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  1. Christian is probably one of the most able team managers of recent times so he would say that about Newey ;-) Chapman blazed a trail for others to follow, I think of Colin as a man way ahead of his time, Adrian the very brightest of his generation.
  2. To be honest if I was buying a daily driver, which in my case involves parking all day in a public car park and carting son #2 to banjo lessons etc then a Porsche would be a wise choice
  3. 993 considered by many to be the marques high water mark, sort after by cognescenti (my dentist wrote his off a year or so ago and was paid out £33k, the insurers sold the wreck for £22k). Curent Porsche range 4 wheeled-white goods, well engineered, capable but not covetable? Buying/driving a Lotus is always going to be an event/adventure which is one of the reasons I put my ££ there
  4. There is very little wrong with Porsche sports cars except their ubiquity.
  5. Eglise

    new yrs day

    Varied bunch at the Frogmill today My fav, XK140 FHC
  6. Eglise

    new yrs day

    Thank you for the heads- up
  7. Nice road test of 2012 Elise S, ( not too taxing for anyone with a grasp of ' schoolboy ' French)
  8. Eglise

    new yrs day

    There is a Cotswold Classic Club meet at the Frogmill Andoversford, nr Cheltenham, I'm not a member but if the weather is half decent I might take a gander, not a bad run - down to Stow on the Wold then cross country on the B4068. Kick off is 11.30
  9. A very Happy Christmas to you all
  10. Aston/ Lotus tie up might be the ideal solution, although Hethel would probably have to close, there is plenty of room at Gaydon and recruitment of top grade engineers in the motor industry M40 heartland is a lot easier than trying to persuade someone to leave JLR say and move home and family out east
  11. Does anyone bother much with ebay now? Surely a bit old hat. Last place I'd look for anything,
  12. As a kid I read Motor Sport and followed the exploits of Lotus and Hill and Clark - a couple of weeks back I bought a Lotus......
  13. Williams had one in their showroom when I went to pick up my first Morgan three years ago, had a sit in it and thought straight away this is something special
  14. Ha ha, I might look daft but I'm not that stupid! If I had driven an Evora I would now be in the process of widening the garage and selling a spare kidney
  15. When this thread first started I thought I was going down the Evora route, however before I got to drive one I realised - an Evora was too wide for my garage - going to cost a lot more to run than my Morgan, ie a set of 4 Avons £360 -wouldn't buy one 20" for that - don't need 2+2, kids grown up now, just me and the wife, used to travelling light, having done some continental trips by Mog - it only took a short test drive in the Elise S- the Group C view from the drivers seat, razor edge wings and a clear view of the road just a few feet away. When I sat in an Evora it reminded me of a 997 or 991, a high scuttle with little to reference where the corners of the car are Coming from a Morgan even Elise is spacious and comfortable, performance pretty much the same but worlds apart in how they deliver
  16. Exiges rolling off the line - Got to be good news!
  17. Thanks guys, one week on I'm starting to get to grips with it, same power and torque as previous car, Morgan Roadster (3.0L V6) but thats about where any similarity ends.
  18. Not many in my manor, plenty of upmarket and enthusiast stuff, Astons/ Fezzas and Maseratis even a MP4 -12c and more Morgans Jags and Porsches than you can shake a stick at but with the exception of a couple of classic Elans very few Lotus's. As of last week though I'm doing my bit to put that right
  19. Been driving over any cushion shape speed humps lately?
  20. Just taken delivery -awesome! Pics in a day or so
  21. I can almost see Hill Top from where I live, fine day today
  22. Eglise

    Pure joy

    Having given the Evora some serious consideration, I have decided that it is not the car for me, too wide for my garage for starters, frightening tyre costs with 20" wheels, more of a GT than a sports, kids grown up so need for a plus 2. I must admit I have never driven one because before I got the chance I had a drive in a and I pick it up next week :-)
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