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  1. I went for a low mileage/ modded but well cared for '96, no regrets. Mattys have/ had a '98 that was like new that tempted me but in the end the red / cream leather combo wasn't doing it for me - you need to go and look at a few and be prepared to travel some distance

  2. Wow, that's a very good price Eglise.

    Are you particularly low on the risk rating or did you genuinely good deal? 

    I'm on the annual "ring a round" at the moment, I have till the 9th to sort out the new policy.

    I'll have to see what the prices come out at though I don't think it's ultimately about price, depth of cover cover for me is also an important consideration.


    I'm old but not too old

  3. Nice colour combination. Welcome, had my S1 for a few weeks and put on 3000 miles, mostly in France, check the date codes on your rear tyres before you buy just the fronts. Had a new set of Advan Neovas put on mine before purchase last month - the old tyres were manufactured in 2004 rears, and 1995 fronts

  4. 4f32af6001fc846eaa3c79bcbf3df285.jpg

    Featherlight telepathic steering, unassisted brakes, no sound deadening, throttle cable not drive-by-wire, the more I drive it the more I like it - I know it's not as quick as the S3 s/c but it offers plenty by way of compensation.

    The design details are superb from door scoops and bonnet vents to 6" concave Cibies if ever a car was right first time it was the S1

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  5. Just need to put a few miles on before I take it to France next month. Chalk and cheese compared with the S3, scalpel sharp turn in and characterful K series makes some nice noises - though 60 bhp shy of the Toyota lump so won't have that sledge hammer punch in 3rd and 4th. Rather than endlessley compare with S3 I think I'll just enjoy it for what it is.

    PO had not skimped on servicing and upgrades with old bills from either B&C or Lakeside totting up to £11k in under 18000 miles. Besides the 160 Minister head also has S2 Bilsteins, Raceline stainless exhaust, (and the headers look like specials too) braided clutch line, disc stoneguards, etc.

    Along with MMC's other early Elise features include shorter throw gearbox, boot bag, alloy engine cover and charcoal leather

  6. I've been driving to southern France for 25 years. Get some decent maps and plan a route that uses a mix of autoroutes and D roads. Even in high summer the D roads in central France are deserted and you will enjoy the drive far more than if went autoroutes all the way. 

    A tele -tag for the tolls means you never need to stop at the peage and you don't get billed until the following month. Fuel costs similar to UK.


    I'm going to Normandy next month and in August to the Toulouse area in the Elise, went last year and can't wait to go again. If you are not sure if it's your thing try a 4 day trip to northern France first,

  7. So why does the church need so much money?

    The church I attend has an income of circa £250k pa this includes donations/fund raising/ income from hire of hall etc.

    £125k goes on the Parish Share, this is money distributed to churchs in the diocese with small/poor congregations that are unable to generate sufficient income of their own. £20k goes to other charities £20k on insurance/accountancy. £20k on salaries. £20k on church hall repairs/ utility bills. £25k on church repairs/ utilities. £5k on music/choir /youth work...etc etc

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