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  1. In situ, on the car, ie, jacked front end, removed wheels and lowered car onto the grinding machine one side at a time, took an hour or so. My bro was pleased with the results because he had recently replaced the discs because of run out ( Jag dealer supplied) . For the trade to have a piece of kit makes you wonder if there are quality control problems with whole batches of discs being borderline for run- out Just googled this
  2. Brother's Jag had a similar problem, very slight run out, less than 1 mm, local Subaru dealer had a piece of kit that ' ground ' them in situ on the car, £100 for fronts
  3. Twice in a day, guess it was the same car unless there are two prowling the West Midlands today.
  4. Surely if JLR aquired Lotus that would be the nail in the coffin for Hethel, JLR have Gaydon test track and sites at Whitley, Castle Brom, Halewood and Solihull.
  5. When I was on the Factory tour at Hethel last month I saw an Evora being fettled with both o/s wheels off the ground - it was supported mid sill on a 12"x12"x12" block of wood, no cameras allowed or I would have taken a pic.
  6. I agree, I need to drive an N/A and an S before coming to any conclusions.
  7. Interesting thread, I'm seriously considering flipping a Morgan Roadster (3.0L V6) for an Evora but the poor mpg of the S is a downer and the N/A has no real world performance advantage over the Mog....
  8. 9am this morning, waiting at the lights red metallic Evora, reg xxxx EHX
  9. Surely a supercar needs a bespoke engine? Even with sc the output is 'only' 100 bhp/ litre, not exceptional these days. Of course having a well proven Toyota mill is a big plus in many peoples eyes, but I feel it does exclude the Evora from the supercar club
  10. 5.30pm today, cruising past Kenilworth Castle.
  11. A few TM regulars met up at Hethel last week for the Factory/ Classic Team Lotus tour Pics by Jays
  12. Hi all, been lurking now a basic account member, not a Lotus owner at present ( current car V6 Morgan) £60 sounds a lot but I've booked the Lotus factory tour @ £69 so perhaps thats the going rate
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