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  2. Thanks - I have already replaced the battery (at my own expense), but old/new it never held more than 10 days charge. Like the intermittent cruise I took these as 'Lotus quirks' and was happy to live with them. The recent dealer service, not so much. I fired out some questions to the dealer and got the following responses: Q. Why were the clams replaced when Lotus directed that wiring checks were the most likely cause? A. Clams were removed to check the timing as previously discussed and this was required. (Note: no further explanation given). Q. Who did you discuss a goodwill payment
  3. Thanks YvoTuk! The garage has blamed Lotus UK for their lack of dealership support in terms of diagnostics so I thought that they could potentially be held partly responsible. The main problem with this is that I am not convinced that the dealer is being completely honest about who is to blame for the multiple failures - the garage, of course, blame Lotus for not sending test-parts (ECU) quickly and for not sending a technical rep. Well, there has been progress, of sorts. A week ago the garage were looking at the butterfly (throttle body - I assume) as the cause. I told customer services ma
  4. Never misfuelled. It actually spent most of its life (in my ownership) running on German Aral 102 Ron fuel. I always warmed the car up properly (I am an engineer by education) and it was never driven unsympathetically or tracked, by me. The car never wanted for anything. It was always serviced by main dealers (at considerable cost) and all advisories/recommendations were always completed. This is part of the reason why I am so angry. The car has never been out of the care of Lotus. Even the wheel refurb and new Pirelli tyres were done through them. The first 2 Lotus agents were average at best
  5. Ok, a bit of good news. Clam off, exhausts replaced, car back together and running well. But then I hear nothing for another week and prod the garage (they rarely bother to contact me, I usually need 2 or 3 goes before I get a response). Apparently the poor running has "come back". It has been with the garage for almost a year now (11 months) and it has had a clam removed (unnecessary), about £2000 worth of exhausts replaced and........ And I am absolutely no closer to having a car that works. I have had some hugely expensive work carried out, but effectively I am no further from a yea
  6. The garage has had a eureka moment it seems: "we removed the rear clam to check the timing which was found to be ok, we have carried out compression checks, check resistances on engine sensors and these were found to be ok, upon starting the car (with the clam removed) we were able to notice a small puff of smoke coming from the l/h manifold gasket we then dropped the exhaust to find that the r/h catalyst has broken up and blocked half of the exhaust system. This has been giving the running fault since we first had the car. It will need both R/H manifold/cat plus the other catalyst replacin
  7. Ok, so the clam came off (that's costing me close to a grand) and the timing is not at fault. So we are now over 5 months into this farce, back to square one with neither Lotus or the main dealer able to work out why my car is running rough. I can neither sell my car nor use it. Lotus seem to be disinterested and the main dealer seem to be utterly clueless. Without a doubt this is by far the worst experience I have had with any of the 30 odd cars I have owned. This includes 70s FIATs, Alfas and 80s Ferraris, elderly and new(ish) Porsches, Citroens and other British and German stuff. The c
  8. Just recovered the following email: We have had a lotus engineer in to look at the vehicle and to confirm our suspicions that the timing is out on the engine, after discussions the next logical step is to check the cam timing this will involve removing the rear clam to gain better access and to remove both the cam covers to check the timing marks to see how far the timing is out. Depending on how far the timing is out and what has moved will then determine the next step to enable the timing to be put back to normal. If the timing chain has jumped and we are not able to rectify it with the en
  9. Had a face to face with the main dealer service dept! It was promising, but I have lost so much faith in the car, the dealership and Lotus that they will need to pull something special out of the bag. The dealership admitted that 4 months to fix a car was unacceptable and accepted some of the blame, citing internal staff issues. The bloke speaking to me had only just taken over the lead and was pretty honest. They did also put some of the blame on Lotus who were (pre-Christmas) unresponsive and had refused to send a specialist to look at the car, despite the nature of the problem and the leng
  10. I am back in the UK next week, so might make a trip to the dealer first, but I like the Twitter idea (and your approach as to how to do it MHC) - many thanks guys!
  11. The fault developed approx 6 months after the warranty ended. I did undo, clean and tighten the connectors in the engine bay, but the problem didn't (obviously) go away (I have owned a Sunbeam Alpine, a BL and a few Alfas and FIATs, and I am well used to suspect electronics/intermittent faults from the Lord of Darkness). So, like you TBD I was surprised at the ECU being fingered for the blame, but I am not a trained mechanic and these guys are Lotus mechanics. I know how difficult intermittent faults are to diagnose, but mine is non-starting and then running rough - is it really this diffic
  12. Thomas, it is with an authorised main dealer now. It has ONLY ever been worked on by Lotus authorised main agents. it has a full Lotus Service History, except it is now out of date because the authorised dealer (where it is now) cannot service it until the problem has been resolved. Buying it outside of the dealer network should not make that much of a difference surely? Especially if it has only been worked on by authorised Lotus dealers. Now, if the dealer is lying to me about the support that they are getting from Lotus, I may have a case against the authorised dealer that currently ha
  13. I bought it from an independent dealer who was selling it on from Caterham Cars. It was originally a manager's car. The V5 has Lotus as the first owner and Caterham as the second. It has a full main dealer history and has not been modified in any way by me. Thanks for the support, but it seems like Lotus is the main problem. The garage are effectively telling me that it is Lotus that aren't providing the support that is being asked for. For example not doing a site visit and not sending the test ECU until very late. What is really frustrating is that the car was epic until this point. Afte
  14. So it only took them 5 weeks, but Lotus have finally sent the test sensor to the dealers who have the car up and running again, but still running rough. So effectively I am back where I was in mid September. The service dept stated the following: The fault code currently stored is for the cam position sensor. We are now looking into this as it may well be picking up the fact the ECU is not specific for the car. Not quite sure exactly what this means. Do I have the wrong Lotus ECU (seems unlikely) or is it a Toyota ECU and they are saying that they still have no idea what is wrong with my
  15. Lotus won't do a site visit, but are sending a test ECU. Garage have spent a number of days testing the cars diagnostics against another 2011 S that they have. Any one fancy running a sweepstake on the final bill?
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