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  1. Non Essex LHD 10307 with them. 10337 has them as well.
  2. What's with the gold shock absorbers, are they originals or replacements. I think the ones that came on the car were metallic blue.
  3. What a load of old twaddle, I did even more with the engine in the car and just removed the gearbox to fit a new rear seal. The cars are so simple it's no problem for a competent mechanic to do all the work with the engine still in.
  4. Looks like a DB3S, goes like one but built in 1959 in Australia using Aussie mechanicals. Has a full race history from Down Under as well. The story of how it is created can be found here:
  5. Not sure how this is considered an Essex when it doesn't have red interior or exterior "Essex" decal pack.
  6. I've got some 1978 V8 Vantages along with a 2007 Vantage to keep my JPS company. Here's the 2007 affectionately named "Tweety"! And one of "Mario" as well. Also old "Essy" takes up another spot in the garage.
  7. Great to see another World Championship Edition "JPS" coming back to life. Great to see it sharing space in the garage with an Aston, mine lives with a couple of V8 Vantages here in Oregon.
  8. If you're thinking about doing something then do it, no regrets later. Mission creep is in full force so just strip the damn engine and do it right to satisfy your concerns, it's already apart so easy enough to do now. I'd rather have a car mechanically perfect than cosmetically perfect.
  9. I think you can sign off on the "D" check now Fab, all clear for your next adventure.
  10. Figured you wouldn't be happy with the standard number plate Fab, can't wait to see what you come up with.
  11. That rear hatch prop doesn't look original, are you on the straight and level Fab! Now the Turbo is finished you might have some time to clean up your garage.
  12. Cleaned up the Turbo with skis photo to see more detail. Seems the rear hatch can be opened quite high before the skis hit the roof.
  13. Just need a young sultry looking dark haired french girl for the passenger seat and it's complete.
  14. Pay no attention to this bloke Fab, them folk up in Yorkshire have trouble reading and writing from what I've seen!
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