around it like they do on my E39 M5. They have an IAT sensor relocating kit that you can put towards a cooler part of the car away from engine heat and get better performance out of the machine.;Store_Code=BMI Any opinions? Maybe it can't be done on the Esprit because they measure IAT differently, but it was worth a shot
  10. what about Matt Monett's chip? They say it's a hybrid of the high torque and red race ECU and it's cheaper than the chips you have to source overseas or from the mystery man Johan if you can find him.
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