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  1. Went to all that trouble but fitted the wrong size skis and wrong bindings. Doesn't anyone pay attention to detail anymore....other than Fab. Ultimate garage would be to have the actual Bond cars in there rather than replicas.
  2. You have to fit the ski racks Fab, they make the car...otherwise it's just another brown Esprit! I would buy another hatch and have it as an alternate, spray it up in the right colour and fit it for normal driving.
  3. Fab here's a good way to test the integrity of your ski racks.
  4. Something's missing Fab, looks naked without them!
  5. I think you missed the snow season this year Fab, look forward to seeing it in Cortina for the next one.
  6. Seems the Esprit S1 owners always think their cars are the most valuable, must be something to do with all the wannabee James Bond types that buy them. The "JPS" boys seem to think theirs are the most valuable....lots of wannabee World Champion owners. The Essex Turbo boys are sure theirs are the most valuable...lots of Essex boy wannabees driving those around. Doesn't seem to matter what Esprit we drive, we all think our car is the most valuable. At the end of the day it comes down to the market and what actual cars are selling for. My "JPS" is the most valuable as it will never be for sale and therefore you can't put a price on it!
  7. A unique 1977 Esprit S1 The launch of the World Championship Commemorative Esprit S2 in October 1978.
  8. Domestic #007 is for sale in OZ Dave. Needs restoration though.
  9. Sadly this was what was left, hopefully whoever bought the charred remains will try to restore it.
  10. It's not a "JPS" Dave, be patient...the right one will turn up.
  11. That's Federal #007, been in a wrecking yard in LA since the early 1980's. The other stuff they have will blow your least 2 Lamborghini Miura, 1978 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Porsches, Ferraris etc.
  12. Dave that one has been sold and is being restored. R.o.W. #003 LHD
  13. That leaves 006 or chassis 50100 (?100).
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