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  1. Mike the motorshow cars weren't sold off immediately, by the time they were the numbers on them had already been allocated to other production cars. They just used the next numbers available and fitted those.
  2. Should be able to find everything you need here Mike. Let me know if you need extra details. Best decals are available here from a fellow "JPS" owner.
  3. When I look up your website it brings up a used car dealership in York. You were the one who brought up libel so don't go all defensive when you get called out. Anytime you misrepresent something invariably you will get called out by knowledgeable owners. That's what happened here and does every day on the internet forums. The descriptions on the Market were far from factual and done to talk up the cars. Hopefully the people that bought them correct the problem areas and end up with some lovely cars.
  4. Wow...first class rant by a used car dealer whose vehicles didn't match the auction description. I stand by everything I said about the "JPS" including the replacement decals on the driver's side, the rusty suspension and chassis components and the engine fire with repairs that are not to original spec. Oh don't forget the non original stainless exhaust system. Lots more I could cover but this is not an original unmolested car...period. I you fancy taking me to court for libel let me know the time and the place and I'll be there.
  5. Sadly the auction house tried to claim these were the best examples in the world but the cars didn't match the claim. The cream always rises to the top and the best cars bring the best money.....this collection was obviously not up to a high enough standard.
  6. More Loose goodness. It wasn't just Lotus he dealt with, he was also an Aston Martin dealer and he also brought some Lamborghini Countach into the USA before they were officially imported.
  7. For a supposedly unmolested original car it has a lot of non original pieces on it. Buyer beware.
  8. Essentially no. Had an engine bay fire and quite a few components replaced including rear window.
  9. Bazza you have the wrong car, you're thinking of 337 that was white when it left the factory. 307, this car in discussion, was Essex Blue.
  10. It looks like an Essex, is painted like an Essex, has Essex bits on it but isn't one according to Lotus who built it.
  11. Ex Jim Loose "Essex" look a like up for sale in Paris.
  12. Yes it's 33. Here they are together.
  13. Pretty sure the blue car, 0975, is the pre production S3 so a factory car. Probably why it got the number plate.
  14. Wrong font on the "OPW678W" number plate Fab, not worth unscrewing it!
  15. Nothing wrong with powder coating if done right. It's all in the prep and a good undercoat to powder coat over. Find the right shop for the job and you'll have no problems.
  16. Great result, nice to see "JPS" World Championship Esprits getting the attention and respect they deserve. Only 100 UK Domestic cars were built, rarer than those common white ones that leaked when driven underwater!
  17. There are still a few platers in the UK that do aircraft work. They specialise in cad plating for the industry. I would check to see if they are willing to do car parts. Cad plating is far superior to zinc plating for corrosion protection. It is also an ideal base to powder coat over.
  18. Simon there are some unique parts on the "JPS" World Championship Commemorative Esprit. You can find the list here: Images/Commemorative Model JPS part numbers.pdf Part number is A079G4019F. Here's what they should look like.
  19. Thanks Richard. All my cars are like that, I hate getting my hands dirty when I'm working on them!
  20. Why? Usual Lotus problem, broken down blocking should know better than to drive them Fab!🤣
  21. Great job Richard, I love seeing metal components returned to as new condition. Mine are the same on Federal "JPS" #010.
  22. A good race tyre shop will have the machine to shave tyres. Essentially it's a lathe that uses a tool to shave off small amounts of rubber evenly around the circumference.
  23. Fab in the quest for a perfectly smooth ride there is one thing you overlooked. Tire roundness, unfortunately there is always some variation due to manufacturing. I had my tire guy shave mine the least amount to get a perfectly round tire, made a huge difference in reducing the vibration. Along with your tire balancing it may help.
  24. Does he remember which numbered cars he owned, helps keep track of them if they have not been seen for a while. Seem to be parts from a few "JPS" Commemorative cars turning up on EBay, wonder which cars they are from. That gearknob on EBay was not an original Lotus one, it's a different shape to what was fitted to the Esprit.
  25. Parts list shows leather covered gear knob #A079F6289F Commemorative Model Parts List Here it is in the original show car.
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