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  1. Does he remember which numbered cars he owned, helps keep track of them if they have not been seen for a while. Seem to be parts from a few "JPS" Commemorative cars turning up on EBay, wonder which cars they are from. That gearknob on EBay was not an original Lotus one, it's a different shape to what was fitted to the Esprit.
  2. Parts list shows leather covered gear knob #A079F6289F Commemorative Model Parts List Here it is in the original show car.
  3. A few JPS ones from different parts of the world.
  4. Rudi here's some original type door speakers from Denmark. The bass speaker does come out from under the dash. Keep looking for a Hitachi Digital 1, they pop up now and then.
  5. Love this picture Fab, you car looks absolutely perfect. Shame someone keeps flogging the dead horse about ride heights! Maybe having 1 pair of skis fitted has altered the weighting somehwat.
  6. Interesting brochure for Essex owners, launch invite from Essex at ALbert Hall, Feb 1980. Never seen the team referred to as Lotex before.
  7. Well done Fab, been a great trip so far but the journey's not over until you remove the key for the final time. Would be great to see them some day when the world reopens. Be well and have a nice smug smile on your face for a job well done.
  8. Glen L25 is Monaco White so not an Essex, they were all blue. 10309 was an export model sent to Abu Dhabi I believe.
  9. I think you have pretty conclusive proof now Fab, there's nothing wrong with the ride height on your Esprit Turbo. Now if it looked like this I'd be mad!
  10. I wouldn't worry about the ride height Fab, seems only one person on the forum fixated about it. Looks about the same as the Bond car in this pic.
  11. Any suspension setup is always a compromise. Doing a perfect setup for the track is easy as you know the road surface it will be used on and set accordingly. The normal road we drive on has so many variables you can't set it up perfectly but compromise to get an all round setting that works well but not great on all surfaces. Using the string method to get close to factory specs is pretty much all you need, the rest is just throwing money away. It's better to make sure there is no slop anywhere in the suspension and everything is loaded and torqued correctly. To be honest I doubt any Esprit ow
  12. Only plating I will use is cadmium, I use a FAA certified repair station to do mine in both gold and silver. Any powder coating is done over the plating. If it's good enough for jets it's good enough for my cars.
  13. I see the difference now, it's difficult to photograph the really need a close up to understand the two types used.
  14. Was that the LHD Essex nonEssex originally allocated to Jim Loose in the USA but sold to Europe before delivery. 10325 I believe.
  15. Something along these lines. Had already started building it to go along with my "JPS" site
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