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  1. Esteve


  2. My lotus is posted on craigslist.
  3. Am based in USA, have a Lotus Esprit posted on craigslist. probably be more trouble than it's worth for you.
  4. not sure if you got sorted and squared but I did see on ebay usa a v8 injector harness, and some other injector harness. not whats needed by me as it doesn't match my charred section.
  5. Just an update and to answer questions. I will soon be selling this project. I just don't have the time or facility to do this all myself and don't want to get it sent off anywhere $$$. Johnpwalsh, I near side sill cover? not sure what that is can you detail it and it's location better? Deecee, I will give one final look at a company. I do have my old half charred/melted speaker wire repaired harness, it can plug up but not going to risk it. They can use it as a template so theres that. I will post some photos of the harness in hopes it helps you.
  6. Another swing at old project, have my rear windows and fuel flap now. Needed, Rear Bumper, tail brake/blinkers and harness (sourced 1 harness), hatch grills n spillguard, likely going to have company produce my harness for engine.
  7. I am happy to find someone with the parts! I am out of town this month so communication will be slow but I am excited and will try to go off memory for what I am needing. Sending pm soon, thanks Heh looks like your inbox is full can you email me a pic of the car at [email protected] dot com
  8. I cant read full article, how much? still for sale?
  9. Lotus Esprit (1994) Date Added: 30 July 2012 - 03:27 PM Owner: Esteve Short Description: Family Project, Rear engine fire damage, needs harness. View Vehicle
  10. I'm hunting for the interior door panel for the passenger side. May consider whole door. am specifically after rear engine wire harness and bumper parts. fuel door to!
  11. Short story, good engine, 1k miles, case of insurance scamming by previous owner. We need the wiring harness to crank this babe over and our attempt to make one by hand resulted in another fire that removed our previous repairs. We also need some exteroir and interior rear parts, and the passenger side door panel "the carbon fiber panel distorted abit". We will likely be needing some more engine parts such as connectors and new hoses, what not. Right now thou, harness is the main thing. Thanks! Further if you know of a suitable replacement part , someone once told me that GM should h
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