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  2. Happened like that on my Defender a short while before the motor packed up. I replaced the motor (£80 and a grazed knuckle) but it is often just the electronic control gubbins that fails but isn't readily available on its own
  3. Were the wipers frozen to the screen? If so I would hope the fuse would blow. If not then maybe a pointer of problems to come
  4. Tidy S1 Elises are only going to go up, under priced at the moment.
  5. Bought my 1996 S1 Elise in July last year and drove to sw France a week later, never missed a beat on the 2 1/2 thousand mile trip. I cycle to work and have a Mini Clubvan for most local stuff though the Lotus gets a 20 mile run out to Stratford most weeks
  6. Harald, if you are staying in Redditch why not drive to the NEC? - it's nearer than Leamington. There is ample (but not free) parking.
  7. I went for a low mileage/ modded but well cared for '96, no regrets. Mattys have/ had a '98 that was like new that tempted me but in the end the red / cream leather combo wasn't doing it for me - you need to go and look at a few and be prepared to travel some distance
  8. Sadly Paul has been ill for some time now so if the business is for sale it comes as no surprise
  9. I'm insured with Aviva £186 fully comp, protected no claims 10,000 miles per annum, sdp, (no track days or commuting) tuned head and exhaust
  10. Nice colour combination. Welcome, had my S1 for a few weeks and put on 3000 miles, mostly in France, check the date codes on your rear tyres before you buy just the fronts. Had a new set of Advan Neovas put on mine before purchase last month - the old tyres were manufactured in 2004 rears, and 1995 fronts
  11. Featherlight telepathic steering, unassisted brakes, no sound deadening, throttle cable not drive-by-wire, the more I drive it the more I like it - I know it's not as quick as the S3 s/c but it offers plenty by way of compensation. The design details are superb from door scoops and bonnet vents to 6" concave Cibies if ever a car was right first time it was the S1
  12. Just need to put a few miles on before I take it to France next month. Chalk and cheese compared with the S3, scalpel sharp turn in and characterful K series makes some nice noises - though 60 bhp shy of the Toyota lump so won't have that sledge hammer punch in 3rd and 4th. Rather than endlessley compare with S3 I think I'll just enjoy it for what it is. PO had not skimped on servicing and upgrades with old bills from either B&C or Lakeside totting up to £11k in under 18000 miles. Besides the 160 Minister head also has S2 Bilsteins, Raceline stainless exhaust, (and the headers look like
  13. sorry no pics yet but here is the ad Got new boots though, Advan Neovas
  14. Picked up a one owner S1 Elise in LRG with B&C 160 upgrade from Jamie at B&C on Friday and traded my 2012 Elise S3 220hp
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