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  1. When you restore the bindings Fab make sure you mark them 360RD to be more precise.
  2. Great attention to detail Fab, the TSWLM Esprit has a drooping left side headlight've replicated it perfectly on your car! Car is looking fab....can't wait to see it out and about.
  3. Fab if you'd bought this one it would have only been half the work to restore! 003.5 Shame they used the wrong skis.
  4. They were unique to the 1978/79 World Championship Commemorative "JPS" Esprit S2. They celebrated Lotus and Mario winning the F1 driver and constructor championships in 1978. When fitted they had the Lotus horn button not the Andretti one, but his signature on the middle spoke above MOMO. Roo
  5. Found two more sets of Olin MK VI skis, these ones are 195 long. Will keep checking for 205s if anyone needs them.
  6. Glad the ultrasonic is getting lots of use Fab. Here's some simple solutions to use with different parts. 3:1 Ratio Pine Sol and water carbs/aluminium parts 30-60 minutes 1:3 Ratio Lemon juice to water for brass 30-45 minutes 1:4 Dawn dish soap to water for steel 45-60 minutes I have half a dozen 1 pint plastic cups I put the solution in then put them into the water bath in the cleaner. That way you can do different metals at the same time.
  7. Amazing what turns up nearby! Bit pricey at $25!
  8. Thanks Nello, certainly adds to the mystery as Essex were the F1 sponsor at the time. Sounds as if they were using up whatever they had in the cupboard, as Lotus used to do, and covering up the logo with the boss. I wonder how many other Essex had this. Essex were the only F1 sponsor's logoes that appeared on the production cars. This one on EBay has a date stamp of 1-78 The original Commemorative Esprit was shown with a 2 spoke Momo in October and had a JPS logo on it! Get's more interesting all the time.
  9. JPS sponsorship was only for race cars, nothing to do with the production side of the business. Hence no road cars would have JPS branding on them other than for promotional purposes as I showed in above photos. Unless Lotus was going to fit the Momo wheels with the JPS logo to race cars, they wouldn't be able to produce them for the public. I am sure Mike Kimberley can clear it up. The Momo wheels fitted to the World Champ Esprit S2 had Mario Andretti's signature on them, he received a royalty for each one.
  10. Would be interesting to know who put the JPS logo on the wheel. JPS sponsored the race team but Lotus never had a license to brand their road cars with the logo, hence no Lotus JPS cars were built other than the team/promotional ones.
  11. Top half is easy to find, got a couple here in the garage. Bottom half, the mounting post is the difficult bit.
  12. That's Blue, my old red V8 Vantage. Took it down to Australia from the UK and did over 5000 miles touring around the country with my family. I had 5 Vantages at the time, in various places around the world, 3 in the USA, this one in OZ and the other in Germany. The mirrors are identical to the early S2, but not my JPS S2. Just checked in the garage to make sure and the ones on my other Vantage are not the same as the JPS.
  13. The chrome based mirrors on the S2 in the above picture are the same as Aston Martin used from 1978 to 1984. The later type that my Commemorative Edition are fitted with have a larger base that AM never used.
  14. v8vantage

    JPS for sale

    It's been advertised since last year and no takers. No photos of work or details of what's been restored. No way it will sell at that price, market has passed it by.
  15. Fab I clean my switches in the ultrasonic as well. I then hit them with a hair dryer to get rid of the moisture and a spray of electrical cleaner to finish off. If needs be you can use WD40 to keep water out.
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