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  1. An Esprit should look like nothing else on the road, Bahar's still-born baby is just another lookie-likely supercar clone. Supercars are fine for playing TopTrumps and showcasing your wallet but I have yet to see one driven in anger on the road. I see plenty around town revving their V8/V10/V12's but that's about it.
  2. Once you know how many kmh per 1000 rpm in top gear (handbook should have the stats) with a bit of mental arithmetic you can compare the results against the speedo. For the obsessive you need to measure how far the car moves in one rotation of the wheel then in a direct gear ( often 5th) one rotation of the crankshaft will move the car by that amount divided by final drive ratio Say your car moves 1.5m per revolution of the wheel and has a final drive of 4.1:1 At 6000 rpm x 1.5 m divided by 4.1 (in one minute) = 2195 m (2.195 km) 2.195 x 60 mins = 131.7 kmh Assumes your rev counter is accurate......
  3. I like the Toxic Green, but is the Club Racer Sports mode on the DPM different to the optional Sports mode on the the regular Elises?
  4. Don't know what really happened to Walker and Rodas, but it is a waste of two lives and a tragedy for their nearest and dearest. Public highway is no place for drifting though and a Carrera GT is a tricky car by all accounts, and aged but low mileage example is a liability unless servicing has been tip-top
  5. there is nothing to stop you using your own name for your own company even though in this case Morgan is a registered trade mark. I think Morgan Superior has a nice ring to it, though the 'Superior' brand probably belongs to Brough.... The other problem for Charles is the distinctive shape/profile of Morgan's front wings is a registered design so he would not be able to sell his 'own label' Morgan if it resembled the current cars in certain design aspects.
  6. my key is a very tight fit in the lock, it requires a bit of jiggling to remove the key after replacing the cap - the key came apart once leaving the metal part in the lock when I was in too much of a hurry, fortunately it all clipped back together.
  7. What if the tide has turned on big engines just as Lotus are ready to market a homegrown V6 and a V8? Environmental/ emissions issues are going to ge a lot tighter (expensive) to circumvent. They would have spent their cash on a low volume engine in a shrinking sector. Why not instead build a 2.0L and 2.2 in line four in n/a and turbo versions and use it to power Elise/Evora/Esprit......
  8. Welcome Stephan and good luck in your hunt for a suitable Elan
  9. Perhaps DRB are waking up. Just got a 12 page customer satisfaction survey to fill in re my 2012 Elise, comes with the promise of a Hethel tour, chat with a member of the Quality team and a pax ride in the new Esprit. (wishfull thinking, the pax ride is actually in one of their latest products)
  10. Keep prolonging the agony, I like Eliges. Anyway Lotus has spent much of its life in icu, would feel a bit weird if it suddenly took up its bed and walked
  11. A bit like last year then. When my Elise was registered in October 2012 it was one of only two Lotus registered in the UK for that month.
  12. I accept they make money on each car in respect of BoM but I'd be surprised if you take into account r&d, plant depreciation, staff pension provision etc that there is any money left over. If I recall correctly it was much the same for Porsche for many years when the Weissach consultancy paid the bills.
  13. I doubt Lotus cars ever make any money, as I understand it Lotus are a design/ engineering consultancy who build a few cars to showcase their core business, don't ask to buy a new car at 'cost',
  14. An all new Elise could use a modified Evora platform and an off the shelf 4 cyl engine, there is potential for high (by Lotus standards) sales volumes and it wouldn't be competing against Mclaren in the market place.
  15. The car that saved Lotus (allegedly) was the Elise so why not make an all new Elise. Sell at similar money to the current model and the slightly low rent aspects of small volume build can be overlooked. A new Esprit would need a bespoke V8, high end interior and a body not made of grp to justify its price tag, in other words a huge leap from the Evora that I struggle to see Lotus being able to achieve.
  16. DRB come in for some stick but without their deep pockets Lotus would be calling in the receivers.
  17. A bitter sweet story and thank you for sharing. My neck of the woods too.
  18. I spent two weeks / 2500 miles touring in France with the Elise last August, didn't have a problem with luggage capacity though I did limit my wife to 3 pairs of shoes. I don't recall the Exige V6 having a smaller boot than the Elise. Packed almost everything into a soft case then used the space left and the gap behind the seats for odds and ends. Biggest minus was unable to bring home any wine.
  19. The Carlton is smaller than I remember, it doesn't look much longer than the Evora. Anyhow a nice pair
  20. End of the month won't come soon enough. Congratulations
  21. I'm not sure how much more power there is to be wrung out of the Elise S, the supercharger is running at higher boost than the previous SC version and the current engine has a longer stroke so piston speed is a factor. A 2 litre variant would be a nice way to increase the performance but that would depend on the availability of a suitable engine A crisper exhaust note, a sharper throttle respose and more initial bite to the brakes though wouldn't come amis and shouldn't cost the earth either.
  22. Bienvenue to TLF, nice S1 Elise - and your English is much better than my French
  23. If Lotus were even half as successful as Porsche in the (sales) numbers game they would in all likelihood be considered too common, too mass produced by many people here who would then hunt around for another niche manufacturer to patronise I look forward to the day though when Lotus launch a new model that doesn't owe it's existance to the thinking that because 100,000 911's are sold each year all we need to build is a similar car that can cream off 10% of the sales. In other words a car that is complete in itself, Hethels (not Stuttgart's or wherever's) take on what a sports car should be. The Esprit was such a car as is the Elise, the Evora in my opinion was the result of Hethel looking over their shoulder. That doesn't make it a bad Lotus, just a slightly compromised one.
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